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#DTT17: Topology optimized in design for additive manufacturing, Erin Komi VTT


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VTT:n järjestämässä tilaisuudessa 15.3.2017 käsitelltiin valmistavan teollisuuden digitalisaatiota eri näkökulmista. VTT:n tutkijat esittelivät uusien teknologioiden tuottamia mahdollisuuksia ja edelläkävijäyritykset kertovat käytännön ratkaisuista.

Published in: Technology
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#DTT17: Topology optimized in design for additive manufacturing, Erin Komi VTT

  1. 1. VTT TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND LTD Topology optimization in design for additive manufacturing Erin Komi #DTT17
  2. 2. 215/03/2017 2 Motivation  Metal additive manufacturing is quickly becoming an interesting and viable business solution  New approaches to component design are necessary to sufficiently take advantage of the geometric freedom that AM allows #DTT17
  3. 3. 315/03/2017 3 Design approach #DTT17 Benefit more from AM Systematic concept design Minimize use of material New functionality Minimize post- processing Optimize: topology, shape, size Take advantage of geometric freedom • Lattice structures • Internal channels • Internal cavities • Part consolidation • Optimize print orientation • Self-supporting shapes Simulation based design Properties of a successful AM product • New functionality • Lightweight, compact • Short build time • Single consolidated part • No assembly needed • Minimal machining & finishing
  4. 4. 415/03/2017 4 Design Concept Generation Interpret Results & Remesh Validate Optimized Design Geometry Design Space Create FE Model Topology Optimization Finalize Design Print Preparation
  5. 5. 515/03/2017 5 Results #DTT17 -79% -76% • Considerable mass reduction • Added functionality • Energy and cost savings during operation • Reduced likelihood of failure during operation -86% In cooperation with: -38% In cooperation with: In cooperation with: