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One Game A Month


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Microtalk delivered at SCREENSHAKE 2016, about my experiences with the One Game A Month challenge and some advice and tools that have made it easier for me.
(Actual content of the talk is in the notes!)

Published in: Design
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One Game A Month

  1. 1. One Game A Month (I am on a 24 month streak how did this happen)
  2. 2. “Make games, not excuses”
  3. 3. I used to never finish anything
  4. 4. Making anything rather than making the next big thing
  5. 5. Use Twitter, GIFs & images, core gameplay first, good pixel art is actually hard, playtest early, lerp, no one reads the instructions…
  6. 6. Tools & Stuff
  7. 7. @underskinnyhrt Thank.