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CellSIM OS Overview 1.0


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Overview of CellSIM OS smart card operating system

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CellSIM OS Overview 1.0

  1. 1. CellnetrixResearch. Innovation. Experience.
  2. 2. Cellnetrix © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 2 • 28/06/2010 Cellnetrix Java Card 2.2 and Global Platform 2.1.1 based UICC solution for various telecom and internet applications Secure embedded solutions Making Mobility More Secure… cellSIM
  3. 3. Cellnetrix What is UICC The SIM have evolved to the Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC) - which offers a multi-application security platform providing the user with a wealth of opportunities and able to host many different applications The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and then 3rd Generation Partnership Program have produced the most successful Smart Card to date - the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM), of which there are currently more than 13 Billion cards in circulation. 1998 Invention of GSM SIM First commercial GSM SIM card 1990 First SIM supporting OTA 1988 1992 First USIM card for UMTS First mobile payment solution 2000 Launch of combined 2G/3G cards on UICC platform 2002 Introduction of contactless SIMs 2004 Today SIM is a truly network attached device and a secure platform for many value-added applications in addition to network authentication: transportation, ticketing, payment, CAS application for mobileTV, mobile identity, on-device operator portals, More than 20 years of evolution © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 3 • 28/06/2010
  4. 4. Cellnetrix Introduction of CellSIM Smart Card OS Products palette: 64k 128k 256k 512k 1024k Main Features: • Java™ UICC (JC 2.2.1) with SIM/USIM Applications • ETSI/3GPP Rel.-6, Rel. 5 is supported for the backward compartibility • Chip Suppliers: Samsung, ST Micro (planned) • Voltages: 1.8 - 5V • Dynamic Memory Management • Phys. Defragmentation • BIP • Microbrowsers (WIB 1.3, SIMallaince S@T 2007) • Additional applications CellSIM is a component-oriented high-performance smart card operating system targeted for various telecom and internet applications fully compatible with the most international and industry standards such as ISO, Sun, Global platform, 3GPP and ETSI © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 4 • 28/06/2010
  5. 5. Cellnetrix Architecture of Cellnetrix UICC solution Java Card telecom API Java 2.2.1 core API Hardware platform HAL&Microkernel Java Card™ Virtual Machine & JCRE Global platform 2.1.1 and telecom native libraries, file system low- level API SIM/USIM/RUIM GP Card Manager (U)SIM and OTA Toolkit Framework RAM&RFM applications SIM Toolkit- applications S@T Browser WIB 1.3 micro- browser OS Kernel and JVM Java-level code Java/Native applications © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 5 • 28/06/2010
  6. 6. Cellnetrix CellSIM OS Applications Wireless ID and transportation applications CellSIM OS is targeted as a firmware of secure smart card ICs for telecom and internet applications where security and interoperability is a key issue. © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 6 • 28/06/2010
  7. 7. Cellnetrix Functional overview of CellSIM cellSIM © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 7 • 28/06/2010
  8. 8. Cellnetrix Main components of the JC UICC platform Microkernel including HAL responsible for IO,memory management available on ARM7 platform and portable onto any 16 bit or 32 bit platform Java card virtual machine and runtime environment JCRE и JCVM 2.2.1 Network access applications - SIM, USIM, R-UIM on multi-application UICC platform (ETSI release 6) Additional toolkit applications such as WIB 1.3 UICC/USIM Toolkit Framework (ETSI Release 6) Global Platform 2.1.1 implementation including advanced features © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 8 • 28/06/2010
  9. 9. Cellnetrix Authentication for various networks GSM 2.5G 3G/LTE WIMAX CDMA 1.x, CDMA2000 Internet 2G AKA: COMP 128v1-3, Milenage 2G 3G AKA with USIM: Milenage CAVE/CHAP Authentication EAP Authentication (SIM AKA) OATH Authentication © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 9 • 28/06/2010
  10. 10. Cellnetrix CellSIM UICC Architecture ICC Hardware Micro Kernel I/O Module Tools Module ModuleManager Module Crypto Module MemoryManagement Module JavaCard Runtime Environment SIM/USIM Filesystem Java Native Methods (native Layer) Java Packages java.lang / javacard.framework javacardx.crypto uicc.access uicc.toolkit Vanilla JavaCard Applet Global Platform CardManager Main JavaCard Dispatcher Bytecode Interpreter Applet FireWall C-API FileSystem, SecretCodes (PINs), UICC Command Dispatcher UICC Toolkit Framework 23.048 Security Layer JavaCardHighLevelSystemJavaCardCoreLowLevelOS 1ndlevelUICCApplications(U)SIMCoreSystemLowLevelOS UserCode State Manager Installer USIM Application 2nd layer JavaCard (U)SIM Toolkit Applet Card Manager Command Processor SIM Application sim.access sim.toolkit © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 10 • 28/06/2010
  11. 11. Cellnetrix (U)SIM Toolkit Release 6 Framework Toolkit Applet Toolkit Applet Toolkit Applet (U) SIM application dispatcher Receives APDUs from top level dispatcher Routes 11.14/102.223 commands to toolkit framework Routes 11.11/102.221 commands to file system framework MEProfile Processes TERMINAL PROFILE EnvelopeHandler Processes ENVELOPE ProactiveResponse Handler Processes TERMINAL RESPONSE ProactiveHandler Processes 91xx, FETCH EnvelopeResponse Handler Processes 9Fxx, 9Exx File system framework - Handles all 11.11/102.221 related commands SIMView Processes SELECT, STATUS, READ, UPDATE, SEEK, INV, REH SIMViewX Processes VERIFY, RUN GSM, CREATE, DELETE (U)SIM Toolkit Framework Handles all toolkit related commands Triggers toolkit Applets via shared interface method ToolkitInterface.processToolkit() Provides abstract I/O layer to toolkit Applets ToolkitInterface Shared Interface between toolkit framework and toolkit Applet ToolkitRegistry Registers Applet to various type of ENVELOPEs Sends direct response to ENVELOPE Sends proactive command Receives result of a proactove cmd result of TERMINAL PROFILE Storesenvelope registers to events Triggersonreceipt ofENVELOPEcmd Core File System MF DF DF EF EF EF ... EF EF EF ... ... ADF 1 ADF 2 © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 11 • 28/06/2010
  12. 12. Cellnetrix Basic OS functionality Existing version Future releases Transport protocols T=0,T=1 SWP, USB, TCP/IP over USB Dynamic memory management Large file support >64K Authentication algorithms COMP128-1, Milenage 3G/2G, CAVE, COMP128-2, COMP 128-3 Cryptography DES/3DES/AES/RSA ECC Physical memory defragmentation © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 12 • 28/06/2010
  13. 13. Cellnetrix JCVM&JCRE and Global Platform features Existing product Planned for the future releases JC version 2.2.1 3.0.2 Classic Integer support Object deletion and automatic garbage collection GP Version 2.1.1 2.2 Logical channel support (4) (20) Secure channel protocol SCP02 SCP02/SCP10 © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 13 • 28/06/2010
  14. 14. Cellnetrix Other features Existing version Planned for future releases CAT/USAT Version 6 7 JC Toolkit API version 6 7 BIP CAT_TP Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) Supported network access applications SIM/USIM R-UIM/EAP-SIM © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 14 • 28/06/2010
  15. 15. Cellnetrix Trusted value-added applications As an expert in wireless network security, Cellnetrix offers outsourcing services related to customized software development such as (U)SIM-based client or client-server (U)SAT applications including roaming steering, secure subscriber data management, secured messaging, tracking and location based services, wireless promotion CellApps is a full service for mobile (U)SIM centric application and covers various (U)SIM-based client or client-server (U)SAT applications such as roaming steering, secure subscriber data management, secured messaging, location based services, wireless promotion. Overview:  Cellnetrix develops customized applications based on client’s technical requirements or available prototypes and implementations. Some of them were already developed and approved in the field  Flexible business models providing licensing scheme with a full source make it possible to use applications as an element of more sophisticated solutions  Our customers retain full ownership for the ordered applications  Applications are not tied to any particular SIM-card brand and tested on the wide range of Java Card 2.1.1/2.2 platforms  Functional and stress testing provided by Cellnetrix guarantees equal quality without any regard to card vendor and required endurance  More than 15 companies have selected application solutions from Cellnetrix cellApps © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 16 • 28/06/2010
  16. 16. Cellnetrix Available value-added applications Secure data management SecureStore – keeps and manages web login and password as well as other secured data on SIM SecretPhoneBook – stores and manages enhanced phonebook which is stored on the SIM and secured by a special PIN Secure messaging SecureMes – encrypted message interchange between 2 or more peers LiveText – actual balance or other notification message is always shown on the mobile screen Application development on demand YourApp - Any application can be customized to particular needs or designed from scratch Additional networking applications HandyTracker – tracks mobile specific parameters such as IMEI, Terminal Profile, Location Area etc. MultipleSubscription – manages several subscriptions on one SIM cellApps Roaming steering and control EasyRoam – flexible roaming control application RoamingAssistant -– provides assistance for the subscriber during roaming and fix potential dialing errors SmartCall -– callback calling via usual calling procedure, no need to use triggers like USSD or SMS Application development services cover various domains and include following but not limited to fully customizable solutions. © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 17 • 28/06/2010
  17. 17. Cellnetrix Test suites and middleware Effective smart card development and (U)SIM product acceptance is hardly possible without the proper tools. To make life easier for customers and partners, Cellnetrix offers a set of different tools which increase productivity and effectiveness of the daily engineering work as well as complete portfolio of services related to acceptance testing of (U)SIM cards and on-card applications. Overview: Cellnetrix provides full Java Card 2.2.1 UICC simulation including RSA and full applet firewall support. Easy development and debugging of Java applications in the favorite IDE on the reference UICC R6 platform. Java based smart-card test platform for Eclipse. Customized test case development based on customer requirements, analysis of incompatibility SIM-mobile issues, stress testing Automated test suites. SIM Test suite (3GPP TS 51.013, 3GPP TS 51.017, 3GPP TS 31.048) USIM Test suite (3GPP TS 31.122,3GPP TS 31.213) UICC Test suite (ETSI TS 102 230, ETSI TS 102 268,ETSI TS 102 222) (U)SAT applications Test suite; WIB 1.3 Test suite; cellTools © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 18 • 28/06/2010
  18. 18. Cellnetrix References CellSIM OS has been licensed by 4 companies worldwide as a complete product, in additional several customers have licensed only separate applications such as WIB 1.3, SCWS… Acceptance testing is being currently done by several customers. Detailed references can be provided at request Cellnetrix R&D Center Proezd/Drive 4922, b.4/3, Moscow, Russia,124498 Tel./Fax +7 499 995 0773 Email: Web: © Cellnetrix 2010• CellSIM OS Overview • English • 21 • 28/06/2010
  19. 19. CellnetrixResearch. Innovation. Experience.