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B2B Marketing 2018


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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have so many good ideas and solutions for our well-being, but for their business, it is not enough to survive and thrive.
Successful marketing is the core element. Unfortunately, SMEs don’t have enough resources to attend trade shows or knowledge to succeed in digital marketing.
There is no proper marketing tool for SMEs case. But we don't provide another one.
In fact, we eliminate marketing at all by simplifying so. How it works?
You only need to show what you have and what you do (virtual booth) for the target audience (virtual venue).
In a few months, you will meet visitors online and will arrange face-to-face meetings with the most potential ones. Your virtual venue turns into a real meeting place to build a personal relationship and most likely to deal with the contract.
It’s 10 times cheaper than attending trade shows and even faster than working with digital marketing funnels.
So, you save a lot of time and money. Therefore all these resources can now be allocated to your product and service improvement.
When you focus on real value, your customer gets real value as well.

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B2B Marketing 2018

  1. 1. B2B MARKETING 2018 For small and medium-sized enterprises
  2. 2. Market has changed It’s not enough to have a good idea and solution for business to survive and thrive
  3. 3. Customers are looking for true value more and more in a crowded world
  4. 4. Marketing is the key to break through the noise and show them the true value
  5. 5. But it’s getting harder and harder going on the same way Businesses increase their budget 4% attending Trade Shows and 15% advertising in Digital Media every year While someone give up in this race
  6. 6. More you invest in promotion, fewer resources left to create value
  7. 7. Key fact In 2003 pharmaceutical companies spent more money on marketing and sales than they did on research and development Seth Godin “All Marketers Are Liars”
  8. 8. Meanwhile, they are successful without promotion
  9. 9. But you are not Apple or Tesla yet, right?
  10. 10. Trade Shows Expensive Time consuming Limited audience Relationship Digital Marketing Need diff. skills Need creativity Time consuming Worldwide Simple to use Worldwide target audience Quick relationship building Current world New world
  11. 11. It set you free from time and money wasting on promotion and allows to focus on your product and service improvement. Who wouldn't want to buy true value?
  12. 12. Simple to use (even for non-marketers) Target audience (more than 6.700 events) Quick relationship building
  13. 13. You only need to show what you have and what you do No more booths’ building, logistics …
  14. 14. For target audience No more SEO, advertising …
  15. 15. Simple relationship building No more marketing funnels, lead generation …
  16. 16. You are HERE