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Overview about Maruti Suzuki India Ltd


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It gives brief description about Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. Current board of directors list, different models of cars manufactured by maruti etc

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Overview about Maruti Suzuki India Ltd

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  3. 3. MARUTI UDYOG: THE EARLY YEARS • ‘Maruti Ltd’, led by Sanjay Gandhi was incorporated in 1971 under the Companies Act. • Maruti Ltd was nationalized in 1981 and its assets were transferred to Maruti Udyog Ltd, a newly created Public enterprise,initiated by Indira Gandhi. • In 1982, Maruti Udyog signed a licensed and joint venture agreement with the Suzuki Motors corporation of Japan
  4. 4. • In 1983, Maruti launched the Maruti 800, which defined the modern Indian automobile industry. • Since its launch, Maruti Udyog overtook every rival and has been the leader of car manufacturing in India in terms of production,revenue and profits. • In 1982, government held 74% of the shares • In 1987, government held 60% of the shares and in 1992, government held 50% of the shares • By 2003,18.24% was owned by the govt and 54.2% was owned by Suzuki. • As of 10th MAY 2007, the government of India sold its complete share to Indian Financial Institutions and no longer has any stake in Maruti Udyog.
  5. 5. Harpal Singh with Indira Gandhi Harpal Singh: India’s first Maruti 800’s owner Launched in 1983,Maruti 800 Became the most coveted car Indira Gandhi inspecting Maruti 800 in 1983
  6. 6. VISION & CORE VALUES The leader in the Automobile Industry, creating customer delight and share holders wealth; A pride of India • Customer obsession • Fast and flexible • Innovation and Creativity • Networking and Patnership • Openess and Learning
  7. 7. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Mr. R.C.Bhargava (Chairman) Mr. Shinzo Nakanishi (Managing Director & CEO) Mr. Manvinder Singh Banga (Director)
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  10. 10. SL NO. DESCRIPTION 1. PROMOTERS: NUMBER OF SHARES PERCENTAG DEMAT E OF SHARES FORIEGN PROMOTERS 1 156618440 54.21 156618440 TOTAL PROMOTERS 2. NUMBER OF SHARE HOLDERS 1 156618440 54.21 156618440 MUTUAL FUNDS 182 10843779 3.75 10843779 /BANK/INSURANCE 64 36602366 12.67 - FII 421 58621851 20.29 58621851 OTHERS 0 58621851 20.29 58621851 TOTAL INSTITUTION 667 106067996 36.71 106067996 BODIES CORPORATE 1759 17943690 6.21 17943690 NRI’S/OCB’S 2560 269435 - - OTHERS -4319 -18213125 -6.21 -17943690 NON-PROMOTERS: INSTITUTIONS: NONINSTITUTIONS:
  11. 11. GENERAL OBJECTIVE • The general objective is to be the market leader in the Indian automobile industry creating customer desire and share holders wealth. • Promote the company as globally competitive automobile industry and emerge as a global source for auto components. • The company plans to design cars that are fuel efficient and lower on CO2 emmisions. It has plans to develop hybrid, electrical and multi fuel engines.
  12. 12. CURRENT SITUATION • Car market leader Maruti Suzuki India Limited sold a total of 96,597 units in June 2012 with a growth rate of 16% in its sales compared to 80,298 units in June 2011.This includes 13,066 units for export. • Maruti Suzuki signs MoU with HSBTE and HISCET for higher education of shop-floor technicians ,The Company signed an MoU with HSBTE (Haryana State Board of Technical Education) and HISCET (Haryana-IGNOU Society for Community Education and Training) here today, to offer a three year diploma in engineering • Maruti introduces its new models into the market in various like grand vitara in SUV model , Ertiga in LUV model and Kizashii in sedan model.
  13. 13. NET SALES AND PAT Net Sales(In Millions) PAT(In Millions) 361282 347059 289585 203583 12187 2008-2009 24976 2009-2010 22886 2010-2011 16351 2011-2012
  14. 14. AWARDS & RECOGNITIONS • Ranked among the top 10 Most admired companies from India by Wall Street Journal • Maruti Suzuki Swift Indian Car of the Year 2012 (ICOTY 2012) Premium hatchback car of the year by NDTV Car and Bike Awards 2012 • Maruti Suzuki wins the Business World International Business Awards 2012 (Exports Auto and Engineering Category)
  15. 15. Launch: 1983 Highest-ever sale: 20,701 units in March 2003 Cumulative sales: 26 Lakhs
  16. 16. Launch: 2005,relaunch 2011 Highest-ever sale: 20,739 units in February 2012 Cumulative sales: 7 Lakhs
  17. 17. Launch: 2000 Highest-ever sale: 38,065 units in March 2011 Cumulative sales: 20 Lakhs
  18. 18. Discontinued car models • • • • • • 1000(1990-1994) Zen(1993-2006) Esteem(1994-2008) Balena (1999-2007) Zen estilo(2006-2009) Versa(2001-2010)
  19. 19. Corporate Social Responsibilty • The company has been promoting3R (reduce,reuse,recycle) since its inception . As a result the company has not only been able to recycle 100%of treated waste water but also reduced fresh water consumption. The company has implemented rain water harvesting to recharge the aquifers.
  20. 20. Community Initiatives(promote regional development) The company works closely with local communities around its manufacturing facilities to improve their quality of life. The company has adopted four villages surrounding its manesar plant- Kasan, Dhana, Aliharnad , Kusla and launched sustainable livelihood programmes for underprivileged communities . The initiatives are focused on four key areas 1. Health 2. Education 3.Employment generation 4. Basic infrastructure development
  21. 21. Road Safety(promote national security) • The company has been playing a leading role for many years in promoting road safety and safe driving in the country . the company believes that in addition to fund support, one of the best ways for corporate to fulfill their social responsibility is by offering their managerial skills to society • The company has also involved its dealers across the company in promoting road safety and safe driving . in collaboration with them , the company has set up 43 maruti driving schools in 38 different locations across the country, these schools are equipped with world class, state of art driving simulators offer training courses for beginners as well as refresher programs. Over 41,500 people have trained so far
  22. 22. • The company collaborated with the Delhi government in 2000 to set up the Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR) at Loni in North East Delhi. • Inspired by the success of IDTR Loni, the company established another one in South Delhi. It has trained over 700,000 people in safe driving through them, out of which 100,000 underprivileged people have been trained free of cost. Presently IDTR initiatives are operational at 6 locations in 4 states – Delhi (2 institutes), Haryana (2 Institutes), Gujarat and Uttarakhand. In recent years, many more state governments have requested Maruti Suzuki to establish similar IDTRs in their state
  23. 23. Maruti true service ( provide public services) • Maruti True service offered by Maruti Suzuki to its customers. It is a market place for used Maruti Suzuki Vehicles. One can buy, sell or exchange used Maruti Suzuki vehicles with the help of this service in India.
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