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Thoughts such as, what does a patience mean, what it is all about and what its different facets are, may enable the facilitator understand it better. Some such thoughts about patience are given below.)
1. Patience is the capacity to endure hardship or inconvenience without complaint.
2. A person with patience remains calm even in provoking/distressing situation and is persistent in his efforts towards everything.
(The objective of the facilitation process is to help each participant explore the topic for himself, individually and independently. Following are some of the objectives of the session.)
1. To understand what is patience
2. To analyse whether one needs patience
3. To analyse whether one could develop patience and how.
4. To explore the impact on people, things and situations when one acts with patience.
5. To explore the impact on people, things and situations when one acts without patience.
(These are some leading questions that the facilitator may contemplate on for understanding and connecting with the topic.)
1. What is patience?
2. Can we develop patience? If yes, how?
3. What happens when one is impatient?
4. What is the role of patience in one's success and growth?
5. Is there a value of patience in today's world?
6. Is it possible to practice patience in one’s day to day life?
7. What could be the impact on the situation when one responds with patience?

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  1. 1. A LivingValues Movement PPT 17
  2. 2. A young man went to the local expert on gems and said that he wanted to become a gemologist. The expert brushed him off. But the young man pleaded for a chance.
  3. 3. Finally the expert consented and told the youth, "Be here tomorrow." The next morning, the expert put a jade stone in the boy's hand and told him to hold it.
  4. 4. The expert then went about his work – cutting, weighing, and setting gems. The boy sat quietly and waited.
  5. 5. The following morning the expert again placed the jade stone in the youth's hand and told him to hold it. On the third, fourth, and fifth day the expert repeated the same exercise and the same instructions. On the sixth day the youth was again told to hold the jade stone. He could no longer stand it... He had after all come to learn something.. Not just hold a jade everyday!!
  6. 6. "Master," he asked, "when am I going to learn something?" he complained. "You'll learn," the expert replied and went about his business. Several more days went by and the youth's frustration mounted…
  7. 7. One morning as the expert approached and asked him to hold out his hand, The boy was about to blurt out that he could no longer go on like this and that he wanted to learn something!!! But as the master placed the stone in the youth's hand…
  8. 8. Interaction
  9. 9. The young man exclaimed without looking at his hand, "This is not the same jade stone!"
  10. 10. Together For A Joyful World