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Natural High: Karaoke


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(Photos by Rebecka McAleer and Will Lewis.)

Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013. VSU's Natural High hosted a Karaoke event in the Odum Library Auditorium. The event was free and attendees also enjoyed free pizza.

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Natural High: Karaoke

  1. 1. Natural High presents: Karaoke Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013
  2. 2. Sunday, students filed into the Odum Library Auditorium to enjoy different karaoke acts and free pizza, some joining in from their seats and calling out requests.
  3. 3. Ezra Pinckney, freshman music performance major, Danielle Shaw, freshman exercise physiology major, and Al Grant, freshman criminal justice major, lead the group in singing a song by Trinidad James, Sunday night.
  4. 4. Among the songs performed were “Hey Ya” by Outkast, “Thinking of You” by Frank Ocean, “Round of Applause” by Wacka Flocka and “Back at One” by Brian McKnight.
  5. 5. Amber Chinn, freshman psychology major, Grant, Linda Lean, sophomore actuarial science major, Erin Deak, freshman psychology major, and Julie Westray, freshman early childhood special education major, were among the many students in attendance for Natural High’s Karaoke event.
  6. 6. Shaw and a fellow student, also danced and sang a couple of songs together Sunday night. (Also pictured: Abby Killough, grad assistant and DJ for the night, and Mark Williams, Natural High advisor and coordinator of Alcohol and Other Drug Education.)
  7. 7. Students goofing off during their karaoke performance Sunday night.
  8. 8. Students performing “Super Bass” by Nicki Minaj Sunday night.
  9. 9. Zack Serrott, freshman music education major, sings “Home” by Phillip Phillips Sunday night.
  10. 10. Serrott leads the rest of the group in a chorus of “Home” by Phillip Phillips Sunday night.