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Elements of SafeSite # 3: Documentation


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The third of five SafeSite Elements, Documentation ensures that all parties involved are compliant with the latest safety laws and regulations to reduce your risk.

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Elements of SafeSite # 3: Documentation

  1. 1. How Protected are You? Find Out Now…
  2. 2. Learn the Elements of Advantage 3 4 5 FAC I L I TAT I O N EDUCAT I O N DOCUMENTAT I O N COMMUNICAT I O N I N S U L AT I O N The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Risk Management Program. Only from Valcourt Documentation ensures that you’re compliant with the latest safety laws and regulations to reduce your risk — and no one does it better than SafeSite. Here’s how… 1 2
  3. 3. Keeping You Compliant. Ensuring Your Protection. When it comes to Documentation, nobody wants to deal with a lot of forms, filing and reports. That’s why SafeSite makes it easy for you. We keep all parties involved and on the same page, while streamlining forms, reports and recordkeeping. With over 25 years of experience in developing and monitoring compliance requirements, we know all of the latest safety laws and regulations to mitigate your risk liability — and we do it better than any other risk-management program. 3 Documentation
  4. 4. Simplifying the Process for YOU. Documentation can be complicated, but SafeSite helps you simplify the process. We start by providing required Proof of Qualifications to your team before each project.. We provide Compliance Manuals with your building-specific procedures and required compliance documentation. Our SafeSite team carries out and documents random Safety Inspections. And our Safety Training Program provides hands-on instruction backed by full documentation as required by laws and regulations. 3 Documentation
  5. 5. The Summary DOCUMENATION keeps you compliant, limits your liability and protects your peace of mind. So… how protected are YOU? Have you received proof of a formal training program from your service-provider? Yes No Note Sure Are you maximizing your provided compliance manuals as a risk management tool onsite? Yes No Note Sure Remember, what you don’t know CAN hurt you. Take the Assessment Complete the Worksite Risk Assessment to determine your risk liability level. 3 Documentation