A study on popularity of branded shoes among the youth


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A study on popularity of branded shoes among the youth

  1. 1. A study on popularity of branded shoes among the youth The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines a brand as a "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers. Therefore it makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but it is about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem. The objectives that a good brand will achieve includes: Delivers the message clearly Confirms your credibility Connects your target prospects emotionally Motivates the buyer Concretes User Loyalty OBJECTIVES OF THIS RESEARCH : 1. To study the status made through Branded Sport Shoes in the society. 2. To evaluate whether Brand Name affects the Buying Behaviour of the Youth towards Sports Shoes.
  2. 2. 3. The study aims at the popularity of Sport Shoes among the Youth. 4. To examine whether the Youth is satisfied with the Brand and Quality(REEBOK, ADIDAS, PUMA, NIKE…) or only quality sports shoes offered by a basic company(LIBERTY, BATA, ACTION…). 5. To study the mentality of Indian consumers towards Branding. HYPOTHESIS: 1. “Youth love wearing Sport Shoes”. 2. “Youth look for Brand which is suitable for their Pockets”. 3. “Buying behaviour of Youth is affected by Brand name”. 4. “Youth prefer NIKE mostly from all the other Brands of Sports Shoes”. 5. “Youth may also go for duplicate Shoes to some extend”.
  3. 3. BRAND ... SAMPLE SIZE: Topic allotted to me is „A STUDY ON INFLUENCE OF BRANDED SHOES ON BUYING BEHAVIOUR OF YOUTH‟. For a proper and satisfying research, I chose the Sample Size of 100 Youngsters (respondents). These Youngsters are from the age group of 16 Years to 30 years including both boys and girls.As my topic demanded, some students and Job freshers were my respondents.
  4. 4. b Question1: Do you like wearing Sports Shoes? Particulars Yes No Total No. of Responses 85 15 100 Percentage 85 15 100
  5. 5. RESPONSES YES NO According to the research, 85% of youngsters prefer wearing sports shoes and 15% of youngsters do not prefer wearing sports shoes. Question 2: How many pairs of Sports Shoes do you own? Particulars 1 2 3 More Total No. of Responses 40 35 15 10 100 Percentage 40 35 15 10 100
  6. 6. RESPONSES 1 2 3 MORE According to the results we can make out that all the respondents own atleast one pair of sports shoes irrespective of their liking or disliking towards them. Particulars Style Brand Quality Price Comfortability Durability Weight After Sale Service Discounts No. of Responses 5 10 20 5 13 16 17 4 10 Percentage 5 10 20 5 13 16 17 4 10
  7. 7. Total 100 100 Question 3: While purchasing Sports Shoes what aspects do you consider? RESPONSES STYLE BRAND QUALITY PRICE COMFORTABILTY DURABILITY WEIGHT AFTER SALE SERVICES Maximum youngsters prefer shoes according to QUALITY. Question 4: Which Sports Shoes brand do you prefer the most? Particulars Adidas Reebok Puma Nike Others Total No. of Responses 28 17 21 33 5 100 Percentage 28 17 21 33 5 100
  8. 8. RESPONSES ADIDAS REEBOK PUMA NIKE OTHERS According to the results, NIKE is one the most favorite and preferable Sport Shoe brand among youngsters. Question 5: Is your favorite brand satisfying you with all the aspects? Particulars Yes No Total No. of Responses 87 13 100 Percentage 87 13 100
  9. 9. RESPONSES YES NO According to the research, 87% of youngsters are satisfied with whatever brand they are currently buying where most of them prefer NIKE. Question 6: Why do you prefer and trust your favorite Brand? Particulars Style Status Prices Comfort Discount Quality Total No. of Responses 15 15 7 33 5 25 100 Percentage 15 15 7 33 5 25 100
  10. 10. RESPONSES STYLE STATUS PRICES COMFORT DISCOUNT QUALITY Most of the youngsters are Brand loyal because their Brand provides them comfortability. Question 7: What Brand do you think competes the best with your Brand? Particulars No. of Responses Percentage Puma 14 14 Adidas 24 24 Nike 21 21 Fila 10 10 Reebok Others 26 5 26 5 Total 100 100
  11. 11. RESPONSES PUMA ADIDAS NIKE FILA REEBOK OTHERS Most of the youngsters think that REEBOK is a brand which competes with their preferred brand the most. Question 8: Does the Brand of the shoe matters to you? Particulars Yes No Total No. of Responses 70 30 100 Percentage 70 30 100
  12. 12. RESPONSES YES NO Well, the research clearly proves that Brand Name matters to youngsters when they opt for Sport Shoes. Question 9: Would you prefer duplicate show with better Designs, Discounts and Prices? Particulars Yes No Total No. of Responses 38 62 100 Percentage 38 62 100
  13. 13. RESPONSES YES NO 62% Of the youngsters will not buy duplicate shoes with better designs and discount, but 38% youngsters may prefer duplicate shoes if better discounts and designs are offered. Question 10. Your buying behaviour towards the Brand is because of the celebrities used to advertise them or your peers? Particulars No. of Responses Percentage Yes 35 35 No 45 45 Maybe 20 20 Total 100 100
  14. 14. RESPONSES YES NO MAYBE We can make out youngsters are not Brand loyal because of their friends, society and the celebrities used, but still to some extent they are. CONCLUSION: The findings suggest that Indian youth prefers brands which symbolize quality; this is because Indian markets are still dominated by unbranded products from unorganized market. Wearing branded products is considered a luxury in India as exposure to using branded products is very low in the country. Indian urban youth‟s values are a fusion of western and eastern culture and should not be generalized. H From this research we can clearly make out that India youth buy Branded shoes only as it satisfies them with the quality and status in the society and among their friends. Buying Behaviour of a youngster is obviously influenced by the brand name through some or the other reason. Mostly many
  15. 15. youths preferred NIKE stating its most competitive brand ad REEBOK. HYPOTHESIS which I prepared before stated that “Youth prefer NIKE mostly from all the other Brands of Sports Shoes” which has been proved right after conducting the research. Where I also put down a Hypothesis saying “Buying behaviour of Youth is affected by Brand name” this also has been proved right. Whereas one hypothesis was proved wrong that “Youth may also go for duplicate Shoes to some extend”. After the result not many of the student would prefer duplicate shoes.
  16. 16. RECOMMENDATION: A youngster‟s life is very rough life, usually unscheduled without any planning or budgeting. In other words anything expensive cannot be afforded by youth easily, especially students. Still they want to look their best. So according to me if a youngster wears a duplicate sport shoe instead of branded ones, it will fit his pocket plus satisfy him with styles, quality (at times) and discounts too. Duplicate shoes do not put you down in the society at all. A youth without a brand is treated equally. It‟s just what the genext has started thinking is brand. For them trend is brand. So anyhow they manage buying branded shoes, clothes, cellphones etc to show off in the society. THUS, according to branding plays a huge role in influencing a youths buying behaviour. SOURCES OF HELP: 100 respondents who participated in this research. www.google.com www.learnmarketing.net