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  1. 1. BatmanBatman(1939 - Forever )(1939 - Forever )
  2. 2. Batmans secret identity is Bruce Wayne, an American billionaireplayboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. Having witnessed themurder of his parents as a child, he swore revenge on criminals,an oath tempered with the greater ideal of justice.Wayne trains himself both physically and intellectually in order tofight crime. Batman operates in the fictional American GothamCity, assisted by various supporting characters including hiscrime-fighting partner, Robin, his butler Alfred, the policecommissioner Jim Gordon, and occasionally the heroine Batgirl.He fights an assortment of villains such as the Joker, the Penguin,the Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Catwoman.Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers;he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology,wealth, physical prowess, martial arts skills, an indomitable will,fear, and intimidation in his continuous war on crime.The StoryThe Story
  3. 3. Batman BeginsBatman BeginsBatman first appeared onthe pages of a comic book inDetective Comics #27 “TheCase of the ChemicalSyndicate”Co-created by artist BobKane and writer Bill FingerOnly Kane receives officialcredit
  4. 4. Bill Finger is the uncredited co-creatorof Batman.He named Gotham City, he even gavewith the name Batman and BruceWayne.The idea of Robin was Bill’s thinking,saying “He needs someone to talk to.”Bill apparently wrote the first Comicwith Robin in it, He also wrote Joker’sdescription.Bill Finger 1914-1974Batman’s Biggest Secret? No.. ItsBatman’s Biggest Secret? No.. ItsNot Bruce WayneNot Bruce Wayne..
  5. 5. Inspirations for BatmanInspirations for BatmanScarlet Pimpernel – one of the firstmasked vigilantesThe Scarlet Pimpernel was ananonymous hero who rescuedaristocrats from the guillotineduring the French revolutionThe Mask of Zorro (1920)Fairbanks played wealthy Diegoand his masked alter ego, ZorroZorro had a secret cave behind agrandfather clock in Diego’s livingroomLeonardo da VinciKane claims to have developedaspects of Batman’s costume fromda Vinci’s sketches of a flyingmachineLeonardo da Vincis Flying Machine- ca. 1485Douglas Fairbanks in the Mask of Zorro (1920)
  6. 6. RobinRobinRobin was introduced inDetective Comics #38 inApril, 1940His name was based onRobin HoodHe was introduced tohumanize Batman and tolighten the mood of thecomicHis debut coincided withthe changes to Batman’s“moral code”He signaled the end ofthe depressionHe relieved the gloom andisolation of BatmanChildren could relate tohim
  7. 7. VillainsVillainsHere are the main villainswhich have been featured in themovies over a period of time;JokerTwo - FacePoison IvyBaneMr.FreezeMirandaScarecrowRiddlerPenguinCatwomen
  8. 8. JokerJokerJoker is a supervillian whoappears in the Batmanmovies, comics and cartoon.The Joker is portrayed as amaster criminal whosecharacterization has varied.The original and currentlydominant image is of ahighly intelligent psychopathwith a warped, sadistic senseof humor.Joker is one of the mostpopular supervillian of alltime.WHY SO SERIOUS?WHY SO SERIOUS?
  9. 9. Poison IvyPoison IvyPoison Ivy is depicted as one of the worlds most prominent eco-terrorists. She is obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism.Pamela Isley a.k.a. Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a love interest forBatman in some comics. In one comic, Ivy was robbing a charity galaBruce Wayne was attending.Ivys first kiss was poison, the second its antidote. When they firstmeet, Ivys toxic lips planted a seed of toxic rapture in Bruce. Butwhen she later kissed a dying Dark Knight, Ivy unknowingly curedher intended victim and established a budding romantic tensionbetween them.
  10. 10. BaneBaneBane has been one of Batmans more physically and intellectuallypowerful foes.According to his creators, Bane was originally intended as a "darkknight" of the highly disciplined and multi-skilled pulp hero DocSavage.Bane is recentyl shown in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’His main story is that he was born in a prison, and was strong, braveand hence known as the God of Pena Dura.. He isThe Man Who Broke The BatThe Man Who Broke The Bat
  11. 11. GothamGothamThe name “Gotham City” was first used in DetectiveComics #48 in February, 1941It is the universal city, it represents all modern citiesIt is modeled after such cities as Chicago, New York,Boston, Philadelphia, and PittsburgBatman editor Danny O’Neil describes Gotham as“New York below Fourteenth Street after eleveno’clock at night”A reflection of the crime and grittiness of the DepressionEra
  12. 12. Batman:Batman: The UltimateThe UltimateExample of Good Work EthicsExample of Good Work EthicsBatman is a super hero without any super powersHe relies upon intense training, discipline, his arsenal of“toys”, and intellect to fight crimeBatman represents the perfectibility of man and thegreat American work ethicTheoretically any individual has the ability tobecome like Batman through hard work anddedicationThe belief, embodied by Batman, that hard work brings aboutsuccess and greatness gave many Americans hope during atime when unemployment levels reached about 25%
  13. 13. Batman (1966)Batman (1966)The first movie of Batman was released in 1966 by 20thCentury Fox.The Film starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Wardas Robin.There wasn’t a fixed budget, but the amount spend in theend on production and everything was 1,377,800$.The movie featured 4 criminals  Joker, Riddler,Catwoman and Pengui.3 BatMobiles were shown in the first movie.Adam West BatMobile
  14. 14. The Dark Knight RisesThe Dark Knight Rises(2012)(2012)This is the last movie of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Releasedon 16thJuly 2012.Nolan drew inspiration from Banes comic book debut in the1993 Knightfall storyline, the 1986 series The Dark KnightReturns, and the 1999 storyline No Mans Land.The movie featured villains  Bane, Miranda, Selina Kyle.One of the best IMAX cameras were used to shoot this movie.At the end of the movie, we learn that there might be a wholenew series starting, starring ROBIN.
  15. 15. Leslie H. Martinson - 1966Tim Burton – 1989 & 1992Joel Schumacher – 1995 & 1997Christopher Nolan – 2005, 2008,2012DirectorsDirectors
  16. 16. BudgetThe first movie’s budget was1,377,800$ in 1966.The second movie has a largebudged of 35million$ and thegross income was around412million$The third movie’s budget was80million$ and the grossincome WW was 283million$The forth movie’s budget was100million$ and grossedaround 337million$
  17. 17. BudgetThe fifth movie’s budget waswas 125million$, the grossincome has not been stated.The sixth movie’s budget was150million$ and its revenuewas 380million$The seventh movie’s budgetwas 185million$ and its grosswas 1billlion+$The eight movie had a budgetof 250million$+ and the grossis 600million$ and counting.
  18. 18. BatmobileBatmobile
  19. 19. Adam West – 1966Michael Keaton - 1989 & 1992Val Kilmer – 1995George Clooney – 1997Christian Bale – 2005, 2008 &2012Who All Played Batman?
  20. 20. Batman action figures have beenproduced since the 1940s.The Marx Toy Company producedthe first ever possible Batman actionfigure in the early 1960s.It stood 4 feet tall.Action Figures
  21. 21. Batman - CartoonBatman - CartoonIt was produced byWB, and aired onFox in Sept 1995.• The cartoon serieswon 4 EmmyAwards & wasnominated for 6more.
  22. 22. OscarsOscars• Oscars Won –1 (1966)2 (2008)• Oscars Nominated –2 (1992)3 (1995)1 (2005)
  23. 23. Thank You!Thank You!• Akanksha Malik• Kritika Sisodia• Krish Sehgal• Sanil Gosavi