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An advertising project, where I served as Copy Editor.

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Copy Editing Sample.

  1. 1. creative STATE FARM CAMPAIGN
  2. 2. Table of Contents AGENCY Eggiweg Creative 4 Executive Summary 5 CAMPAIGN Situational Analysis 6 Marketing 8 Advertising 9 Creative 10 Media 20 Budget / Campaign Schedule 24 Sales Promotion 26 Public Relations / Publicity 27 Post-Campaign Evaluation 28 Credits 29 References 30 State Farm Campaign 3
  3. 3. Eggiweg Creative Executive Summary “W ed.” he Hatch re Ideas Are C aptivating hearts. Enlightening minds. Stimulating responses. All Eggiweg Creative is mindful of how communication methods have of these elements are part of the changed throughout the years. The substantive and unique integrated media is constantly evolving, and marketing communications campaign Eggiweg Creative has developed a ALISON REID VANESSA ABIVA produced by Eggiweg Creative. cutting edge, integrated marketing Account Supervisor Creative Director communications campaign to mirror Account Executive Copy Editor In fact, our agency made sure to this change. The integrated media delve into the minds and hearts of plan that we created is in harmony 18-25 year olds by conducting our with the cutting edge, tech-savvy own research through agency drawn target audience who crave instant surveys and detailed investigation. gratification. Young Adults want Through this research, we uncovered information NOW, entertainment the uniqueness of this age group and NOW, and services NOW. how to effectively communicate with them to ultimately create a response. Turn the page to discover a new communication experience that will The Situation Analysis on the give State Farm Insurance everything AMY DONECHO MARTI MALLOY JULIE HOCK Research Director Media Director Sales Promotion Director following page features a snapshot of that they need and more. Business Manager State Farm Insurance, as well as the opportunities and challenges that the company faces among its competitors. Sincerely, creative JOREEN BONES JENNY NGO VANESSA DIAZ Photography Director Art Director Production Manager Public Relations Director Copywriter 4 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 5
  4. 4. Situational Analysis OVERVIEW State Farm has been the leading auto insurer in the United States since 1942, insuring 1 out of every 4 cars and maintaining over 40 million drivers. State Farm is also number one in Renters Insurance and is looking to increase their market share of Young Adults, ages 18-25. In the company’s business model, the agent plays a crucial role in customer relations. State Farm’s vision for the future is to be the customer’s first and best choice in the products and services it provides. “We will continue to be the leader in the insurance industry, and we will become a leader in the financial services arena. Our customers’ needs will determine our path. Our values will guide us.” COMPETITION CURRENT ADVERTISING TARGET MARKET OVERVIEW OF SALES PRODUCT EVALUATION State Farm ranks first in the auto State Farm’s “Now What?” campaign The 18-25 year-old demographic PROMOTION State Farm offers Auto Insurance, as insurance market with a 17.6% was interactive, humorous, and currently encompasses approximately State Farm’s media plan is designed well as Renters Insurance. State Farm share. Allstate (11.3%), Progressive focused on real-life situations. 33 million people. State Farm defines to bring the communication strategy is number one in Renters Insurance (7.5%), Geico (6.9%), Farmers (5%), In addition to relevant insurance the Young Adult opportunity as to life, considering both mass media and remains very successful. A Nationwide (4.7%), and USAA (3.6%) information, the site Independent Young Adults. Only and non-traditional tactics. In the poll done in 2006 by the Insurance follow. also tapped into a key passion of about 17 million Young Adults are past, State Farm has offered their Research Council found that “96% Young Adults; music was integrated actually independent. Over 60% are customers unique promotions, such of homeowners had Homeowners in order to create a relevant, engaging college students; 56% also work as free music downloads, videos, and Insurance, while only 43% of renters connection and unique experience. full-time. Of those who pay for their exclusive behind-the-scene footage had Renters Insurance.” This campaign appeared in local music own insurance, 32% have switched from concerts. festivals and concerts. The site was insurance providers. According to a source to download free music and Business Week, “State Farm’s Young view videos, backstage interviews Adults are very multicultural with one with their favorite bands, and in three considering themselves not exclusive concert footage. Television Caucasian.” commercials ran on networks like MTV, VH1, and Adult Swim. 6 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 7
  5. 5. Marketing Advertising OBJECTIVES STRATEGIES OBJECTIVE 1. Gain the Young Adult market, 1. Create an integrated marketing Advertising aims to gain new policy ages 18-25, through a national communications campaign holders, while retaining old policy campaign that is consistent with between May 2010 and May holders, to stimulate inquiry through the brand personality. 2011 that will effectively reach, relevant message content. 2. Utilize the $40 million budget persuade, and inform the Young effectively. Adults of State Farm’s Auto and STRATEGY 3. Design the campaign with the Renters policies. The advertising campaign Young Adult audience in mind 2. Move beyond the “Now What?” communicates State Farm’s key and change the perception of the campaign by using strong, benefits by: company, so they will consider the branded communications. 1. Advertising nationally brand. 3. Stay loyal and consistent with 2. Conveying brand personality 4. Penetrate the market of 33 million State Farm’s brand tone and to the target market through Young Adults, specifically the “Good Neighbor” personality. strategically placed media outlets 17 million who are independent, 4. Design a national campaign with through a campaign that the Young Adult audience in mind. The campaign will ultimately inform persuades the purchase of both and convince the target market that Auto and Renters Insurance. they need Auto and Renters Insurance, 5. Retain the Young Adults whose and State Farm is the best choice. households have State Farm policies. 6. Create loyal and lifelong customers through the alteration of brand perceptions 7. Move beyond the previous “Now What?” campaign through various marketing tools. 8 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 9
  6. 6. Creative Platform THE BIG IDEA TONE & MANNER All advertisements will provide a The creative will focus on the Young web address to a microsite, which State Farm Insurance for Adult demographic, while retaining connects to State Farm’s social Generation NOW. the brand personality of: “Like a Good networking pages. By concentrating Neighbor, State Farm is there.” The on the brand’s image and its relevancy The creative will be humourous, yet creative will illustrate State Farm’s to the target market, Young Adults trustworthy and knowledgeable. long-time slogan by featuring a can begin to build brand preference Advertisements will evoke a personal agent who acts as a “Good and position State Farm as a “cool” sense of community, belonging, Neighbor,” stepping in to protect insurance company that understands and security in a series of quirky, against stolen and damaged property. the needs of their generation. yet relatable, problem-solution For brand resonance in the mind of the scenarios. All advertisements will consumers, the agent will wear the refer to the technologically-connected red and white colors of State Farm. “Generation NOW,” in reference to Price will not be mentioned as a way the song of the same title by the to differentiate from competitors’ Black Eyed Peas. Television and radio campaigns and shift the focus away commercials will play the song, while from State Farm’s higher prices. print advertisements showcase the Instead, the advertising campaign will “Generation NOW.” The campaign reach beyond the direct consumer will be led by Alan the Agent - both a benefit of having insurance and focus member of “Generation NOW” and a on the perks that an on-call, personal CREATIVE STRATEGY OBJECTIVES TARGET AUDIENCE State Farm representative - who saves agent brings to customers even in ALTERNATIVES 1. Stimulate inquiry of the brand’s Independent Young Adults, ages 18-25 the day and leads the generation in the Digital Age, an age where almost 1. Repositioning - alter brand products and services among the making great choices. anything - but in-person help - can be perceptions in the minds of the target market. KEY CONSUMER BENEFITS found online. target market by showing that 2. Break the ice on the topic of Auto 1. Primary attributes - Auto and State Farm understands their and Renters Insurance through a Renters Insurance with personal generation and that having a song that speaks directly to their agents, who help when you’re in personal insurance agent has its generation. need. benefits. 3. Project personality of the “Good 2. Secondary attributes - Sense of 2. Resonance - demonstrate Neighbor” image through the security and belonging relevancy and meaning through featured State Farm agent. generational music, while 4. Sustain preference as the top- SUPPORT projecting the idea that agents of-mind choice for Auto and Auto Insurance and Renters Insurance and everyday neighbors are Renters Insurance among Legacy can heighten an individual’s sense of standing by to help policy holders Young Adults, while creating security, and State Farm can provide fix their unexpected problems. similar preference in the minds of these policies. State Farm is a well- prospective Independent Young established and trusted company. Adults. As research shows, branding the company as being “cool” can be enough of a reason for the target demographic to believe in its benefits. 10 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 11
  7. 7. Creative Platform continued Print EXCLUSIVE VALUES CARRIERS OF MEANING VALS (VALUES & LIFESTYLES) “STEAL” Created difference from competitors These will be maximized through (1) There are an estimated 33 million through brand personality bold, high contrast colors, (2) edgy Young Adults, ages 18-25; 17 photos, logos, trademarks, and other million of them are considered BASIC HUMAN APPEALS symbols, (3) strong, straight-to-the- “independent.” Young Adults value 1. Convenience of having insurance point words, and (4) quick and sudden their independence, freedom of and a personal agent motions. choice, and free thinking, though they 2. Social want and need to belong to are heavily influenced by their friends a generation SUFFERING POINT and peers. They say that they don’t 3. Family through a sense of Uninsured stolen or damaged property. like to be labeled and categorized, community In general, it’s risky and inconvenient yet they all crave a certain sense of “BATHTUB” 4. Mental stimulation of images to lack insurance, but it can also belonging in the world. 5. Recreation without boundaries be illegal in some states, such as 6. Health and well-being protected California where drivers are required Young Adults can be especially price to have Auto Insurance. sensitive and budget conscious. If they don’t see an immediate benefit “PARTY” to a product or service, they won’t buy it. They don’t invest in the HEY MISS SOCIALITE, DRIVE AWAY. We know that your car, phone, unexpected, which makes it difficult & other prized possessions are important. to sell insurance policies to their demographic. Young Adults are STATE FARM INSURANCE for Generation NOW always on-the-go and tuned into technology’s latest trends. They social network, text message, listen to music players, upload pictures and videos online, and watch television shows online. They try to tune out advertising and media messages that are not HEY MR. BUSY BEE, entertaining or engaging. Growing RELAX. We cover Renters! Ask an agent up in the Digital Age has made them about our affordable policies. quite impatient; they want quick and easy, instant gratification. STATE FARM INSURANCE for Generation NOW HEY MR. PARTY ANIMAL, PARTY ON. You’re covered by the #1 insurer in the nation. STATE FARM INSURANCE for Generation NOW 12 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 13
  8. 8. Television SPOT #2: “STEAL” SYNOPSIS “EX-BOYFRIEND” “STEAL” “BATHTUB” A girl breaks up with her boyfriend A girl is talking on the phone and A guy showers upstairs and floods the because she is having an affair. He leaves her car unlocked to put money bathtub, leaving a leak dripping down takes things into his own hands. in the meter. to the apartment ceiling below. FRAME 1: Ex-boyfriend is about to FRAME 1: Girl chats on the phone. FRAME 1: Guy upstairs showers and JANE: (CHATTING AWAY ON THE MUSIC: “GENERATION NOW” BY throw a cinder block through his ex- FRAME 2: Thief spots the girl’s overflows his bathtub. PHONE) BLACK EYED PEAS BEGINS girlfriend’s car. unlocked car. FRAME 2: The ceiling starts to show FRAME 2: Ex-boyfriend is stopped by FRAME 3: Thief steals her laptop from water spots. the State Farm agent and a second her car. FRAME 3: Water drips through the STATE FARM INSURANCE bystander. FRAME 4: State Farm agent stops the ceiling down to the floor below. for FRAME 3: Ex-boyfriend is restrained. thief from stealing her laptop. FRAME 4: State Farm agent prevents Generation NOW FRAME 4: State Farm agent rests on FRAME 5: State Farm agent returns property damage by holding a bucket the cinder block. the laptop to the girl. below the waterfall. FRAME 5: Close-up of State Farm FRAME 6: Closing shot. FRAME 5: State Farm agent holds a agent. bucket. MUSIC: (FADES TO BACKGROUND) ALAN: I’m Alan the Agent, and this is MUSIC: (CRESCENDO TO BEGINNING FRAME 6: Closing shot. FRAME 6: Closing shot. JANE: (SHOUTS) My laptop! State Farm Insurance for Generation VOLUME AND FADE TO END) NOW. SPOT #1: “EX-BOYFRIEND” SPOT #3: “BATHTUB” JANE: (SHOUTS) Derek! Stop! MUSIC: “GENERATION NOW” BY MAN: (SINGING WHILE BATHING) MUSIC: “GENERATION NOW” BY MUSIC: (FADES TO BACKGROUND) DEREK: YOU CHEATER! BLACK EYED PEAS BEGINS BLACK EYED PEAS BEGINS GIRL: (SHRIEK) A leak! STATE FARM INSURANCE STATE FARM INSURANCE for for Generation NOW Generation NOW MUSIC: (FADES TO BACKGROUND) ALAN: I’m Alan the Agent, and this is MUSIC: (CRESCENDO TO BEGINNING ALAN: I’m Alan the Agent, and this is MUSIC: (CRESCENDO TO BEGINNING State Farm Insurance for Generation VOLUME AND FADE TO END) State Farm Insurance for Generation VOLUME AND FADE TO END) NOW. NOW. 14 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 15
  9. 9. Radio Online “TECH SAVVY” SFX SOUND OF A BUSY STREET IN BACKGROUND GIRL 1 Hey, I haven’t seen you in such a long time! How are you? STATE FARM GIRL 2 I’m doing fine... Is that a new phone? It looks a lot better than your old one. GIRL 1 It is! I got it from State Farm after my car was broken into. GIRL 2 Oh no! (GASPS) GIRL 1 I know! I parked my car to pay the meter. I only walked away for a few minutes, but by the time I was done, someone had broken into it! My laptop, phone, mp3 player - everything I had in there - was stolen! GIRL 2 So, what did you do? GIRL 1 I called State Farm, and shortly after, I had my claims settled and a check - reimbursing me for everything that was taken - was well on the way. My State Farm Auto and Renters Insurance quickly and easily covered everything, and the agent was hot too! MUSIC “GENERATION NOW” BY BLACK EYED PEAS (STARTS TO PLAY SOFTLY, THEN FADES AFTER NARRATION ENDS) NARRATOR We understand you want it now, so we’re here for you. State Farm Insurance for Generation NOW. INTERACTIVE COMMERCIAL “PARTY” Alan the Agent steps in from the left side of the browser window. SFX BACKGROUND NOISE OF A PARTY He cues the screen to play one of the television commercials GUY 1 Hey, dude! Your car is looking good; I thought it got messed up a few days ago? without sound. While it is playing, Alan the Agent says a few GUY 2 Yeah, some random chick bashed in the window. She thought I was her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her! words. (LAUGHTER) But I called State Farm, and they hooked me up with a new windshield! GUY 1 You got something like that fixed that fast? I don’t believe it. ALAN: Alan the Agent here! Remember when that happened? We were there for you. State Farm Insurance for Generation NOW! GUY 2 It’s true! All I did was call them over the phone, and the next day, they found a shop for me and fixed it. GUY 1 No way, get out of here! After Alan the Agent finishes speaking, it will end with the screen MUSIC “GENERATION NOW” BY BLACK EYED PEAS (STARTS TO PLAY SOFTLY, THEN FADES AFTER NARRATION saying “Select the television commercial you want to watch.” ENDS) NARRATOR We understand you want it now, so we’re here for you. State Farm Insurance for Generation NOW. 16 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 17
  10. 10. Billboard Promotional Package STICKY NOTES WITH BASE “TECH SAVVY” New STATE FARM INSURANCE IT for -Y OURSELF K -IT DO Generation NOW With Use Base Front Back DO-IT-YOURSELF (D.I.Y.) KIT D.I.Y. A kit complete with instructions, Build your own car & apartment complex, following the models “PARTY” below: assembly-required cardboard models, KIT (1) Cut dotted lines, OURSELF T-Y Fold solid lines, and an informational brochure about & Paste tabs -I (2) Color & decorate DO State Farm will be provided at STATE FARM INSURANCE promotional events and through State Farm’s web site via online request. for Generation NOW Cover Inside Material Contents 18 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 19
  11. 11. Media ONLINE • YouTube reaches more than 18 MAGAZINE Use unique, interactive million people in the U.S. every Print advertisements will appear advertisements to infiltrate video month; 36% of those people are in People Magazine, US Weekly, OBJECTIVES STRATEGIES and radio streaming sites and social 18-24. Glamour, and Rolling Stone. 1. Choose and utilize the most 1. Devote funds to online, magazine, networking sites, such as Facebook, • LinkedIn is globally used by more effective advertising media television, radio, and outdoor Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, than 19.6 million people; 27% of STATISTICS OF CHOSEN to reach the target market of advertising Pandora, Hi5, Yelp, and Hulu. Utilize users are ages 18-34. MAGAZINES Independent Young Adults, ages 2. Through these selected outlets, Google, Yahoo, and MSN search • MySpace still maintains about • People Magazine has about 43.5 18-25, and gain a large portion of place strong and cohesive engine sites through the use of Ad 64 million users; 40% are ages million readers per issue; the 18- this 33 million person market. messages that motivate and Words. 18-25. 24 year-old segment ranks highest 2. Attain the maximum advertising persuade the target to respond to 1. Of Google’s 155 million users, • Twitter has 18 million users; 20% in readership with 7.4 million reach and frequency possible advertising. 36% are 18-34 year olds. are ages 18-24. readers (26%). across the chosen media, running 2. Of Yahoo’s 122 million users, • Flickr maintains about 22 million • US Weekly has over 13.3 million nationally, between May 2010 and TACTICS 37% are 18-34 year olds. users every month; 29% are ages readers per issue; 3.6 million May 2011. 1. Reach 18-25 year olds at local 3. Of MSN’s 117 million users, 18-25. readers are 18-24 year olds (27%). spots they most often frequent, 36% are 18-34 year olds. • Hi5 has about 4.5 million users; • Glamour magazine has a specifically social media web sites 44% are ages 18-24. circulation of about 12.2 million and where they live. STATISTICS OF CHOSEN • Hulu is used by about 31.6 million readers per month, including both 2. Use media outlets that target men WEB SITES people in America every month; men and women; 3.1 million and women both separately and • There are more than 26 million 37% of users are ages 18-34. readers are ages 18-24 (25.4%). together to attain maximum reach. 18-24 year-old college students • Pandora has 15.2 million users in • Rolling Stone has about 11.9 3. Use spot markets as support currently using Facebook, which the United States; 32% are ages million readers per issue; 3.6 around colleges. accounts for about 25.3% of the 18-34. million readers are ages 18-24 entire network. (30%). RADIO Radio spots will play during morning PERCENTILE OF ONLINE MEDIA USE BY 18-25 DEMOGRAPHIC and evening commute times to reach 50 the target market. 44% 42% 40% 40 36% 37% 32% 30 29% 25.3% 27% 20% 20 MySpace Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Pandora Twitter 10 Flickr Hulu Yelp Hi5 0 20 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 21
  12. 12. Media continued BUDGET RATIONALE The Media Strategies and Objectives Internet advertisements, based on State Farm’s $40 million budget will provide solid background information keyword searches and targeted site be distributed as follows: regarding which media the target advertisements, are vital. Young TELEVISION OUTDOOR • Media = 75% ($30 million) audience uses the most. The Adults are savvy on the Internet; Advertisements will be placed during Billboards will be strategically placed • Sales Promotion = 3% data was utilized when selecting they dislike and ignore intrusive the Top 10 Most Popular Shows in the Top 10 Cities frequented by the ($1.2 million) advertising space for television, radio, advertisements, including boring or among 18-24 year olds. According to target market. These cities are: • Public Relations / Publicity = 3% internet, billboards, and magazines. overly-flashy pop-up, skyscraper, and Nielsen, these shows are: 1. New York, NY ($1.2 million) All numbers, except the costs for banner advertisements. By choosing 1. “Grey’s Anatomy” 2. Los Angeles, CA • Production Costs = 2% ($800,000) magazines, were found using Media interactive online advertising, 2. “American Idol” (Tuesday) 3. Chicago, IL • Contingency = 2% ($800,000) Flight Plan. which allows viewers to select their 3. “American Idol” (Wednesday) 4. Philadelphia, PA • Agency Commission = 15% commercial experience and address 4. “House” 5. San Francisco, CA ($6 million) Television spots are selected based the characters coming to life on their 5. “Lost” 6. Boston, MA on cable and network shows that the computer screens, Young Adults will 6. “Family Guy” 7. Washington, DC According to the research, the target demographic watches during be less defensive and more open to 7. “Desperate Housewives” 8. Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX amounts provided will cover all of the prime time and late night slots. State Farm’s advertising message. 8. “Heroes” 9. Detroit, MI costs. Part of the contingency will be Magazines are chosen based on 9. “The Office” 10. Atlanta, GA used to purchase additional media - the current readership percentages Lastly, nationwide billboards - with 10. “The Simpsons” as deemed necessary throughout the detailed in their media kits. Radio supplementary spot advertising - run Specifically, billboards will be campaign’s duration - while the rest spots aim for morning and evening during the beginning and ending During off-season months of these placed near college and university of the money will be put into reserve. commute times when 18-25 year olds months of the school year to capture shows, more commercials will be campuses, busy downtown scenes, The reserve will be kept in case drive to and from school and work. the target audience’s attention. placed on basic cable stations, such neighborhoods, and areas with additional marketing opportunities Adding extra advertising to the areas as E!, MTV, Comedy Central, and high numbers of renters. Outdoor arise during the year. with high populations of Young Adults Spike TV. advertising will also be placed will aid in reinforcing the campaign’s near public transportation stations, message. The selected programs will feature where there may be less drivers, but 15-second commercials to attract the still a large segment of the target target market and generate interest population. For example, many New in State Farm’s Auto and Renters York residents travel by subways or Insurance policies. taxi cabs and live in apartments or lofts; they do not need Auto Insurance, but could easily benefit from Renters Insurance. 22 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 23
  13. 13. Budget / Campaign Schedule BUDGET OVERVIEW 3% 3% 2% Production Public Relations / Publicity 15% Media Sales Promotion 2% Contingency 75% Agency Commission MEDIA BUDGET BREAKDOWN MEDIA VEHICLES MAY 2010 JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY 2011 MAGAZINES (ONE 4-COLOR FULL PAGE AD PER MONTH) GLAMOUR $200,491 $200,491 $200,491 US WEEKLY $190,300 $190,300 $190,300 $190,300 ROLLING STONE $174,065 $174,065 $174,065 $174,065 PEOPLE $274,800 $274,800 TELEVISION (15-SECOND SPOTS) NET TV - PRIME TIME $750,975 $901,170 $901,170 $750,975 $750,975 $901,170 $901,170 $901,170 $901,170 $901,170 $901,170 $750,975 $750,975 (25 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (25 SPOTS) (25 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (30 SPOTS) (25 SPOTS) (25 SPOTS) NET TV - LATE NIGHT / LATE NEWS $218,320 $436,640 $436,640 $218,320 $218,320 $436,640 $436,640 $436,640 $436,640 $436,640 $436,640 $218,320 $218,320 (20 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (20 SPOTS) (20 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (40 SPOTS) (20 SPOTS) (20 SPOTS) NET CABLE - PRIME TIME (35 SPOTS PER MONTH) $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 $481,285 RADIO (30-SECOND SPOTS) NET RADIO - MORNING DRIVE (15 SPOTS PER MONTH) $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 $57,990 NET RADIO - EVENING DRIVE (15 SPOTS PER MONTH) $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 $36,990 INTERNET INTERNET - KEYWORD IMPRESSIONS PER MONTH (5MM / MONTH) $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 $25,000 INTERNET - TARGETED SITES IMPRESSIONS PER MONTH (10MM / MONTH) $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 $175,000 OTHER BILLBOARD (25 SHOW) $594,959 $594,959 $594,959 $594,959 MONTHLY TOTAL $2,541,010 $2,304,375 $2,304,375 $2,530,819 $2,530,819 $2,288,140 $2,288,140 $2,288,140 $2,288,140 $2,388,875 $2,388,875 $2,541,010 $1,946,051 YEARLY TOTAL $30,628,769 24 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 25
  14. 14. Sales Promotion Public Relations / Publicity OBJECTIVES TACTICS • Hold giveaways at colleges OBJECTIVES TACTICS 1. Support the national advertising 1. Offer incentives for new policy and universities to increase 1. Change Young Adults’ perception 1. Sponsorships campaign and State Farm’s future owners: brand awareness of State of State Farm. • Sponsor local bands at marketing. • Discounts for buying Farm. Giveaway items 2. Engage the target audience and competitions, getting the 2. Stimulate an increase in combined Auto and Renters may include a promotional stimulate inquiry. State Farm name out to the preference and / or early choice Insurance policies. Emphasize package, campus bookstore 3. Increase awareness of Renters Young Adult community. for State Farm Insurance. that buying both policies items, and gift cards or Insurance. • Sponsor university and 3. Encourage consumers to learn together is cheaper than certificates to local eateries. college events, associating more about State Farm policies purchasing them separately. In order to receive a prize, STRATEGIES the State Farm name with key and buy the product(s). 2. Offer sweepstakes and students must answer trivia 1. Sponsor sporting, university, and events. giveaways: about State Farm Insurance. college events. 2. Social Networking STRATEGIES • A $500,000 sweepstakes will 3. Run a contest: 2. Provide information about Auto • Use social networking and 1. Offer incentives to sign-up for give away a new car, priced • Current policy owners can and Renters Insurance and their blog sites to release weekly new policies. $50,000, to a lucky grand prize make a video about how they benefits to customers. updates and contests. 2. Promote sweepstakes and winner. Contestants can enter are part of Generation Now. 3. Create guides on how to • Post State Farm links and giveaways to encourage online as many times as they Videos will be uploaded to maximize mileage, enhance auto information on these sites. loyalty among new and current like during the sweepstakes, a web site and voted upon security, purchase a car, choose 3. Promotional Package with customers. but must be between the by the public. Winners will an apartment, and become a Information Guides 3. Run a contest for current State ages of 18-25 to win. Age receive free insurance for a defensive driver. • Distribute at informational Farm customers. will be required on the year, based on their current booths during university entry form, and the winner’s plan(s). An outside source and college events, such as information will be verified will be used to ensure that all Welcome Week, and sporting before rewarding the prize. state laws are followed. events. Thousands of other prepaid • Make D.I.Y. kits and gas cards will also be given information guides available away to daily winners. An by postal mail via online outside source will be used to request. ensure that the sweepstakes adheres to all state laws. 26 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 27
  15. 15. Post-Campaign Evaluation Credits PHOTO CREDITS: DID THE CAMPAIGN FOR STATE DID THE TIME SLOTS FOR RADIO DID THE SELECTED SOCIAL FARM CREATE INQUIRY? AND TELEVISION EFFECTIVELY MEDIA RESONATE WITH THE Arcade Game Superstore. Family Guy. <http://www. Laptops Arena. Huddled Group. < content/uploads/2009/12/best-laptops-for-college-students-3.jpg> REACH THE TARGET MARKET? TARGET MARKET? LG.jpg> LG Electronics. Television. < AutoClub. Toyota Prius. < product/0106/37LG60UR-Scarlet/LG60_D.jpg> images/toyota-yaris-2008-715677.jpg> Eggiweg Creative’s main goals of According to the research about the Eggiweg Creative specifically Little Trees. Car Freshener. < Best Week Ever. Rolling Stone Cover. < ducts/1210276707cinnamonapple130.png> the State Farm campaign are to target market, technology is a great chose social media outlets with the bwe/images/2009/06/Adam-Lambert-Rolling-Stone-1.jpg> Manage My Practice. Gas Pump. < inform, educate, and resonate with way of reaching the audience with largest appeal to the target market. BusinessWeek. Facebook Logo. < wp-content/uploads/2008/09/gaspump.jpg> the target market of 18-25 year olds. a message. Both of these media These will be effective locations for Special thanks to the actors in the the_thread/brandnewday/archives/blog%20facebook%20logo.jpg> North Carolina Division of Community Correction. Community. <http:// By creating a cohesive and fully outlets reach the target market in advertising because a significant advertisements: Cable Communicators. Moving and Unpacking. <http://www.> integrated campaign about insurance, different ways and at different times. percentage of the target market graphics_logos/Moving_and_Unpacking.jpg> Ocean Drive Roofing. Apartment Building. <http://www. the campaign causes inquiry because These outlets direct the audience to frequents these sites. We will be able Alan Nguyen California Interscholastic Federation: Central Coast Section. Farmers residential_example.jpg> Insurance Group Logo. < every venue that is commonly used the “Generation NOW” microsite, to track clicks and hits to these sites Images/FarmersInsuranceGroup.jpg> Outdia. Handshake. <> by the target market is saturated. which will track hits to the site daily. daily to verify that the selected media Alan Potter Campus Kickoff. State Farm Tent. <http://campuskickoff.files. PitchEngine. Klean Kanteen. <> reuseitcom/images/21750/K27PPLsRGBfullres.jpg> The campaign will be repeatedly By doing this, a direct correlation is reaching its target and maximizing seen, heard and read, discussed, and between the advertising media and the impact of the campaign. Amanda Geannacopulos Car Dealership Secrets. Buying Used Car. <http://www. Product Review Land. Car Lot. <> images/car_lot.550.jpg> promoted throughout the following the inquiry response can be tracked Central Carolina Community College. College Students. <http://www. Progressive Auto X Prize. Progressive Logo. <http://www. year. The campaign’s success can be and processed accordingly. Eggiweg Johnny Vlkovic> horizontal.jpg> tracked through the rise of inquiries Creative will know exactly the kind of City Paper. American Idol Logo. < from State Farm’s Facebook page reach we are obtaining through the Kristopher Lepiten criticalmass/2010/02/10/files/2010/02/american-idol-logo.jpg> Road Fly. Honda Civic. < uploads/gallery/2007-honda-civic-si-sedan/2007-honda-civic-si-sedan. Clemson University. Lovell Sisters. < jpg> and the amount of quotes requested individual outlets we use. We will media-relations/archive/newsroom/multimedia/images/2008_images/ through State Farm’s web site. create focus groups, so we can track august/Lovell_Sisters.jpg> Sacramento Asian Pacific Chamber of Commerce. Allstate Logo. < the effects of the campaign and see Compare Now. Piggy Bank. < content/uploads/2009/09/piggy-bank.jpg> jpg> how the target market’s perception Thank You to the following professors Salman Khan Photo Gallery. People Magazine Cover. <http://salman. Devagares. The Simpsons. <> has changed. for their assistance: Simpsons.gif> Scout Popcorn Campaign. Twitter Logo. <http://scoutpopcorncampaign. Eco Promos Online. Red Tote. <> Professor George Coakley images/44714%20Red.jpg> Seek Logo. State Farm Logo. < Engadget. Urban Teens. < insurance-logo-131901.html> com/media/2009/04/w205_13.jpg> Professor Timothy Hendrick Snark Jacobs. Black Eyed Peas. <http://snarkjacobs.files.wordpress. FanPop. Toyota Camry. < com/2009/04/51436_black-eyed-peas.jpg> uploads/Toyota-Camry-SE-2007-toyota-327907_1600_1200.jpg> Thank You, Socialite Life. US Weekly Cover. < GLTS Photo Blog. iPod and Phone. < bfm_gallery/2009/12/tiger_woods_jaimee_grubbs_plus_tiger_ YHkI/Swv2lVjVaLI/AAAAAAAAABI/am3ninRVdio/s1600/ woods_us_weekly_cover/gallery_enlarged/gallery_enlarged-us- ipod+and+phone.jpg> weekly-tiger-woods-cover-12022009-.jpg> Google Images. Young Woman. < Stealth Warriors. Wet Keyboard. <http://www.stealthwarriors. cf7AWDhXUKs/R9l1Fh6rtcI/AAAAAAAAARg/kIdd1nJsjio/73782958- com/_content/0302/slk_wet_large.jpg> rfff.jpg> creative Gordon and the Whale. Hulu Logo. < Teen Goss. Glamour Cover. <http://teengoss.files.wordpress. com/2009/04/011.jpg> wp-content/uploads/2009/12/hulu.jpg> Will You Be My Hero. Geico Logo. <http://willyoubemyhero.files. HD Wallpapers. Desperate Housewives. <> walls/desperate_housewives_tv_series-normal.jpg> Zieglers. LOST. < Indiana Department of Transportation. Fender Bender Sign. <http:// cast_02.jpg>> 28 Eggiweg Creative State Farm Campaign 29
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