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Sponsorship opportunities available for Twestival Global 2010 in India

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Twestival Global 2010 India

  1. 1. WHY SHOULD YOU SPONSOR TWESTIVAL GLOBAL 2010 AT INDIA? (IN AID OF THE CHARITY CONCERN WORLDWIDE) EVENT DATE: THURSDAY, 25TH MARCH, 2010 PARTICIPATING CITIES: BANGALORE CHENNAI COCHIN DELHI GOA KOLKATA MUMBAI Twestival is what you can call a New Age Festival, both Global and Local at the same time, a gathering of the community really. It can perhaps be likened to the fairs and community events that happen in our society where people gather with the intention to meet each other and socialize. But there is one difference. Twestival is organized for a cause. People still gather to connect with each other; physically in this case as do they online through each other’s tweets and blogs, but their primary motive or goal is to fundraise for a deserving non-profit organization. TWESTIVAL IS 100% VOLUNTEER DRIVEN CROWDSOURCED THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA.
  2. 2. Twestival Global 2010 A SHORT HISTORY OF TWESTIVAL In September 2008, a group of London Twitter users hosted an event called Harvest Twestival connecting people offline for a bit of fun and for a good cause. Organizers held a raffle, collected donations and canned food for a local not-for-profit called The Connection in Trafalgar Square, which supports programs for the homeless. The organizers planned the bulk of the event in under two weeks and pulled in sponsorship from people on Twitter. The event, which was originally intended for 30-40 people ended up with a waiting list and all 250 attendees wearing @name stickers to identify themselves to others they had met online. After the enthusiasm of the Harvest Twestival, the team starting planning the next London event, while the idea of hosting simultaneous Twestival events around the world was quietly brewing… The first Twestival Global was launched with a tweet on 8 January 2009 and barely a month later on 12 February, there were 202 cities around the world hosting events to benefit charity: water. Over 1,000 volunteers, crowdsourced through Twitter, contributed their skills, over 10,000 people participated globally and countless others donated or used their creativity to ensure 100% of all proceeds went direct to charity: water projects. The total raised in one day was over $250k through these events and online donations; resulting in 55 wells with more than 17,000 people served in Uganda, Ethiopia, and India. The momentum of Twestival created buzz and awareness around the world on national TV, radio, online and print publications including the Guardian, NY Times, Clarín, El Pais; with cnet even coining it ‘Twestival: Live Aid 2.0‘. For additional background on the origins of Twestival Global: Reflection Interview and Twestival Case Study. Twestival Local vs Twestival Global Twestival was born out of the idea that if cities were able to collaborate on an international scale, but work from a local level, it could have a spectacular impact. While Twestival Global put the spotlight around one cause on a single day, Twestival Local is getting back to its roots and encouraging cities around the world to host events in support a local cause on one day during the weekend of 10-13 September 2009. 100% of the proceeds from these events will go direct to the local not-for-profit selected. Everyone involved with Twestival is a volunteer. Cities are asked to set a fundraising goal for their event, but it is much more than reaching a financial target. Twestival Local is a fantastic opportunity to connect with people in your community. The aim is to give people a chance to feel they are contributing to a larger social initiative, but bring the cause a little closer to home.
  3. 3. Twestival Global 2010 TWESTIVAL IN INDIA Seven Indian cities participated in the first Twestival Global event which took place in February 2009. They managed to raise an amount of $168 in support of the global charity:water. Though the amount raised in India was small, what is significant though is that of the $250 million that was raised across the world for the charity, $83K was spent in aid of various drinking water projects in the state of Orissa, India. The cities that participated in this Global event were: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai and Nizamabad. TWESTIVAL LOCAL, A GREAT START IN INDIA The second Twestival event to happen in India, Twestival Local was a resounding success. Six cities (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai) participated and supported six different Indian non-profits. Apart from the huge amount of publicity and awareness raised for these non-profits, an amount of INR 87,500 was collected and disbursed to these causes to fund various grass root level projects. The events of Twestival Local were as different as each of these cities culture. While Bangalore had a rock band performance, Mumbai and Delhi had a networking party. Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad opted to have a more serious support event aimed at raising awareness for the selected non-profit. Twestival Local India also enjoyed a lot of love and attention from the Indian Media and subsequently the public. The events themselves were covered by CNN IBN, NDTV, and TV9. As one of the newspapers put it, Partying and Tweeting for a cause finally seemed to have arrived in India. All the media coverage, including the TV clips, are available here. In addition to the media, India Twestival Local also attracted a large number of sponsors who saw the benefits in being associated to this kind of a new age event. Some of the main sponsors included Tata Docomo, Microsoft, KingFisher, Redbull, Chennai Live, Radio One, Shopper’s Stop, Cadbury’s Bourneville, and Bombay Stores. There were also other sponsors who supported in kind by sponsoring event prizes, restaurant coupons and discount vouchers at their establishments. For a full list of India 2009 sponsors, please contact the Regional Coordinator. Twestival India 2009 at a Glance Participated cities Twestival Global 2009 Twestival Local 2009 Selected Twestival Local 2009 Amount Raised Local Charity Amount Raised Bangalore $117.82 Dream a Dream INR 30,100.00 Chennai - Prajnya - Delhi $10.00 Khusbhoo Welfare Society INR 10,000 Hyderabad - IYCN INR 2,400 Lucknow - - - Mumbai $40.00 Help a Child! INR 40,000 Nizamabad - - - Pune - IshwarPuram INR 5,000
  4. 4. Twestival Global 2010 SUPPORTING AND SPONSORING A TWESTIVAL Twestival is a great opportunity for your company to participate in a social initiative, while at the same time gain visibility as a brand that embraces social media and a new age festival like Twestival. Not to mention the popularity your brand can gain with the young and users of social networks. To borrow a phrase from the media, Social networking sites have clearly moved beyond frivolous chatter to much higher pursuits. They have become more and more important to a marketer to target his audience with the least amount of cost involved. They have become the right and quickest way to build a personality around your brand and let the world know about it. With almost every other project with a focus on Social Media gaining mass attention, events such as Twestival have come to be known as the flagship of social media benefits to the society, especially considering their global nature. TWESTIVAL IS THE BEST EVENT FOR AN ORGANIC BUZZ AROUND YOUR EVENT, ONLINE AND OFFLINE. HOW CAN YOU ASSOCIATE? • Sponsoring the event cost covering venue, artist, entertainment, and/or food • Sponsoring the venue itself in case you own real estate suitable for a festival/fair • Sponsoring prizes in the form of gift coupons or products • Sponsoring goody bags of your products or branded with your logo to be given away during the event • Donating cash that goes towards the selected cause or the event operating costs and expenses • If you can think of any other way to sponsor, you are welcome to do so too IN RETURN, YOUR BRAND WILL GET: • Mention of your name in all communications about the event • Online visibility and ripples at Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks • A chance to reach the participants of Twestival - typically young and tech-savvy customers • Prominent presence of your logo/name in all banners & other related materials displayed at the venue • We can even consider co-branding the Twestival with your brand name if your sponsorship is substantial TYPICAL DEMOGRAPHICS OF TWESTIVAL ATTENDEES: • Usually 20 – 30 year old • Highly tech-savvy • Well-connected on social networks like Twitter and Facebook and many a times even a local ‘online’ celebrity SAMPLE SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES: Premium/Platinum Sponsors (at a city level): Co-branding with the event name and Opportunity to present/display services and products during the event along with the regular benefits outlined above. Cost: Rs.75,000 Gold Sponsors (at a city level): Opportunity to present/display services and products during the event along with the regular benefits outlined above. Cost: Rs.50,000 Sponsorship opportunities are also available at a Pan India level which will include benefits across all the participating cities in India. If you are interested to know more, please contact the Regional Coordinator.
  5. 5. Twestival Global 2010 SUPPORTING TWESTIVAL CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO YOUR BRAND. LET US KNOW HOW WE CAN ASSOCIATE. For more details, contact: Vaijayanthi KM Regional Coordinator – India