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Farm tour slideshow


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Farm tour slideshow

  1. 1. Luke Bryan Farm Tour 2013 Photos by: Sarah Turner
  2. 2. Fans began lining up to enter the gates of the concert hours before they opened.
  3. 3. Emily Wilingham, freshman criminal justice major, and Megan Jenkerson, freshman biology major, watch a game of corn hole while tailgating for the concert.
  4. 4. As the gates open, fans head into the concert area to get a good spot near the stage.
  5. 5. The stage was set up in a wide field filled with food, drink and Luke Bryan merchandise stands.
  6. 6. Samantha McBride, 27, and Jose Pagan, 21, both from Gainseville, Fla. dance before the concert begins. Jim Morgan, from 99.5 Kix Country, kept the audience entertained until the concert began by playing popular country music songs.
  7. 7. Chancie Neal, a rising country music star, sings to the audience. Neal was the opening performance Saturday.
  8. 8. Cole Swindell, second concert opener, warms up the crowd. Swindell is best known for his single “Chillin’ it.”
  9. 9. Cole Swindell finishes up his performance as the sun sets behind the stage.
  10. 10. Luke Bryan dances on stage as he sings “Rain is a Good Thing.”
  11. 11. Luke Bryan sings, “Someone Else Calling You Baby,” to his audience.
  12. 12. A security guard attempts to regain order of the crowd as beer is thrown and fingers are pointed.