Sessie 31-A4- meeting archtecture traningsessie


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Sessie 31-A4- meeting archtecture traningsessie

  1. 1. 1 Meeting Architecture Process Documents Maarten Vanneste
  2. 2. DOC: CHECKLIST HISTORIC DATA Pre invite communication Give-away, Room gifts Evaluation results Invitation Theme, logo, ... Budget Conference package Video (opening, etc.) Website Syllabus PowerPoint template Discuss, prepare the upcoming meeting Program Pictures, video, drawings, Post meeting education or Follow up Handouts Text report Other…
  3. 3. 3 DOC: CREATE THE MEETING OBJECTIVE TEAM MEETING OBJECTIVE TEAM name Role and responsibilities Time available The meeting-owner: Management: Subject Matter expert: Corporate: Communication dept. Association: Educational development Project Manager / meeting planner: Procurement: Producer, facilitator, moderator, …: The Participants: The Meeting Architect:
  4. 4. Meet your participant... DOC: PARTICIPANT ANALYSIS BLANK Type Who are they? Give them a title or category name. Participant category 1 Participant category 2 Participant category 3 Participant category 4 Number How many of them? Value creation How does this participant group create value? How does the meeting provide value for these participants? How much value can be created? Position, Importance Where does this group rank in value generation? And why? Which group has the most impact in the market? In pay to attend, Who do we really want to have as participants?
  5. 5. 5 DOC: THE MEETING OBJECTIVE MATRIX III Participant category IMPACT, metrics, How much and by when? ‘do’ objectives (Action, Application) Learning objectives Networking objectives Motivation objectives
  6. 6. DOC: THE MEETING DESIGN TEAM Name Role / Task Available Time Previous participants: Official Host: Producer / creative director: Designer: Facilitator, moderator, MC: Meeting support manager / chief technician / AV prof.: Speaker manager: Online / hybrid specialist: Social media professional:
  7. 7. 7 DOC: THE MEETING DESIGN MATRIX Target: (participant group, stakeholder) Objective: Before During After C Concept H Human A ART T Technical TY TechnologY
  8. 8. DOC: THE MEETING IDENTITY LIST MEETING IDENTITY LIST Theme Visual Picture Slogan LOGO Color Song Speakers Other
  9. 9. 9 DOC: HYBRID MEETING MATRIX This is the framework to discuss formats, techniques, channels, cost, ... Sound Sound and Presentation Video + Presentation Video + Presentation + Remote texting Video + Presentation + Remote interactivity Remote participants - groups (Pods) - individuals - both Remote Presentations / remote speakers Synchronous or serial (think Time zones) Live, later (recorded) or both Open or moderated interaction One way or two way Paying or free Open or secret One year or longer Save (less traveling) or increase revenue (add participants)
  10. 10. DOC: LIST OF SUPPLIERS Partners, suppliers, freelance, etc., … Facilitation, speakers, actors, etc. AV, meeting support, … Technology Other
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. With thanks to the entire team of volunteers in We thank our sponsors: NEXT STEPS Join LinkedIn Group ‘Meeting Architecture’ Register on Join us at the FRESH Conference Join the Meeting Architecture training – contact Join the community of meeting architectures in the linked in group “Meeting Architecture” Published by the Meeting Support Institute phone: +321 444 88 31