Standards and Interoperability - Connected Healthcare


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Presentation at Arab Health in Dubai in m+ Health Conference on 18th January 2012

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Standards and Interoperability - Connected Healthcare

  1. 1. m+Health Conference Standards and Interoperability: Connected Healthcare in a Hybrid Environment 24th January, 2012© Religare Technologies Ltd. 1
  2. 2. Mr Pankaj VaishPresident, Religare Technologies Ltd.• Leading HealthFore (healthcare IT division of RTL) to becoming a provider of choice in delivering Integrated Healthcare Solutions using innovative platforms enabled by ICT in the Asia-Pac and MEA region• 26 years of IT experience across a wide range of technologies, service delivery models and industry segments• Prior experience - worked at Perot Systems for 14 years leading various industry groups including Telecom, Travel Transportation & Logistics, Retail, Government and Manufacturing.• Specialist in managing global operations and delivery for Fortune 500 clients• Started career with Unisys, BlueBell, PA working for 10 yrs. In various technical and managerial roles• Engineering Graduate from BITS Pilani – batch of 1981 and a MBA m+Health Conference
  3. 3. Common Problems & ChallengesPopulation Growth Rising Healthcare Spend Patient CentricAgeing Population Integrated Care Connected Healthcare Projected increase in treatment demand in the GCC countries by 2025 Standards & Interoperability © Religare Technologies Ltd. 3
  4. 4. Patient Centric Healthcare Connected C A Coordination R E Collaborative © Religare Technologies Ltd. 4
  5. 5. Connected Healthcare Patient Centric  Weight Loss monitoring  Fitness performance monitoring Solutions for Health & Wellness  Appointment scheduling for health checkups Integrated Health  Personal Health Records  Vital sign monitoring (RPM) Disease Management  Medication reminders and compliance  Trend analysis and alerts  Phone consultations and medical professions  Effective business models  Awareness Barriers  Standardization & Inter-operability  Regulatory frameworks  Allergy tracking and analysis  Pediatric appointment management  Vaccination management Young Families  Holistic management of family health issues  Basic life monitoring  GPS tracking for patients with Alzheimer’s disease Aging Independently  Automated emergency call  Sending patient’s condition to family members © Religare Technologies Ltd. 5
  6. 6. Do I Have a Problem If … ? Treatment Frequent Options? Tests? Food Habits? Hospital? Medicine? • I feel more thirsty than normal • I have gained or lost a fair amount of weight How Do I Remember ? recently • My urination has increases • I feel extreme fatigue and am irritable • I feel worn out more often and sleepy after meals Doctor? • My craving for food has increased • My cuts or sores don’t heal the way they used to • I My feet feel numb or achy © Religare Technologies Ltd. 6
  7. 7. Patient-centric Connected CareSolutions …1 24X7 “Doctor on Phone” Paid Service  Medical advice including self-care, doctor’s consultation and/or medication  Qualified medical professionals & MCI registered doctors to assess & ensure right diagnosis  Prescription by SMS/ email Tightly2 Coupled 24X7 FREE Health Helpline Service  Find a Care Provider based on your needs  Complete information on diseases  Information on medicines  Symptom to Specialist  Ask for an Opinion  Health Tools and Nutrition Tips3 Care Providers & Support Systems 4 Remote Patient Monitoring  Referrals  CDM – Self care monitoring devices  Appointment Scheduling  Tele-Medicine – Physician assisted Kiosks  EMR  Smartphone Applications  Pharmacies  Alert Systems  Diagnostic Centers  Advice System © Religare Technologies Ltd.
  8. 8. To Summarize • Healthcare segment is complex business and an important part of every country’s economy • Medical industry has seen path breaking innovations both in the area of medical procedures as well as medical equipment • Common Problems and Challenges loom in healthcare across the world primarily to do with lack of accessibility, affordability and awareness • ICT and mHealth integrated with traditional care methods are the only way to bridge the growing healthcare divide • Standardization and Inter-operability, security and privacy are going to play a critical role in adoption of patient-centric integrated healthcare © Religare Technologies Ltd. 8
  9. 9. Thank You Pankaj Vaish (m) +91 965 443 5656© Religare Technologies Ltd.