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3T's: Technology, Technique & Team work that are transforming orthopaedics today


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The presentation is about newer techniques, cutting edge technology and team work trends that are changing the way orthopaedics is being practiced today. Five upcoming disruptive technologies include: minimally invasive surgeries, 3D printing, Orthobiologics, Smart Implants & robotics.

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3T's: Technology, Technique & Team work that are transforming orthopaedics today

  1. 1. Technique, Technology, Teamwork: 3T’s transforming orthopaedics Dr Vaibhav Bagaria (MBBS MS FCPS Dip SICOT) Joint Replacement & Sports Surgeon CARE Hospital & ORIGYN Clinic Nagpur, India
  2. 2. Why this talk? Sneak peek into the future! Encourage Innovation, Collaboration & Excellence Unlocking potential as clinicians, teachers & researchers
  3. 3. Talk Today 5 Techniques & Technologies that are revolutionising orthopaedic patient care Team work: From me to we!!! Only a snapshot - Trailer of sorts!
  4. 4. 5 Game changing T’s MIS & Ambulatory Surgery Patient Optimised Surgical Tools (POST) Orthobiologics Smart Implants Robotics & Remote Surgeries
  5. 5. MIS & Ambulatory Surgery Arthroscopy MIS approaches Day Care centres
  6. 6. Arthroscopy - expanding horizon A shift towards minimally invasive and optimal utilisation of scopic techniques Tempormandibular joint to subtalar joint; tumor excision to deformity correction - it is every where
  7. 7. Day care
  8. 8. Daycare: Checklists
  9. 9. Patient Optimised Surgical Tools Rapid Prototyping Technology Advantages Uses & examples
  10. 10. 3D Printing & RP Rapid Prototyping is fabrication of scale model of a physical part using computer aided designing (CAD) systems DIACOM files from CT/MRI are converted to machine language and the part is then printed Part can be used for surgical planning, simulation, templating, implant countoring and custom implant manufacturing
  11. 11. 3D printing & POST uses Acetabular & periarticular fracture surgeries Customised Jigs Deformity correction Osteotomies Defect Planning Allograft Printing
  12. 12. Surgical planning using CAD
  13. 13. Old unreduced post dislocation
  14. 14. POST For Knee replacement
  15. 15. Orthobiologics
  16. 16. BMAC/Fat derived stem cells
  17. 17. Growth Factor cocktail
  18. 18. PRP
  20. 20. Smart Implants Monitor how implant fare in the body Detect infection and inflammation Embedded with nano sensors Repository of drugs that can be released at the right time; Silver quote In trial products: Orthosensors( Sunrise FL), Verasense
  21. 21. Robotics Moving beyond accuracy of the implanted knee Advances in artificial Intelligence ( AI), motors, materials & precision of medical imaging bode well for surgical robots future
  22. 22. Robodoc Systems are analogous to GPS: they leave the user in control while offering guidance to them. Advantage of the technology is its ability to improve surgical precision and thus patient outcomes. As robotics technology improves and its costs comes down, the number of orthopedic applications it targets is poised to increase.
  23. 23. Remote Surgeries
  24. 24. TEAM WORKरई का गदा बेच कर, मैने इक दरी खरीद ली। खवािहशो को कु छ कम िकया मैने, और ख़ुशी खरीद ली । . सबने ख़रीदा सोना, मैने इक सुई खरीद ली, सपनो को बुनने िजतनी, डोरी ख़रीद ली । . इस ज़माने से सौदा कर, एक िज़नदगी खरीद ली, िदनो को बेचा और, शामे खरीद ली।
  25. 25. Teamwork Trends Balancing academics, ethics & economics Innovation & Research gets leg up Group Practice models proving to be efficient & cost effective Surgeon reported quality of life & happiness index Optimising cost to the patient & increasing profits
  26. 26. Team work - Success matrix
  27. 27. Team Work Basics
  28. 28. Team work - Ground Rules
  29. 29. Team Work -Tenets Aim for the sky! Be fair and have empathy Start slow, consolidate, expand “Be prepared to loose battle and win the war”
  30. 30. Team Work - Systems
  31. 31. Take Home Disruptive technologies are transforming orthopedics Lot of hype but also lot of work being done Innovation is at the core of progress - never too early never too late to innovate & make a difference!!! And Finally.....
  32. 32. कई जीत बाकी है कई हार बाकी है अभी तो िजदगी का सार बाकी है यंहा से चले है नयी मिजल के िलए ये एक पना था अभी तो िकताब बाकी है...!!!" THANK YOU!