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VTT Powder Piloting Service: Circular economy - Seconday raw materials


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For more information please visit our website: We are material experts specialized on powder based materials. With Powder Piloting Service we can boost up your development needs and adoption of resource efficient manufacturing and alternative materials for substitution.

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VTT Powder Piloting Service: Circular economy - Seconday raw materials

  1. 1. 1 Powder Piloting Service Material solutions, from powder to product. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd Circular economy - secondary raw materials
  2. 2. 2 Service for utilization of industrial by-products and side streams as secondary raw materials  Evaluate potential and possibilities to utilize side stream and by- products as raw material on different applications  Demonstration of suitability and performance of secondary raw material based components Circular economy and secondary raw materials
  3. 3. 321/12/2017 3  Application demands – determination of suitable secondary raw material sources from databases  Particular side stream suitability – mapping of possible applications Pi 2 1 3 4 5 Secondary raw materials and applications Processing & modification Processing parameters for test components Development steps from waste to value: Secondary raw materials  Side stream modification to convert it to usable secondary raw material  Pre-evaluation of technical and economic feasibility against primary raw materials  Determination of the most suitable processing routes  Design of experiment (DoE) for process parameter mapping  Production of test components for characterization and performance testing Design and manufacturing of demo component  Design and optimization of component production process  Production of components for demonstrations  Component performance testing lab and field testing in operation conditions Piloting  Piloting of production  Tecno-economic evaluation
  4. 4. 4  To show currently landfilled waste possibilities as a raw material asset  Robust energy efficient processes for utilizing mine tailings as raw material for porous ceramics  Wide applicability - porous ceramics are in added value applications such as filters, catalyst supports, insulators, absorbents Porous ceramics from mine tailings Case1: Novel synthesis methods for porous ceramics from mine tailings
  5. 5. 521/12/2017 5  Development of novel product with industrial partner based on low cost raw material  Mine tailings has been used to demonstrate the possibility to produce ceramic materials by powder injection moulding (PIM)  The utilization of residue materials in line with circular economy and sustainability Serial production ceramics from mine tailings. Case2: Ceramic materials by PIM from mine tailings PIM process starts with mixing of feedstock material (powder+binders) and continues with injection molding, binder removal and sintering.
  6. 6. 621/12/2017 6  Industrial pilot scale demonstration of processing route for low energy intensive refractories based on maximal utilization of secondary raw materials.  Develop alternative refractory materials with mechanical and chemical resistance up to 1200°C in gaseous atmosphere with the goal to maximize the use of waste material and reduce the cost. Case3: Slag as feedstock for innovative Refractory Ceramics
  7. 7. 721/12/2017 7 Metal powders for Additive Manufacturing has high prices, which means that material efficiency should be maximised. Waste stream consists of 1) support structures, 2) defected parts and 3) agglomerated sieve residue powder In this case regeneration of residue powder was demonstrated by jet milling. SEM-images showing the particle morphology for commercial powder (left) and for jet milled sieve residue powder (right). Case3: Regeneration of Additive Manufacturing metal powder
  8. 8. 8 For more information please visit our website. Interested? VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd