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Danish Library Association - voorstelling door Hellen Niegaard


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Voorstelling van de Deense bibliotheekvereniging door Hellen Niegaard tijdens de VVBAD-studiereis naar Denemarken

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Danish Library Association - voorstelling door Hellen Niegaard

  1. 1. Danish Library Association Public Library Advocacy Hellen Niegaard – Chief Consultant/Editor-in-chief
  2. 2. Welcome to Denmark  DLA Ultra Short  Today’s Public Library & Challenges  Facts about DLA/the way we work  Facts about the Public Library Landscape  Our 2016 Main Focus
  3. 3. DLA Ultra Short  DLA (Danish Library Association) has a special association structure including both library professionals as well as local politicians.  The President is always a politician and local politicians always constitute the majority of the council. President Vagn Ytte Larsen President of the Danish Library Association Steen B. Andersen Chairman of th Culture Committee. Municipality Aarhus
  4. 4. DLA Vision  DLA sets the public library agenda, highlighting the value of culture, learning and education  DLA is the driving force, the spokesman and the advisory body when libraries develop a framework of democracy for the local community
  5. 5. The modern library  Is more than just books  - a house of identity  being developed together with users  contributing to the knowledge society  creating community benefits and social capital
  6. 6. Today’s Common Library Challenges • Photos: Colourbox
  7. 7. Who are the DLA members?  Danish municipalities, represented by their politicians  Library decision makers and professionals as well as library associations and – institutions  Other cultural associations  Students of the Royal School of Library and Information Science
  8. 8. What kind of political influence With 78 municipalities as members DLA represents approximately 85% of the Danish population (5,7 mio.) Personal Members 298 Institutional Members 36 Students app. 50
  9. 9. DLA Organisation General Assembly Elect the President and Vice President Politicians 35 members (active politicians, members of their municipalities) Library Professionals 17 members Council 52 members Executive Board 10 members Digitizing committee Cultural committee Learning committee
  10. 10. How does DLA work I
  11. 11.  Lobbying towards all relevant decision makers  Raising awareness and debate on relevant matters  DB Annual Meeting – the meeting place for politicians and the public library sector  National and regional library conferences on hot topics  Carrying out, initiating and participating in library projects and surveys  Participating in official hearings/central committees nationally and internationally How does DLA work II
  12. 12. International participation
  13. 13. Danish Think Tank: Libraries of the Future The public currently pay DKK 2.5 bn via taxes and the study demonstrate a total value of DKK 6bn.
  14. 14. 484 Library Units (2014) Of those 283+ are “Open Libraries” - See next slide. In total a 50% reduction since 1980, also reflecting a 2007-Government Reform. Including the 106 new ”pick up service points” in stores etc. = 590 in total Public libraries 1996-2014 Main Libraries Buses Branch Libr Pick up places
  15. 15. 295 “Open Libraries” with differentiated service in Denmark (April 2016)
  16. 16. Citizen Services (Borgerservice) A majority of municipalities offers Citizen Services – Borgerservice - at the public library.
  17. 17. 36 Million Visits in the library • Kilde: Danmarks Statistik
  18. 18. E-books and Physical Book Loans e-book book
  19. 19. Number of Public Library Events - 2014
  20. 20. Learning with the Library – 9.100 class hours (2014)
  21. 21. 2016 DLA Focus & Main Challenges  Support transformation of Yesterday’s Library to The 21st Century LIBRARY (physical and digital)  Create a new narrative We have to explain what the modern library is, if we want politicians to understand and support the modern public library  Update Library Law (2000) Debate on the law compared to Library Services version 2016
  22. 22. Rethinking Overall-DLA-Strategy Extended Partnerships New ways of political campaigning Photo: Chicago Public Library