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Iot for e-health system project concept


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Small presentation about possibilities of mobile health monitoring

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Iot for e-health system project concept

  2. 2. IOT-MD Whole System Demonstrator Trial in UK The UK’s Department of Health’s Whole System Demonstrator launched in May 2008. It is the largest randomized control trial of tele health and tele care in the world, involving 6191 patients and 238 GP practices across three sites, Newham, Kent and Cornwall. The trials were evaluated by: City University London, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, Nuffield Trust, Imperial College London and London School of Economics.  45% reduction in mortality rates  20% reduction in emergency admissions  15% reduction in A&E visits  14% reduction in elective admissions  14% reduction in bed days  8% reduction in tariff costs
  4. 4. VITAL SIGNALS  Blood pressure: 90/60 mm/Hg to 120/80 mm/Hg  Breathing: 12 - 18 breaths per minute  Pulse: 60 - 100 beats per minute  Temperature: 33.4 - 33.8 degrees  SpO2: 90%-100%  Glucose: <140 mg/dL
  5. 5. MONITORING DEVICES: BLOOD PRESSURE Pros: Vital signal Fast results Cons: Air pump Energy Harvesting Not wearable size
  6. 6. MONITORING DEVICES: BREATHING Pros: Vital signal Cons: Air flow meter Energy Harvesting Not wearable size Not cognitive to use Pros: Vital signal Uses 2 mic Cheap Cons: Hard to program recognition algorithm (FFT)
  7. 7. MONITORING DEVICES: PULSE Pros: Vital signal Fast results Multi version of realisation Cons: No
  8. 8. MONITORING DEVICES: TEMPERATURE Pros: Vital signal Fast results Low power consumption Cons: No
  9. 9. MONITORING DEVICES: SPO2 Pros: Vital signal Fast results HR calculation Cons: No
  10. 10. MONITORING DEVICES: GLUCOSE Pros: No Cons: Vital signal Not wearable size Invasive Slow results Test strips
  11. 11. MONITORING DEVICES: ECG Pros: Best vital monitoring Analog signal Can be used instead of HR- meter Cons: Hard to apply Energy harvesting
  12. 12. MONITORING SYSTEMS OTHER BT blood pressure Vital monitor clinical grade Body fat analyzer Portable ultrasound
  13. 13. WEARABLES, DEDICATED Holter SpO+Pulse+EEG ECG+HR SpO Sleep analyzer Fall sensor+gps
  15. 15. R&D  Wearable to daily care  SpO2  HR  ECG 3 sensors  Temperature  Fall Detector  Breathing data  Variable connectivity (Wi-Fi, BTLE,IP)  Multi-data stream, consumer and RAW  Conductivity Textile, washable  Low power consumption
  16. 16. OUR SOLUTION
  17. 17. SWOT S W Wearable No experience Multi network connectivity Big Data management Secure Connection Developing of new platform Own infrastructure Failsafe Different data to different end user Lot of source code Enjoy sensor for >40% diseases Trend: IoT, M-health, Cloud, Wearable O T New service for elder/infant/diseased Concurrent does not sleeps! New service for hospitals Certification issues Recognition can be omitted by using Accuracy of measurement and end data already approved sensor (FDA) Hard to advertise
  18. 18. BITALINO KIT •1x BITalino hardware (MCU, Bluetooth, Power, ECG, EMG, EDA, Accelerometer, Light, LED) with already snapped sensors •1x 3-lead accessory (for EMG / ECG) •1x 2-lead accessory (for EDA) •5x Pre-gelled electrodes •1x Li-Po Battery 320mAh •1x RJ22 to Molex Sherlock sensor connection cable (1m length)
  19. 19. E-HEALTH KIT V2.0
  20. 20. TI (+FPGA)
  22. 22. MICROCHIP
  23. 23. ELEMENT14© (FPGA) DM3730 ARM based, 512MB DDR SDRAM, 512MB NAND Flash, 2GB iNAND, 10/100M Ethernet interface (RJ45), TF card slot, OTG port, four USB ports, and three serial ports (UART1: 5- wire TTL serial port; UART2: 5- wire TTL serial port; UART3: 5- wire RS232 serial port
  24. 24. THANK YOU!