Shark navigator Review


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A short review of the Shark Navigator vacuum cleaner.

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Shark navigator Review

  2. 2. * The Shark Navigator vacuum is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner that is easily maneuverable due to its light weight of around 15 pounds and smooth glide rubber wheels. It features a 30 foot long power cord which is long enough so you can vacuum multiple rooms without changing outlets. The powered brush roller can be switched off for vacuuming on hard surfaces.
  3. 3. * There are several attachments that come with the Shark Navigator vacuum including a power nozzle for carpeted stairs and upholstery, as well as dusting brush tool and a 24 inch crevice tool which attach to the 12 foot stretch hose. The built in lifetime filter only requires rinsing out twice a year.
  4. 4. * Shark Navigator Vacuum Specifications* Upright bagless vacuum cleaner with lightweight design and smooth-gliding wheels* Infinity Technology keeps dirt off the filter for consistent suction power* Ergonomic grip; power nozzle with on/off brushroll for carpets and bare-floor surfaces* Includes super-stretch hose, dusting brush, 2 crevice tools, turbo power brush, and lifetime filters* Measures approximately 12-3/5 by 10-1/5 by 35-2/5 inches* Shark Navigator Vacuum 5-year limited warranty
  5. 5. Shark Navigator Vacuum ReviewsWe found over 300 reviews of the SharkNavigator Vacuum with the majority ofthem being positive. 79% of people whoown this vacuum rated it 4 or 5 out of 5stars. They were impressed by thepowerful suction and quite noise level. Itsucks up lots of dirt and hair that was leftbehind by other vacuums and steamcleaners. The Shark Navigator vacuumuses cyclonic suction tubes which is thesame technology as Dyson but at a muchlower cost. The washable filters are wellprotected from dust so they only requirecleaning every couple of months.
  6. 6. The shark navigator vacuum is fairly lightat only 15lbs so it is maneuverable andisn’t too difficult to carry up and downstairs. You can turn the beater brush onand off for switching between carpet andhard surface flooring. The brush is gearpowered by a small motor so you don’thave to worry about breaking or replacingany belts. The brush will shut offautomatically if it gets jammed to protectthe motor from burning out. There is alsoan easily accessible long extension hosefor hard to reach places. Reviewersstated how well engineered and durablethe Shark Navigator Vacuum is and oneowner said “I love to vacuum again. I loveit!”
  7. 7. The negative reviews for the SharkNavigator Vacuum focused on the sameproblems. Several people complained theexhaust from the motor exits on the frontof the machine which acts like a leafblower and blows hair and dirt away fromthe vacuum on tile floors . One owneractually made a deflector out of a plasticpop bottle to redirect the motor exhaustup to avoid this problem. The frontwheels can wear out prematurely becausethe center of the plastic wheels getsreamed out so they don’t turn properlyand they eventually break.
  8. 8. * The problem is you can’t just replace the wheels; you have to purchase an entire new power head which can cost up to $100. The 5 year warranty won’t help you with this problem as it only covers the main motor. The customer service for the Shark Navigator vacuum is reported as being pretty bad when you try to get some warranty work done on the vacuum. Some other complaints include the small dust container that fills quickly and is messy to empty (common with bagless vacuums) as well as the narrow vacuum head which means it can take you longer to vacuum a large room compared to vacuums most other vacuums with a wider power head.
  9. 9. * With the mixed reviews of the Shark Navigator Vacuum cleaner we still think it is a good option if you are considering a Dyson vacuum but don’t want to pay the Dyson price. Just be aware of the few problems people have had with this vacuum and don’t expect much from the 5 year warranty.