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#VTTpeople welcome you to Finland - Why choose us

Finland is known for its innovative technology, balanced with pure nature. VTT is located in a unique concentration of high technology and specialist organizations, in the Otaniemi area. The headquarters of several well known companies like Kone, Microsoft and Neste Oil are situated in the nearby area.

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#VTTpeople welcome you to Finland - Why choose us

  1. 1. Why Finland Sanna Downing Human Resources Senior Specialist, Global Mobility VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 1
  2. 2.  Finland is known for its innovative technology, balanced with pure nature. VTT is located in a unique concentration of high technology and specialist organizations, in the Otaniemi area. The headquarters of several well known companies like Kone, Microsoft, Neste and Rovio are situated in the nearby area.  Both the public and the private sector are committed to investing in R&D and Finland’s highly educated people have a positive can-do attitude towards innovation.  In addition, social security in Finland is based on residence and so the benefits can be claimed by those who live in or relocate permanently to Finland.  As part of our commitment to promote international exposure, for permanent new hires we provide a language training and also relocation support in the form of a service which assists in finding accommodation and registering with the Finnish authorities to make your arrival and stay in Finland easier. 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 2
  3. 3. Best place for families  Did you know that even the top ranked schools in Finland are free? Finland has also held first place in OECD’s Programme for Student Assessment (PISA) for several years, ranking Finland’s education system as one of the world’s best.  Social security provides care and support for both families and children. Benefits include: • Child benefit starting 94,88EUR/month from the first child • Paternity leave for a maximum of 54 days • Maternity package or maternity grant • Child welfare and maternity clinics are also available  Day care – children under school age are generally entitled to communal / public day care in Finland (some restrictions apply)  Also public transport can be free in some cities for a parent travelling with a child with a buggy Do you know that there is a regulation which says that all the apartment buildings must have an outside play area for children? 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 3
  4. 4. Social security in Finland Citizens outside EU/EEA or Switzerland  for those with a VTT contract of employment lasting at least 2 years or an open-ended contract, you are eligible for Finnish social security benefits  for those employed by VTT between 4 months and 2 years, you will have health insurance coverage from the Finnish social security institution KELA Citizens of EU/EEA countries or Switzerland  Eligible for social security coverage from KELA Please see KELA website for further information:  Families  Sickness 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 4
  5. 5. Healthcare  Finland has an excellent health care system which is funded mainly by taxes. Finland has a highly decentralized 3-level publicly funded system of health care and alongside these, a much smaller private health care system. In addition to other healthcare services, VTT provides occupational healthcare services for the employee at Terveystalo.  Municipal healthcare: when visiting a clinic or hospital, patients need to pay access charges of around 15–30€ per visit, depending on the municipality. There is also a maximum amount of payment defined, after which certain visits are free. For example in Helsinki (2018), the cap is 683€.  Giving birth in Finland is only possible at our excellent public hospitals. This ensures quality care for all the people in Finland.  Insurances – unlike the American system in Finland one can rely on public health care even though the trend seems to be now to take some healthcare and accident insurances. Insurance amounts for child insurances can be as low as 400€/year.  When using private healthcare, there is a discount provided by Kela, which is applied to certain charges such as doctor’s fees. For example a visit to the doctor for a child could cost as little as 78€ after Kela discount. 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 5
  6. 6. Taxation  Countries with high levels of social security usually have high levels of taxation as well; Finland is no exception although the individual is able to make some deductions including commuting costs which are over the set limit.  Contrary to many other countries in Finland one can file their own tax return electronically and asses one’s taxes based on personal situation with an online tax calculator.  The tax office has information in English on their website and their staff is able to assist customers in English as well Some useful links to Finnish taxation: Online tax calculator Tax card online Work in Finland 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 6
  7. 7. A society that runs well makes everyday living easier  Finland has a good public transport network and the cost of transport is low. For example an Espoo ticket (valid for travel within Espoo, the city in which the suburb of Otaniemi is located, which is where VTT Headquarters is) costs 54,70€ / month. The public transport network is one of the reasons Finland has the cleanest air.  Many international airlines use Helsinki as their transport hub between East and West.  Finland is also an extremely safe place and Finnish children are used to be quite independent from an early age. Finland is one of the rare places where mobile phone and wallets might still be returned to their owner – and sometimes by taxi. According to a Readers Digest’s test, 11 out of 12 wallets left in public places as a test were returned.  This, and our high level of education, is probably why there is an extensive startup culture: Aalto University in the capital area has a very active entrepreneurial society (AaltoES), there is a regular startup incubation program called StartUpSauna and an annual event called Slush which attracts a global audience. 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 7
  8. 8. Land of a Thousand Lakes  Finland is known for its lake and nature. We have a system called everyman’s rights (jokamiehenoikeus), which allows everyone to walk freely anywhere to enjoy the Finnish nature both in winter and in summer.  With our extensive network of bicycle lanes, you can enjoy cycling or other sports on wheels like roller blading easily to get easily to the many lakes, parks and golf courses – you can even play golf past midnight in the summer!  The playgrounds are free and available for anyone • Oittaa Angry Birds Playground • Leppävaara Angry Bird Playground 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 8
  9. 9. 2 075 employees… do you have what it takes to be the next new employee? Working in a globally networked top-level research organization opens up a fascinating spectrum of career opportunities for professionals with various backgrounds. Only at VTT :  You can challenge yourself in developing future technologies  You have the opportunity to manage international research projects with a focus on scientific breakthroughs  You can work closely together with customers VTT offers you the possibility to develop your competences and build your career path in countless ways. Welcome to a workpalce where you can learn something new every day! 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 9
  10. 10. Great development opportunities  Challenging assignments  International projects  Internal and external training opportunities  Expat opportunities  Supported self motivated learning  Research leave for doctorate theses Salary  Monthly base pay Variable reward elements including:  Recognition Reward  Doctorate Thesis Reward  IPR and Innovation reward What we offer Benefits  Longer vacations compared to the private sector  Flexible working hours  Phone benefit  Occupational health care  Sports and leisure activities 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 10
  11. 11. 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious 11
  12. 12. #VTTpeople, @VTTFinland Thank You! 11.10.2018 VTT – beyond the obvious