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Consumer Capability Document 2011


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Our Capability Doc details our coverage and consultants

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Consumer Capability Document 2011

  1. 1. Consumer Capability Document Prepared forExecutive Search & Human Capital SolutionsWestern Europe, Central and Eastern Europe,Greece, Turkey, Russia CIS. Middle East and Africa,Asia Pacific and Latin America
  2. 2. CONSUMER SpenglerFox is a wholly-owned, globally networked Executive Search and Human Capital Solutions firm with 90 search professionals based from 15 locations with successful delivery to over 62 countries. We are specialists in finding talent for emerging markets and business critical roles. Our unique view of the world is both global and local, creating a new approach to finding and nurturing talent. 2
  3. 3. CONSUMER Regions Covered Physical presence / Partnerships Markets we deliver talent toSpenglerFox 3
  4. 4. CONSUMER Office Locations Key Contact Office Operating since Mary Kramer Athens 2007 Mihaela Damian Bucharest 2007 Jacques de Jager Budapest 2005 Peter Szabo Copenhagen 2009 Tel Rashid Dubai 2003 Jeannette Naughton Dublin 2004 Jens Friedrich Frankfurt 2010 Mark Hamill Hong Kong 2006 Leyla Spencer Istanbul 2003 Michal Vajskebr London 2003 Cedric dHalluin Moscow 2003 Eric Verney Paris 2003 Alex Monestier Prague 2004 Iain Cassidy Santiago 2007 Michal Kolasinski Warsaw 2003SpenglerFox 4
  5. 5. CONSUMER Our Value Proposition Every 6 months we make contact with over 300,000 professionals Value Addition worldwide Benchmark Candidate, 20-day Client Audit Technology Professional & Financial Services Mining & Project Completion Ratio Industry & 92% Energy Manufacturing Practice Groups Consumer Automotive Professional CRM / Data Management system to Real Estate Healthcare Retainer to Shortlist track and manage our global 38 days talent Retainer to Final 89 daysSpenglerFox 5
  6. 6. CONSUMER Our Services Executive Search & Market Mapping Selection Leadership Talent Monitoring Interim Management Assessment & Development Career Transition Inplacement / Cross Services Cultural MobilitySpenglerFox 6
  7. 7. CONSUMER Executive Search Stages Placement O&A (O&A) = Offer & Acceptance Client & Candidate Feedback Client Interviews 20 day Audit & Shortlist Presentation Further Interviews & Assessment Approach, Screening Interviews & Candidate Profiles Networking, Identification of Target Companies & Referrals Start of Project Planning, Market Study & Research Executive SearchSpenglerFox 7
  8. 8. CONSUMER Executive Search Investment At SpenglerFox, we are retained by our clients in all executive search projects. Our fee for direct search is usually based upon our standard terms of % of annual base salary in 3 stages or a fixed fee depending on the level of the role. There are no hidden fees. Retainer Shortlist Completion Acceptance of Acceptance of Acceptance Assignment & Shortlist by the of the Job Offer Research Review BoardSpenglerFox 8
  9. 9. CONSUMER Our Consumer Team Czech, Poland, Baltics Slovak, Austria Agnieszka Piatkowska Zdenek Dastlik FRA & Benelux Nordics Eric Verney Peter Szabo Scott McQuaide Romania, GER, AUT & CH Moldova, Serbia Jens Friedrich Robert Kicsi Europe and Emerging Greece, Bulgaria, Russia & CIS Macedonia, Bosnia Nicolas Bordry Kiki Karamanli Hungary, UK & IRE Croatia, Slovenia Michal Vajskebr Gabor Aldott MEA, Turkey China, Singapore Nada Al Hammadi Victor Filamore Seyda Unsal
  10. 10. CONSUMER Contact Details Michal Vajskebr Mark Hamill Global Practice Group Lead, Consumer Global Managing Director Leyla Spencer Global Operations Director www.spenglerfox.comSpenglerFox