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Digitization on demand of non-circulation material


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Digitalization in the Danish Royal Library, Copenhagen

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Digitization on demand of non-circulation material

  1. 1. - project in co-operation with the Ministry of Culture 2012-2014. - goal: 2.000 volumes per annum DOD: Digitization on Demand of non-circulation material Works available for ordering as PDF on demand: a selection of Danish monographs printed 1701-1900 (app. 100.000 titles) - facilitation of the use of the National Collection, through the instant access to digital editions - augmentation of the number of possible users (the same work can be seen simultaneously by many readers) - reduced strain on library processes, as books that are available digitally should not be made available again and again Purpose The project was intended to increase digital use of the library’s collections, and reduce physical wear & tear on the national state deposit collections, by offering free PDF copies by demand. Outcome: - by the end of 2014, app. 9.400 titles had been digitized - the workflow had become a popular ”potential method” for other projects Additional (supposed) benefits:
  2. 2. - inclusion of titles 1900-1914 - an new scan process entailed the production of PDF-files for each volume: colour, non-OCR (larger) b/w, OCR (smaller) Developments in 2015: - inclusion of multi-volume works 1701-1914 - reduction of the options for the Copenhagen University staff, when ordering Danish prints 1701-1914: PDFs or the Reading Room are the only choices available; no more ”delivery to my desk” Developments in 2016 (so far ...): - the workflow becomes one of two primary workflows for digitizing cultural heritage
  3. 3. Who can order a free PDF? Everyone registered as a user with the Royal Library, whether located in Denmark or abroad. - Yes, you can register online. - No, you do not have to come to the library at any point in the process. Who can access the PDF files? Everyone with internet access and a PDF reader.
  4. 4. Black Diamond, Reading Room West Free PDF (3-5 working days) Select Pickup Location
  5. 5. For more information: and and/or feel free to contact Eva-Maria Jansson,