Best Outbound Campaign - Bronze winner at CCWA 2013


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The winning presentation of BlueSphere under the category Best Outbound Campaign of the 2013 Contact Center World Awards - Best of the Best in EMEA.

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Best Outbound Campaign - Bronze winner at CCWA 2013

  1. 1. Efi Strogili Contact Center ManagerContact Center Manager BlueSphere Best Outbound Campaign July 2, 2013
  2. 2. A b ti   ll  t Innovative Challenge A boutique call center Challenge Dedicated representatives Add value Established:  2007 in Greece Add value Turnover:  EUR 1.2 million  8   l  Personnel:  80 employees  CC Services: Customer Service, Customer Acquisition &  Retention, Customer Support, Help‐desk Industries:  Insurance  Telecom  Banking  RetailIndustries:  Insurance, Telecom, Banking, Retail Certifications: ISO 9001
  3. 3. O tb d  igOutbound campaign CHANGECHANGE in processes in behavioursin processes in behaviours
  4. 4. O   tOur customer Industry:  Insurance Established: 1891 in Greece 6% ( l t d bl  th  th   d)Market share:   16% (almost double than the second) Size:   2450 insurance agentsg 184 points of sale 8 b k1853 brokers 1.000.000 active customers
  5. 5. Vi iVision CHANGECHANGE Traditional Old Modern C titi•Old •Bureaucratic •Inflexible •Competitive •Sustainable •AgileInflexible Agile
  6. 6. Our roleOur role CHANGECHANGE Traditional Fi ld  ll t   Modern Alt ti /S lf•Field collectors  of premiums •Alternative/Self care payment  channels
  7. 7. R t t i g  t  lRestructuring payment cycle Company Customer Customer Field  Collectors Single  Point of  InsurersBrokers Insurers Brokers Point of  Contact Insurers i ld Brokers Insurers Field  Collectors Costly, error‐prone  procedures Li it d f db k Improved payment cycle Improved communication E h d  t  Limited feedback Delays in payments C t   tt iti Enhanced customer  relationship Customer retention Customer attrition Overall optimized costs
  8. 8. R t t i g  t  h lRestructuring payment channels Insurance  branch Alternative channels Field Collectors  Insurance branch Field Collectors  Change of habits Change of behaviourChange of behaviour Change of processes
  9. 9. P j t d igProject design Telephone Contact Inform Prompt Remind Insurance  Company BlueSphere Book appointment Back Office Reconciliati on  Reporting ack Office Coordination Assignment Paymenty Control/Monitor Communication with  insurers & brokers and Inboundand Inbound 
  10. 10. S t  &  lig   tSetup & align systems VRS [Voice Recording FUNSHIP [Business Suite] Recording System] IVRACD IVR [Interactive Voice Response] CTI ACD [Automatic Call Distribution] CRM [Applications] CTI [Computer Telephony Integration] Predictive Dialercard paymentp y system
  11. 11. T   l ti  & t i i gTeam selection & training Training of our HR for the required  skills / profile for this position Agents experienced in customer serviceAgents experienced in customer service Intensive training with customer:g o products, processes, terminology ft  kill   h g   g t   bj ti   g to soft skills, change management, objections management Dedicated team to handle insurers, collectors and , brokers
  12. 12. h4 hats Customer Service  Personal Assistant Pre & After Sales  Single Point of  Representative Personal Assistant Support Contact
  13. 13. St k h ld   i tiStakeholder communication Customers   Customer service 1,619,697 b d  ll 196,338 Updated  618,265 outbound calls Updated  demographics contracts Inform           Prompt          Update          Assess
  14. 14. St k h ld   i tiStakeholder communication Field Collectors   Personal assistant 63,152 A i 52,144 R ili iAppointments Reconciliations Arrange      Distribute       Monitor      Collect
  15. 15. St k h ld   i tiStakeholder communication Insurers & Brokers   Pre & After sales supportInsurers & Brokers   Pre & After sales support 64,782 Insurer  67,301 Proactive  calls oact e feedback A critical dynamic interaction
  16. 16. St k h ld   i tiStakeholder communication Company   Single point of contact CCustomer Single Point  of Contact InsurersBrokers of Contact Collectors
  17. 17. R lt  t d tResults to‐date 17% Company branch 81% alternative channels 83% Colle to  et83% Collectors etc 14% Company branch 5% Collectors etc
  18. 18. R lt  t d tResults to‐date Shorter payment cycle Collector 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Self‐care 0 5 10 15 weeks 4x
  19. 19. R lt  t d tResults to‐date CHANGECHANGE Habits  618,265 policyholders Behaviours 4,453 insurers, collectors Processes 122 year old organizationy g
  20. 20. TiTips: • Good communication and excellent reporting are key  to maintain control E i t  ith   ‘ ll  t ’ t i i• Experiment with new ‘non‐call center’ training • Experiment with new ‘non‐call center’ technologies• Experiment with new  non‐call center  technologies • The call center can play a pivotal role in strategic p y p g projects
  21. 21. T  b   ti dTo be continued.... THANK YOUTHANK YOU