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Web conferencing solutions -


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VMukti conferencing software a perfect platform for online meetings , web conferencing & blend of video compressive. It’s a pattern pending compression & media server technology.

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Web conferencing solutions -

  1. 1. Copyright @2011 VMukti Solution Pvt. Ltd
  2. 2. VMukti brings to you unmatched video & web conferencing experience with VMukti web conferencing software you can meet with any one online• Save huge cost on conducting • Compatible with Windows. online meetings and conferences. • No setup.• Unlimited meetings, unlimited • Run business presentations participants. and projects.• Video optimization for better use • Screen sharing functionality. of network. • Comments and chat module.• HQ video and jitter free video at • Cloud based hosted SAAS low bandwidth as low as 150 kbps. service• Network based and client based recording.
  3. 3. An at click entry in to a web conferencing IT investment that add an edge to our meeting and give your participants an easier, moreaffordable way to communicate effectively at a single click. You get Web Conferencing Software thatcan access through VMukti Web Conferencing Software will make you to. Conduct web conferences with limitless attendees at a time. Communicate with your business team relatively fast and effective. User friendly design is the peculiar feature of the web conferencing software. Single click invitations to the online meetings and easy feedback system to analyze the popularity.
  4. 4. Web based platform avoids software installations.Schedule a meeting or a conference and send invitations with just fewclicks. There is no software installation required as VMukti webconferencing software does it all over the web. Works on windows as well as all popular browsers. Participants don’t need to have any account, so you can invite anyone. All conferences, meetings will be secured as you can make it private.
  5. 5. Creative assessment of design and project liaison.There is increased level of trust as you get to see the face of the personinvolved in the deal instead of pure voice based conversations. Evensmall businesses and self employed individuals can grab the chance tomake use of this technological marvel. Besides the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, web conferencing can be used to presentations. Work on the fluctuating bandwidth with low cost web conferencing. Develop global opportunities, your customer or supplier market can be anywhere in the world. Improve the client services, web conferencing allow you to have more “face to face” intraction at a fraction of the cost.
  6. 6. Tailor it to your business.Whether it’s a simple small scale  It allows you for the faster transfer ofproject collaboration or a much information, quicker decision-making,bigger long-term collaborative and a more attractive bottom line for yourproject, web conferencing can improve to be an  It reduces the amount of business travelindispensable tool to have in necessary when you can complete theyour business toolbox. A web same type of work via web conferencingconferencing review will assist that you would in person.  You can interact timely and effectivelyyou in finding a solution that with your organization.fits the needs of your company.  You can improve your communication toGoing green is also becoming a the employee, channel, customers, andhot topic, and web conferencing supplier’s through web conferencingplays into that. software.
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