October VMware Cloud Forum


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Agenda and Speaker Bio of 2011 October VMware Shanghai Cloud Forum

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October VMware Cloud Forum

  1. 1. VMware Cloud ForumOct. 13th 12:00pm-17:00pm Cloud technology at VMware:Cloud Foundry, vFabric Data Director & Mozy<br /><ul><li>Cloud Foundry - Industry’s first Open PaaS
  2. 2. vFabric Data Director - Disruptive Cloud Computing Data Paas Product
  3. 3. Mozy – Industry’s most trusted name for Backup-aaS
  4. 4. Tech talks & panel discussions from Charles Fan, SVP & Mark Lucovsky , VP & other Cloud software creators from U.S. & China
  5. 5. Talk to the GURU’s face to face, plus COOL demos, HOT prizes, FREE Lunch & FUN jobs</li></li></ul><li>Why join the <br />navy (or air force)<br />if you can be a <br />pirate <br />in the <br />clouds?<br />http://www.vmware.com/jobs<br />Resume-china@vmware.com<br />
  6. 6. Agenda<br />
  7. 7. Speaker Bio-Cloud Foundry<br />Mark Lucovsky<br />VP, Engineering, VMware<br />Mark Lucovsky worked for Microsoft, Google and is now working for VMWare. He<br />was Distinguished Engineer and Windows Server Architect at Microsoft, noted for being a part of<br />the team that designed and built the Windows NT operating system. He was in charge of Google<br />API platform at google, and now he is the engineering VP of VMWare leading Cloud Foundry<br />open PaaS project. Mark received his bachelor’s degree in computer science in 1983 from the<br />California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.<br />Kent Skaar<br /> Staff Engineer, VMware<br />Skaar has a background from university computing at Chalmers University of Technology (1997-2001), large scale web at AOL (2001-2004) and data center server management software at BladeLogic/BMC Software (2004-2009), with a brief stop at Zendesk (2009-2010), before joining the Cloud Foundry team at VMWware in the fall of 2010.At VMware he joined with Vadim Spivak to form the Cloud Foundry Platforms team, where he designed and developed the BOSH Agent and Stemcell and later the initial implementation of the Micro Cloud. Together with Vadim and the Platforms team he has operated the Cloud Foundry Beta Service since it's launch in April. Skaar has also contributed to the overall development process used in Cloud Foundry.<br />
  8. 8. Speaker Bio-Aurora<br />Charles Fan<br />SVP, VMware<br /> Charles Chenggong Fan is a Senior Vice President at VMware, leading a strategic joint R&D project between VMware and EMC. Charles and his team are looking into the the fundamental shifts happening in technologies and customer needs, and how these disruptive changes will impact the data management methodologies in the cloud. Charles was the founder and leader of both the VMware China R&D Center, and the EMC China Center of Excellence. Today, Over 1500 world class engineers work in those R&D Centers, and they are among the most respected R&D groups in China. Prior to the China roles, Charles was a co-founder and CTO of Rainfinity, which was acquired by EMC in 2005. He led the creation of Rainfinity’s industry leading file virtualization and high availability products. Charles has also held positions at Intel Corporation, Goldman Sachs, and Cheyenne Software. <br />Bo Tao<br />CTO at EMC<br /><ul><li>Engineering Manager at Google
  9. 9. Vice President, Engineering at Zaxel Systems, Inc.
  10. 10. Co-founder at Winvane, Inc.
  11. 11. Alan Ren
  12. 12. Managing Director, VMware</li></ul>Alan joins VMware from iSoftStone, a top-3 China-based IT services & BPO vendor, where he held positions of VP of Global BD/Cloud COE  & VP of Global Accounts Development Services business group.  He was part of the management team taking iSoftStone IPO on NYSE in 2010.<br /> Prior to iSoftStone, Alan co-founded a consulting, solutions & outsourcing start-up in 2005, based on Java/LAMP middleware technology in China. He managed the business as GM with 200+ staff & architected the acquisition of the business by iSoftStone in 2009.Prior to his start-up, Alan worked for Sun between 1998 to 2005 as Director of Outsourced Development Center & Senior Practice Manager for Sun Greater China, Practice Manager & Senior Java Architect for Sun Java Center in U.S.  Alan also worked for IBM Global Services as a Senior e-business IT Architect in New York & for Telcordia (formerly Bellcore) as a Senior R&D Engineer for Telecom Network Management & BOSS systems in New Jersey. <br />