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  1. NIFES Presentation: Welcome
  2. Vwede Ohworho, in NIFES I was in the Drama Unit, and Graduated in 2003/2004 session. I lectured Mass Communication for 11 and went into Media/Online Business Consulting. Currently, I’m the Principal Consultant of Corporate Realms an organization that has been around for up to 10 year now. Introduction:
  3. • Media • Online Business Consulting • Customer Support Service – email handling, live chat operations, Call center Agent • Content Development for Online Platforms What We Do at Corporate Realms
  4. • B2B – Business to Business and Business to Customer • Web Content and Blogs • Customer Support Service – email handling, live chat operations, Call center Agency Primary Target Audience:
  5. • Xera Global – • Finally Free Media- • nails-the-story-of-the-mens-grooming- haven/ • owned-businesses-scale-up/ • Debaf Engineering Ltd • De-Net Communications Ltd Some of Our Clients:
  6. • To help participant appreciate freelancing opportunities online • To show participants how to find these opportunities online and take advantage of them. Focus for NIFES: Online Freelancing Opportunities
  7. • We have worked on this system for over 10 years and can explain some of the processes. • There is an emerging need for Africa to fully integrate with the rest of the world. • Usually those who start early, take the lead. Why the Global Market?
  8. THE PROBLEM: Current realities in the world today. COVID-19. Freelancing Opportunities
  9. CoViD-19 As at November 2019 the world was struck by a pandemic. It has resulted in loss of jobs and economic downturn. A lot of countries, companies and individuals have suffered loss of resources and more running into $ billions. Freelancing Opportunities
  10. For Whom: • Writers and editors • * Graphics or website designers • Data entry specialist • Teachers • Lawyers • Accountants • Auditors & more Freelancing Opportunities
  11. • Where to Find Jobs • Facebook Group • • • • • • Freelancing Opportunities
  12. How to Receive Payment: • Dormiciliary account • Naira account • • PayPal Freelancing Opportunities
  13. Attitude is Everything: For Questions: Facebook Group Freelance Earnings Online WhatsApp Group (+2348030627126 Freelance Earnings Please Fill this Form Freelancing Opportunities