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Best attractive places in kashmir


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There were many amazing places around the world, where you can feel the serenity and monument of. People usually find over the places to visit that makes their journey special and full-of-adventure. Hereby, I usually tell you about the ancient and memorial places, for making up your adventure league more memorable.

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Best attractive places in kashmir

  1. 1. Best Attractive Places To Visit In Kashmir Kashmir is very beautiful city in India. In this city, there are many places to visit. In this city, you can find river which cover most of the large hills areas. In vacation, most of the tourist come here with their family and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Kashmir is just like a dream city for the people. Mostly people come here for relax and refresh their mind.
  2. 2. The list of the places to visit:-  Pari Mahal This Mahal is constructed by Shah Jahan’s son Dara shikon in 1950. Pari Mahal is a beautiful work of architecture. In this place, there are large beautiful garden. Most of the tourists come here to enjoy. It is attractive place for tourists.
  3. 3.  Dal lake Dal Lake is very famous lake in Kashmir city. Most of the tourist come here and enjoy on houseboats. On houseboat, you can view natural beauty of the hills. The Dal Lake is very large lake as compare to other lakes in Kashmir. In this place, you can also take houseboat on rent for staying.
  4. 4.  Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden This is very beautiful garden in Kashmir city. In this garden, there are 80 different verities of tulips in 30 acre area. In this garden, many Bollywood movies were shooting. You can see many numbers of verities of flowers in this garden.
  5. 5.  Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Garden This garden was set up in year 1969 and fully completed in year 1987. The garden covers 80 acre of the land. In this garden, there are many numbers of flowers. Many numbers of tourists come here and enjoy the viewing of the nature.
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