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Vacation fulfillment shares top 3 ways to see las vegas from the air


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A different way to enjoy Sin City

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Vacation fulfillment shares top 3 ways to see las vegas from the air

  1. 1. Vacation Fulfillment says there is an even better way to view all the glitz and glamour of the Entertainment Capital of the World than from the ground. The company’s expert travel advisors recommend seeing Las Vegas from the air. That’s why Vacation Fulfillment presents this list of the top 3 ways to get a top-down view of this desert oasis.
  2. 2. Zip line: Vacation Fulfillment says there is not a better way to get an adrenaline- fueled view of Sin City from the air. VooDoo Zip Line, located at Rio Casino and Hotel, lets visitors race across the sky while more than 400 feet up in the air. Their setup is designed like a ski lift: the zip line sends two riders forward at once, so visitors can go with their friends or make a new acquaintance while they’re both screaming over Las Vegas.
  3. 3. Helicopter: Tourists who want their sky-high view more enclosed will find plenty of helicopter tours to take them over Sin City. A scenic 15-to-20 minute ride will take visitors over Las Vegas’ downtown and the Strip. In fact, some tours get so close that passengers may feel they can touch the roof. Vacation Fulfillment recommends taking a helicopter night tour. Not only do these tours cost a bit less, but it gives visitors a chance to see the lit-up streets of Vegas from a completely different view.
  4. 4. Hot air balloon: Vacation Fulfillment says this is truly a unique way to travel. A hot air balloon ride offers tourists a beautiful bird’s eye view of the Las Vegas valley at a slower pace. May of the hot air balloon tour companies allow travelers to be there for the inflation of the 10-story-high balloons. Riding in the gondola at heights up to 800 feet can be both peaceful and exhilarating. The balloonists have to move with the ever-changing wind currents, which means riders may get a different tour each time they go.
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