Best Outsourcing Partnership - Silver winner at CCWA 2013


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The winning presentation of Mellon Poland under the category Best Outsourcing Partnership of the 2013 Contact Center World Awards - Best of the Best in EMEA.

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Best Outsourcing Partnership - Silver winner at CCWA 2013

  1. 1. BEST OUTSOURCING PARTNERSHIPBEST OUTSOURCING PARTNERSHIP Małgorzata Ciechomska Contact Center Manager Grigorios Kotoulas General Manager
  2. 2. mBank ‐ the retail part of BRE Bank and the third bank in Poland‐ the retail part of BRE Bank and the third bank in Poland Current mBank accounts vs Traditional Banks [M]Current mBank accounts vs Traditional Banks [M] 400 k customers use the Internet channel daily  6,2 3,4 customers use the Internet channel daily  2,2 M mBank has more customers then Latvia  2,2 1,9 1,6 1,1 0,5 mBank has more customers then Latvia  has residents 10 MCurrent mBank accounts vs Direct Banks [M] PKO BP Bank Pekao SA mBank ING Bank Śląski Bank Millennium Alior Bank Raiffeisen Polbank 10 M every 10 days there are 10 million   operations made by mBank customers 2,2 [ ] 2,0 1,6 2 18,5 M people visit monthly 2 1,1 0,4 1,6 0,6 33 new customers acquired every hourmBank BZ WBK Bank Millennium Alior Bank Getin Bank Citi Handlowy Deutsche Bank PBC 0,4 0,3 Source:,, after QIV 2012
  3. 3. Mellon in Poland Established:  2006 in Warsaw CC Sites:  Warsaw, Lodz (310 seats) Turnover:  EUR 15 million (40% CCS)Turnover:  EUR 15 million (40% CCS) Personnel:  800+ employees (400 in CCS) C  A i i i  & R i  CCC Services: Customer Acquisition & Retention, Customer Support, Help‐desk, Debt Recovery Industries:  Banking, Telecom, Insurance, Merchant Acquiring, Retail Acquiring  +1,000 clients/month,  Selling products of  more than 2.5 mln EURO/month A d d f  diff t  t Acquiring, Retail Awarded for different competences
  4. 4. mBank and Mellon Poland TWO ORGANISATIONS BUT ONE TEAM • We have been working together since 2009 W   t t d  ith  f i• We started with a few campaigns and 20 FTEs • During  this time the number of g conducted campaigns and FTEs increased 6 times B k  d M ll h d l d• mBank and Mellon have developed people and their skills • We have grown together, thus we g g , trust to each other
  5. 5. Complexity of our tasks We do it every month!‐ We do it every month! more than 30 campaigns more than 100 000 contacts many challenges What about an y g many solutions many new projects example? many new projects and implementations
  6. 6. The most successful product implementation in retail banking in Polandin retail banking in Poland MAIN GOALS FOR SAVING for a child’s future  REGULAR SAVING PROGRAM MAIN GOALS FOR SAVING According to customers for a child s future  (18%) pension (11%) small changes are automatically collected in  your mSAVER account with every transaction: property purchase (10%) (11%) • rounded‐up amounts of spent funds • constant, small amounts of money • a percent from each transaction own education valuable goods (9%) defined monthly regular installment unforeseen expenses (48 %) (4%) • higher interest rate than in a term deposit(48 %) Source: PBS DGA ; 18+population g p account • secure and profitable investment program: ‐ free of charge funds conversion ‐ modeled portfoliomodeled portfolio
  7. 7. It is increasing while you spend simplicity of saving– simplicity of saving
  8. 8. Sales strategy phases 1st phase INTERNET SALES 1st phase MARKETING TV /  OUTDOOR / INDOOR CAMPAIGN • launched in our cheaper distribution channelYou’re paying, it’s increasing CAMPAIGN • internet campaign You’re paying, it’s increasing, you are buying, it’s increasing nd h TELESALES 2nd phase You’re paying, it’s increasing, you are buying, it’s increasing,  you’re transfering and  it’s increasing….  • launched gradually and  based on experience f o fi t  h efrom first phaseYour savings are increasing with every  transaction, incidentally! This is how the mSAVER program works
  9. 9. Internet sales  did not allow for the goal to be achieved– did not allow for the goal to be achieved REGULAR SAVING PRODUCTS  INTERNET SALES Automatic cross sell process via the goal Internet and transactional system lost its dynamics , the sales encountered a  internet  gap downward trend. 1 2 3 4 internet  sales Thus we decided to proceed with the  second phase of our sales strategy and  months after implementation second phase of our sales strategy and  launched the telesales campaign with Mellon.e o
  10. 10. Pre‐launch testing of the telesales campaign ‐ with Mellon‐ with Mellon Communication test: ‐ descriprion scheme 1 2a 3 descriprion scheme ‐ dialogue scheme Telesales launch of mass  Pre‐launch Database generation test: ‐ based on probability model outbound  campaign Pre launch p y ‐ defined by expert rules 2b Database – contains only essentaial information for Agents
  11. 11. Sales scenarios based on customer’s expectations ‐ our most important lesson‐ our most important lesson 120 80120MELLON AGENTS 4 PRODUCT’S VERSIONS 3 480 SCENARIOS DESCRIPTION SCHEME 3 1
  12. 12. 63% growth in sales  by testing the communication approach–by testing the communication approach DESCRIPTION SCHEME ‐ Product presentation in  detail COMPARISON OF RESULTS  – DIFFERENT WAYS OF COMMUNICATION Pre‐launch ‐ Procedures and policies +63% DIALOGUE SCHEME ‐ Short questions Opening up a dialogue‐ Opening up a dialogue ‐ Product presentation in general ‐ Cohesive and simple communication Optimisation of communication  method: dialogue schemeg
  13. 13. Mellon’s impact  database and time effectiveness–database and time effectiveness Generating databases by mBank TransferingGiving < 30 min databases to Mellon mBank feedback Cooperation and  current feedback is a key to effective comunication with the customer UploadingCalling databasesthe customer
  14. 14. 16% growth  by testing the databases–by testing the databases PROBABILITY MODEL WITH ADDITIONAL  RESULTS COMPARISIONPROBABILITY MODEL WITH ADDITIONAL  INFORMATION BASED ON FEEDBACK  FROM MELLON • target group selected by the probability  RESULTS COMPARISION ‐ TARGET GROUPS Pre‐launch • target group selected by the probability  model +16% EXPERT RULES target group defined by experts according  to surveys  Customers who: • use credit cards; • have higher education;have higher education; • use direct debit or defined payments • have investment products (but have  no money in them) Usage of probability model no money in them)
  15. 15. Success!  campaign launched by Mellon allowed us to hit sales targetcampaign launched by Mellon allowed us to hit sales target REGULAR SAVING SALESREGULAR SAVING SALES Telesales Goal 100,000  mSAVER accounts sold  I t t  5 months after  implementation Internet  Sales 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 months after implementation
  16. 16. >100,000 customers saved while spending up till september 2012‐ up till september 2012 100 000 Poles save using the100 000 Poles save using the mSAVER program
  17. 17. A perfect match  Agents identified with the new mBank product‐ Agents identified with the new mBank product GOOD OFFERGOOD OFFER INVOLVING AGENTS QUALITY Successful results and motivation to do next projects together
  18. 18. We made the grade due to: Cooperation based on trust Listening to each other Thank you Listening to each other Intensified training mBank g Checking results daily Mellon Regular meetings  customer Combination of experience & enthusiasm Customer centric cooperationCustomer centric cooperation