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David Bienn Selected to Design New Building


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David Bienn Selected to Design New Building

  1. 1. VALATIE FREE LIBRARY © 2011 photo courtesy Valatie Free Library, all rights reserved Building Designer, David Bienn stands in front of the New Valatie Free Library, Route 9, Valatie Proposed Opening Date: 2014For Immediate Release:A Columbia County Library, The Valatie Free Library, part of the Mid-Hudson Library System, ispleased to announce the renovation and redesign of its recent acquisition, the red-painted,historic Steam Railroad Freight Barn located at 1036 Kinderhook Street (Route 9). While theproject is currently in the initial creative stage, Building Designer, David Bienn has alreadybegun work with the Library Director; the Library Board of Directors; and its Building Committee.It may be premature to announce a proposed opening date, however, all concerned are hopefulthe project can be completed within two years. No date has yet been set to begin construction.The new facility sits on a half-acre of land, with an interior space triple the size of the currentlibrary on Church Street. At 1800 square feet, the re-purposed barn will comfortably houseValatie community meetings, book clubs, computer use, as well as study and reading. The newfacility has ample parking and will be handicap-accessible. Originally built in the 1890s on RiverStreet adjacent to the railroad tracks, the historic Kinderhook and Hudson Railroad Freight Barnwas relocated to the current site some forty years later, during the 1930s.
  2. 2. 2The Board of Directors of the Valatie Free Library accepted proposals and interviewed anumber of talented Columbia County and local architects before selecting the designer, DavidBienn.Bienn has long worked within the space restrictions of city dwellings and workspaces, whichhave informed his æsthetic; the designer is adept in the interpretation of common areas formultiple and harmonic use—essential in the function of a library, considered by many to be thecultural crown of a community in its encouragement of literacy and the appreciation of literature.The finished library “will be a sure source of pride and accomplishment, and serve as aneducational anchor point for both kids and adults,” Bienn remarked during a recent meeting.The designer said he looks forward “to working with the progressive community of Valatie andtheir supporters, to make a truly beautiful and functional facility with plugged-in access not justto books, but a to a whole range of broadening cultural experiences.”David Bienn was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is a graduate of the School ofArchitecture at Tulane University. The designer’s inherent sense of style and proportion are anatural result of his coming of age in that elegant Southern city. Bienn is probably best knownfor retro-fitting historic buildings with contemporary and human-scale, functional designs. Hedesigned the contemporary gallery, Res Nova in a former early-19th-century tobacco warehousein the New Orleans warehouse district (the Heriard-Cimino Gallery is current tenant); during aseveral-year stint in New York City, he collaborated with the design of the Tribeca, Manhattanloft-studio of internationally-renowned sculptor Keith Sonnier. Bienn lived for nearly a decade inSt. Petersburg, Russia, after glasnost and the fall of the Soviet Union, working extensively onthe design and implementation of modular housing. Since 2005 Bienn has returned to the USAto help rebuild New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. He has been a visitor to Columbia Countyand Valatie / Kinderhook over the past several years, and appreciates the pace of life as well asthe wonderful vistas of rolling farmland.The Valatie Free Library was chartered in the Village of Valatie—a part of the Town ofKinderhook, New York—in 1931. The Library serves the Village of Valatie and the surroundingcommunity in the scenic Hudson River Valley of New York State. Current Valatie library-cardmembership is approximately 1700. Valatie Free Library 3203 Church Street, Valatie, NY 12184-0336 tel 518.758.9321