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Showcode eventer pitch


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Showcode eventer pitch

  1. 1. Eventer by Showcode the social thing for your social eventCrowd & DIY-eventsVladimir Stasevich +7(926) 124-84-31
  2. 2. SummaryPlanning and sharing tool for private and public events likeanniversaries, weddings, picnics, weekend vacations and others"Crowd eventing" - invitees are contributors to better agenda, eventstemplates based on past successful events, reviews andrecommendationsEvent Social network of organizers and attendees to communicate,receive info, share photo and video on FB, twitter, VKontakteValue added services - shared workspace, booking, context search,help on the planning of the certain type of events,ticketingMonetization through charging fee on event tickets saleand people moving from DIY to event agencies
  3. 3. Team Vladimir Stasevich Ivan Sezonov Product Dev, CTO. Tech professional team leader Entrepreneur with business experience working in Vladimir Sitnikov Business of big international banks. Marketing and management expert and in restaurant business Ivan and Vlad are friends for 10 years entrepreneur focusing on IT and Internet businesses. Future dreamer and data zealot. Met with the team on venture lab class Anastasia Roman Efimushkin Dmitry Sytnik Chupryna Lead developer. Vlad and Roman are leads Offshore team of developers - teammates and know each other for 15 partners from Tver, Russia. Vlad andEvent management professional. years Dmitry are schoolmates and know eachMet with the team on venture lab other over 20 years class
  4. 4. ProblemMany unconnected services to share information about anevent - FB, twitter, Google+, etc and communicate withguests - email, sms, phone, social networks (not everyonehas a social network account)Russian Internet services market lacks of any high endservice for Event planning and executionNo localized services available in Russia, there is a need of"Eventbrite of Russia" working with local partners (paymentsystems, ticketing, etc)
  5. 5. SolutionCrowd & DIY events:● collaboration tool which helps to prepare events● temporary event social network which links event organizers, attendees and followers● each held event becomes a template for future event where reviews and ratings can help to choose the best one● Suggestions service and recommendations depending on number of attendees, time, location, etc.Value-added services:● Electronic tickets● Context-based tips and ads● Event workspace and teamwork
  6. 6. Marketing/Sales● Partnership with Master-Card and Russian Standard Bank established - top innovators on Russian financial market● Partnership with QIWI established - top utility bills payment system● Direct sales will be conducted through the team of sales agents● Indirect sales will be supported by web- based enrollment and continuous marketing support
  7. 7. Milestones● Launch of online ticketing service for Moscow Zoo in partnership with Master-Card, Russian Standard Bank - 08/01/2012● Start of indirect sales - launch of marketing program - 09/01/2012● Start of direct sales - launch of direct sales funnel - 11/01/2012
  8. 8. Competition● A lot of competitors arrived in the niche over the last years. Its Google Events, Facebook Events, Eventbrite● We position ourselves as Eventbrite of Russia and for events● Our competitive advantages: ○ Russian market local player with adoption to local specifics ○ Local partnerships established ○ Verticals are identified and started working on ○ International level know-how: Dynamic pricing & Virus promotion engine
  9. 9. Business ModelMonetization streams:● Fee for electronic ticketing● Fee for showing adverts for crowd-events or DIY events (by event agencies)● Fee for showing adverts on tickets - for geo- located nearest businesses
  10. 10. Financing1) Bootstrap - were financing our currentexpenses ourselves2) First revenue streams will be re-invested3) Were targeting for seeking seed investors4) After stable revenue streams are created,well be seeking venture capital