Windows 7 uudistuksia


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Presentaatio Windows 7 uusista ominaisuuksista ja hyödyistä sekä yritysten ja kuluttajien näkökulmasta.

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Windows 7 uudistuksia

  1. 1. Windows 7 7 scenarios for consumers 7 scenarios for enterprises Windows 7availability
  2. 2. New approach for Windows development and disclosure Spend more time on planning & vision phase analyzing trends and needs before building features. Focus on end-to-end business scenarios – not just new features and technologies. Give our customer and partners a timeframe for the release and stick to our plan – 3 years for Windows 7. Disclose with higher degree of certainty and minimize changes Engaging with partners earlier and more closely to enable seamless experiences and compatibility across hardware, software and services We are here Vision Development & Test Pre-Beta Beta Release
  3. 3. Engineering Excellence Partner Input Customer Input
  4. 4. What We Heard Implications for Windows 7 All customers first and foremost want the basics Deliver on the fundamentals, such as performance, reliability and compatibility Major architectural changes are disruptive No significant architectural changes that break device Consumers want improvements, or application compatibility not change Make things consumers already do faster and easier Consumers want to hear about new features in on the PC and on the Web the context of making things they already do easier Position new features in the context of making things they do today better, and things they’d Business customers increasingly like to do possible value more flexible experiences Give IT Pros the flexibility to meet the changing needs Consumers want stable platforms, and, want to of users in the office and on-the-road run the latest experiences Deliver a solid core OS on a predictable schedule, and deliver innovative experiences more frequently
  5. 5. Deployment, Testing, and Pilots Today Will Continue to Pay Off Similar Compatibility: Most software that runs on Windows Vista will run on Windows 7. Exceptions will be low level code (AV, Firewall, Imaging, etc). Hardware that runs Windows Vista well will run Windows 7 well. Few Changes: Focus on quality and reliability improvements Deep Changes: New models for security, drivers, deployment, and networking
  6. 6. Faster & More Responsive “I want my PC to be fast and responsive.” Better performance Faster startup & shutdown Quicker task management Improved battery life Closer development with PC Manufacturers
  7. 7. Memory Consumption Comparison (Lower bars are better) Memory Consumption 350 300 Windows 7 Pre Beta 250 Windows Vista 200 (MB) 150 Preliminary data gathered on 100 Windows 7 pre-release builds 50 0 1 2 5 7 101520253035404550 Number of Windows Open Windows 7 memory consumption is independent of number of open windows
  8. 8. DVD Battery Life (Taller bars are better) Battery Life (Minutes) 250 +11. DVD Rundown +15.4 200 +12. 5% % 5% 150 100 50 0 System A System B System C Preliminary data gathered on Windows Vista SP1 Windows 7 Pre-Beta Windows 7 pre-release builds
  9. 9. Home network made simple High-fidelity PC, with outstanding sound and visuals Media Center Devices Internet Explorer 8 Touch Windows Live
  10. 10. Additions relative to Vista Inbox Decoders Generic Format Name File Extensions Container Video Codecs Audio Codecs MPEG-4 .mp4 (A, V, A+V) ISO MPEG-4 H.264, MPEG-4 ASP and SP AAC, MP3 .m4a (A) 3GPP/3GPP2 .3gp, .3g2 (A, V, 3GP H.264, MPEG-4 SP AAC A+V) AAC .aac (A) ADTS AAC ASP in AVI (compatible .avi (V, A+V) AVI MPEG-4 ASP MP3, MS ADPCM with DivX ® 4-6 video codec, Xvid, 3ivx AVCHD .m2t, .m2ts, .mts (A, V, MPEG-2 TS H.264 Dolby Digital, LPCM A+V) HDV .m2t, .m2ts, .mts (A, V, MPEG-2 TS MPEG-2 MPEG-1 L2 A+V) H.264: Baseline, Main, and High Profiles @ all levels IDCT, MoComp, and VLD DXVA AAC: LC multichannel, HE v1 (SBR), HE v2 (PS) MJPEG and DV native MFT decoders added for AVI
  11. 11. PC Is Center Of The Devices Ecosystem PC is central media store Often you want to be able to watch the content when you're out and about Great examples of a Portable Media Players are Sony Walkman and Creative Zen W People want simple ways of transferring content to devices without having to be bothered with the underlying complexities We have integrated great transcode technology into the Windows 7 shell When you do a drag and drop on your device, the necessary conversions happen automatically
  12. 12. Different portable video players need different video formats Format needed will not be format in which video is stored on PC Format on your PC will be whatever format content was delivered in Typically TV is MPEG2 More and more in the future it'll be HD resolution Typically, portable video devices need a lower resolution format to match their screens More and more in the future they'll use H.264 video and AAC audio Change format of video and audio content as part of the process of transferring content from PC store to device
  13. 13. Generic Format Name File Extensions Container Video Codecs Audio Codecs MPEG-4 .mp4 (A, V, A+V) ISO MPEG-4 H.264 Baseline AAC-LC .m4a (A) 3GPP/3GPP2 .3gp, .3g2 (A, V, 3GP H.264 Baseline AAC-LC A+V) H.264 Baseline profile level 3 with 1-pass CBR Bit rate up to 1.5Mbps Maximum size: 640 x 480, maximum frame rate: 30fps AAC LC stereo with 44.1 or 48KHz sample rate 96, 128, 160, or 192KHz bit rate
  14. 14. W7 Outstanding Sound - Features Native HDMI Audio support Microsoft HD Audio driver supports HDMI Native Bluetooth Audio Device support Supports music, video and communications Transport controls map correctly to Windows HID commands Stream Routing Sound automatically moves when devices come and go Automatic Attenuation Media playback attenuates or pauses when you take a call Intuitive Support for Multiple Devices Easy Volume Control for any device
  15. 15. W7 Media Player - Features • Lightweight Player Mode • Optimized for type of media • Touch friendly • DVD Playback • Optimized full screen experience • Default experience on inserting a DVD • Library Mode Enhancements • Easy access to media around the home • Hover preview • Integration with Desktop Experience • Easy access to frequently played content • Easy control over background music
  16. 16. W7 Media Sharing - Features DLNA 1.5 Support Windows is a Player, a Controller, a Renderer and a Content Directory (server) Compatible with industry-standard devices Play To Send content to another PC or device in your home
  17. 17. Simplified Reduce Hardware Costs TV Setup Microsoft provided software MPEG 2 encoder Auto Setup and Scanning Hybrid Tuner Support First Run Experience Support for up to 4 tuners Optional OEM Solutions A New Tuner Model Protected Broadcast Driver Architecture  Optical disc burning of  Customized TV Solutions for Windows  protected content Media Center Streaming of Protected TV to  Scalable and rich premium content story  other devices (DTCP)
  18. 18. First PC TV Solution Features Freeview Certification In-Band guide data, including now/next support Including MHEG-5 interactive TV DVB Subtitling Opportunity to differentiate DVB Teletext Audio Description Satellite Support DVB-S and S2 support FRUN supporting satellite detection Guide merging for multiple satellite sources
  19. 19. Audio Enhancements Heterogeneous tuners 1.4x Trick Mode Support Merged guide with digital sub- channels (e.g. NTSC+QAM Speaker Fill combo, DVB-T/S+PAL, ISDB- Audio Leveling T+ISDB-S) Multiple Audio Streams in Recordings Robust Tuners New TV Standards Updated tools, kits, docs and H.264 support in Windows   for logo program Media Center Increased in-box tuner Advanced audio format   support (175+ tuners) and support - AC-3, HE-AAC 99% coverage with Windows v1, HE-AAC v2 and DD+ Update = lower support costs
  20. 20. Seamless handling of top third-party firewalls Users are only prompted to manually configure their firewall if the firewall is not already configured to allow Media Center Extender traffic through Xbox 360 Media Center Extender software supports playback of MPEG-4 parts 2/10 video content Addresses top user request and ensures that content encoded using the most popular media formats can play on Xbox Xbox background download functionality is enabled while Media Center Extender application is active on the Xbox Xbox Live downloads proceed in parallel with Media Center Extender usage
  21. 21. • Support of HD DVB-T free to air (TF1, France 2, M6 , ARTE) • All DVB-T tuners support HD DVB-T • Heterogeneous tuners support (SECAM + SAT, DVB-T + SAT, …) • Simulcast
  22. 22. • Automatic satellite detection
  23. 23. •Heteregoneus tuners support
  24. 24. Device Collecting Stage for point for Windows all devices Portable Devices Pairing (WPD) Wizard Launch Problem Point resolution entry point Photorealistic Customizable icons context menus
  25. 25. Bluetooth Integration into Devices and Printers UX In-Box support for Bluetooth Audio Bluetooth v2.1 Support Improved Power Management • Bluetooth radio can enter Selective Suspend while connections are in sniff mode USB Class Match for Bluetooth Dongles • In-box support for 100% of Bluetooth dongles
  26. 26. Internet Explorer 8 puts the Web at your service Reach Beyond Faster, Easier Peace of Mind the Page Browse Confidently: You’re Experience integrated online Quickly and easily access the using the safest, most services and information you reliable and compatible power of the Web care about most browser Accelerators Navigation Privacy Web Slices Performance Security Search Developer Tools Reliability Interoperability / Standards Compatibility Some Key Areas of Development IE8 offers new opportunities for web innovation
  27. 27. Direct, contextual access to web services from any page
  28. 28. Accelerators … Are service sockets associated with the browser and accessible from any web page May act of a specific selection (via context menu) or on an entire page (via Page menu) Provide a more streamlined & efficient user experience Deliver both exposure and usage to service providers Are easy for service providers to create using published OpenService format
  29. 29. Monitor your favorites sites on the Web
  30. 30. Web Slices … Allow users to monitor information, be informed when status changes, and have a direct link to the service Are implemented by service providers with simple mark-up and then subscribed to by users Are shown at all times on the Favorites Bar Include an icon & information in the title, a rich drop-down preview, and a direct link to the service Provide a more streamlined & efficient user experience Deliver both exposure and usage to service providers
  31. 31. IE8 Security Enhancements Building on IE7 and addressing the evolving threat landscape More confidently bank, communicate and shop online • SmartScreen Filter – Enhanced Phishing & Malware Detection • Domain Highlighting • International domain anti-spoofing • Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates Build on a secure foundation, helping to ensure your data is safe, secure and preserved • ActiveX Controls – Per site / Per User • DEP - Data Execution Prevention • Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) • Active X Opt in • Protected Mode Extends browser protection to the web server offering increased protection to sites • XDomainRequest - Cross Domain Requests • XDM - Cross Document Messaging • XSS Filter – Cross Site Server (reflection exploits) • Http only cookies • Group Policies IE 7 investments & leadership
  32. 32. Aids users to more accurately and quickly ascertain that the site they are visiting is the intended site. The domain is black, standing out from other characters which are gray. Dynamic Anti-Pishing Integration
  33. 33. More Granular Control & Utility Can Preserve Favorite Data while deleting all other data retained by the browser Help to prevents users’ information from being retained Opens a new browser session from the new tab page and the Safety menu Designed for shared PC and users of public PCs Adheres to Parental Controls
  34. 34. Customers are ready for touch Multi-touch offers clear differentiation with a high “Wow” factor for consumers Multi-touch enhances on-the-go use and opens up new scenarios for business 90% of people in focus groups claimed they would pay a 20-30% premium for a PC with Multi-touch Seeing is believing: Consumer purchase intent doubles after hands-on experience
  35. 35. Mainstream digitizers are available Multi-touch sensors are available today for a range of form-factors from laptops up to large all-in-ones Windows 7 will work with any Multi-touch digitizer meeting the logo requirements We are working closely with several digitizer partners, including Elo, N-Trig, NextWindow, and Wacom
  36. 36. ISVs are investing in Multi-touch ISVs are enthusiastic about Multi-touch! We are working with several ISVs today on Multi-touch applications, including AutoDesk Corel Sonic Cyberlink Avoco Secure Identity Mine
  37. 37. All-in-one PC with 2-touch digitizer Laptop with Multi-touch and from NextWindow pen digitizer from N-Trig
  38. 38. Core Windows Applications Touch-optimized top-level UI Internet Explorer Start menu, taskbar, window Pan and zoom & nav gestures arranging, Explorer etc “Open link in new tab” gesture Ripple feedback, cursor updates Address bar drag menu Touch optimized Flicks Media Center: Panning UX and feedback Live gallery panning Boundary feedback, bounce, inertia On-screen keyboard Visually appealing and “fun” Larger transport controls & seek Photo Viewer New Now Playing & details pages MT Zoom and rotation Multi-touch Pack Touch-optimized Media Player Separate delivery of multi-touch games and Surface style mapping – not part of Touchable playback controls Windows. Touch-friendly keyboard Also: New visuals, improved look, launching and Windows Live Photo Gallery feedback XPS Viewer Prediction and improved correction experience MS Paint
  39. 39. Windows and Windows Live Windows 7 Leading Services Rich Applications Provides the foundation for the  Provides the best Windows Provides faster, more flexible first   broadest set of experiences across applications for consumer party communication and sharing applications and devices communication and sharing services experiences Expect major releases every few  Expect updates about every  years to maximize stability Expect major releases about every quarter  year Moving our communication and  Completes the consumer  sharing applications to Windows Partner opportunity to ship the experience across the  Live to deliver rapid innovation Windows Live suite to complete the web, Windows PC, and phone Windows7 experience
  40. 40. Leading Services Rich applications that Hotmail light-up Windows Mail Messenger Photo Gallery Keep your life in sync Movie Maker Groups Messenger Photos Writer Calendar Family Safety Events Toolbar Sync SkyDrive Integrated, end-to-end experience Easier to integrate and manage all Faster, more flexible ways to across Windows -PC, Phone, and your digital stuff communicate and share Web 5