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Brandscapes Youth Connect_A Global Study

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Brandscapes Youth Connect_A Global Study

  1. 1. Understanding Young Consumers Globally A global youth research study across 20 markets YouthConnect 12 to 29 year olds
  2. 2. Youth account for 30% of world population 39% 30 to 60 years 20% 0 to 11 years 30% 12 to 29 years 11% 60+ years And, have an increased shopping power and purchase influence than ever before
  3. 3. Youth are emerging as an important consumer segment across categories
  4. 4. How well do you know the youth consumers?
  5. 5. How well do you know the youth consumers? A global research providing actionable insights on the youth YouthConnect 12 to 29 year olds
  6. 6. Youth Connect 2015: Covers 20 Key Markets Myanmar Cambodia Indonesia Thailand Australia USA Mexico Brazil UK Denmark France Italy Germany Spain South Africa Saudi Arabia Kenya Turkey Russia China India Japan Proposed Coverage (List of 20 markets will be fine-tuned based on interest shown from all the clients)
  7. 7. Across age groups and gender 25 to 2920 to 24 Age Group 12 to 15 16 to 19SAMPLE SIZE: 600 – 800 per country METHODOLOGY: On-line interviews 800 sample for China, India, USA and 600 sample for other markets. Equal split of the sample amongst the age group and gender. USA to have minimum quota by ethnic group as well. Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Myanmar and Cambodia interviews would be through CAPI
  8. 8. Insights Captured Brands PassionsOptimism ATO* (Activities, Tensions, Opinion) Media Values Information areas developed based on qual / desk research * ATO to cover topics like relationships, culture, education, food & beverage, health, shopping, technology, environment
  9. 9. Category Information Captured Food products like ice cream, chocolates, biscuits, breakfast cereals, etc. Adult products like beer, wine, cigarette, condom etc. (for the relevant age group) Beverages like sparkling drinks, juices, energy drinks, coffee etc. Personal care like shampoo, conditioner, perfume, deodorant, lipstick, sanitary napkin, face wash, etc. Tech Ownership like mobile, tablet, laptop, gaming console, music player, etc. Ownership and choice of payment method like cash, credit card, debit / prepaid card, online and by brands Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. List of categories will be fine-tuned. This info would be useful while answering an ad-hoc request for a category. There is an option for clients to add rider questions in the survey
  10. 10. Youth Connect Global Segmentation Model DreamersRealists Self Conscious Self Assured Confident Achievers Rooted Achievers Eternal Optimists Progressives Laggards Followers Illustration of proposed segmentation framework
  11. 11. Sample Output
  12. 12. Sample Output
  13. 13. Subscription and Deliverables Subscription Options Deliverables 1 to 5 markets: USD 9,000 per market Individual Market Insight Report 6 to 10 markets: USD 8,100 per market Individual Market Insight Report 11 to 15 markets: USD 7,600 per market Global and Individual Market Insight Report 15+ markets: USD 7,200 per market Global and Individual Market Insight Report The subscription is based on number of market reports a client is interested in: 50% invoiced on subscription 50% invoiced on report delivery
  14. 14. Project Plan Aug’15 Sep’15 Oct’15 Nov’15Jul’15 15% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: ON ORDERS BOOKED BY AUGUST 14, 2015 Data Analysis Qual / Desk Research Data Collection Questionnaire and Field Set-Up Reporting and Continuous Client Support …
  15. 15. Client specific rider questions (like brand image, consumption filters, etc.) to be finalized before August 14, 2015. Optional Services (At additional cost) Online presentation of key findings to stakeholders Additional customer specific analyses at market, region or global level, including brand and category linkages.
  16. 16. FLEXIBLE Choose Only The Markets You Need TIMELY Findings by November 2015 GLOBAL: Covers 20 markets in 2015 GREAT VALUE Volume Discounts CUSTOMIZATION Add-on Question YouthConnect 12 to 29 year olds
  17. 17. Contact for enquiries or questions: Asha Ganesan Sen Consulting Partner, Global Market Research Email: Thank You! YouthConnect 12 to 29 year olds

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