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  1. 1. SAFETY MISSION: LEADING DRIVERS TO SAFETY “Human error is a factor in over 90% of road collisions. The actions of managers and drivers are expressions of their attitude, behavior, personal choices and the organizational systems and culture in which they work. Best practice initiatives MUST ensure that policies and processes support and encourage the creation of a ‘crash free culture’. This approach will provide every opportunity for people ‘driving for work purposes’ to demonstrate the correct attitude, make the right personal choices and behave in the safest way.” WHY VIRTUAL RISK MANAGER? 1. Create a ‘holistic’ infrastructure for a long term road safety solution. 2. Facilitate safety ‘leadership’ at all tiers of management. 3. Pro-actively identify ‘at-risk’ drivers through the integration of crash & collision, telematic, license check and other data universes. 4. Identify your safest drivers for recognition and reward. 5. Create risk reduction plans for high risk drivers. 6. Deliver state-of-the-art training and assessment materials directly to drivers/managers anywhere in the world. 7. Demonstrate ‘due diligence’ to insurers and comply with international best practice & build brand value as part of a ‘corporate social responsibility’. 8. Exceed international standards for the management of employees who drive for work purposes, e.g. ANSI Z15/ Corporate Killing/Homicide/ISO 39001. 9. Deliver sustainable ‘returns on investment’ of between 20 and 60% over three years, factoring in reductions in incidents/collisions, costs associated with incidents/collisions and the reduction in insurance/workers compensation costs – Total Cost of Ownership, TCO. 10. Create a platform for ‘continuous improvement’ of the ‘risk & liability exposures’ faced by: - persons driving for work purposes. - your organization. - the community at large. Virtual Risk Manager ® helps clients build a road safety MANAGEMENT SYSTEM into their operating ‘DNA’ to create a CRASH FREE CULTURE ®
  2. 2. Reinforce mission critical, non-negotiable policies and standards designed to keep drivers (and the wider community) safe while driving for work purposes. Subject specific training libraries to aid best practice awareness and target Identified risk exposures. Internal/external performance analytics. Global MIS/DATA HUB to monitor training and driver performance data. ‘Pro-active’ driver/organization self assessment & gap analysis – start to identify most ‘at-risk’ drivers. ‘Pro-active risk management’ of the 10% most ‘at-risk’ drivers for ‘OneToOne’ coaching and early intervention. High Risk Response Plan – VRM COACH 5 4 3 2 1 CRASH FREE CULTURE:
  3. 3. The Client PRIVACY Notice is an acknowledgement by the driver of the type of information VRM is collecting, e.g. incident, collision, telematic and license check data, who will view this information, and if any information is not correct, who to contact. 1. SAFETY CULTURE PACK: (Customized from VRM Templates) The Client RISK FOUNDATION is a customized safety assessment used to develop drivers’ knowledge and understanding of your fleet safety policies and applications of those policies in the context of driving for work purposes. Risk Foundation is broken down into three modules, 15 questions each, covering clients policies and procedures, defensive driving best practice and health & safety while driving. Risk Foundation is designed to assist you in raising employees’ awareness of critical safety measures, while helping to demonstrate your duty of care to your drivers. The Client Safety PLEDGE is a formal acknowledgement of ‘mission critical, non-negotiable policies, procedures and best practices’ that the company expects from employees driving for work purposes.
  4. 4. A ‘pro-active’ risk assessment tool to help understand the ‘probability’ and ‘likelihood’ of a driver being involved in an incident /crash. RoadRISK is broken down into three parts, PROFILE, DEFENSIVE DRIVING and FEEDBACK. 2. RoadRISK®: VALIDATED RISK ASSESSMENT RoadRISK: Profile is an assessment and understanding of your drivers’ previous three years of driving history, assessing the driver themselves, the journeys they undertake, and the vehicle used. RoadRISK: Defensive Driving is an assessment of your driver’s knowledge & understanding of defensive driving best practice. Independent validation through research undertaken at Edinburgh Napier and Loughborough universities. provides more detail about RoadRISK’ s continuous validation study. RoadRISK: Feedback provides risk exposure analysis, and best practice information to drivers & their managers.
  5. 5. 2. RoadRISK®: LICENSE CHECKING – MVR+ World class License Checking in the US, Canada and the UK. - Secure driver ‘consent’ and ‘self- certification’ (DOT) management within Virtual Risk Manager. - Feedback from State/Provincial/Country DMVs in less than 5 minutes in the majority of cases. - Real time screening of results as they are returned against VRM and client criteria – High/Medium/Low Risk. - Confirmation of License Status, Restrictions, Suspensions, Revocations and Expiry Date. - Weekly ‘pro-active’ status on all activity and results obtained. - Uniform ‘Violation Codes’ across the USA/Canada and the UK. - Pro-active ‘Driver Risk Monitoring’ in those states offering real time updates in between the annual ‘pull’. - FCRA/PIPEDA – Adverse Action Management Services – USA & Canada. - Can be combined with incident, collision, CSA and telematics data for enhanced risk management – see DriverINDEX® – Slide 7. - Dedicated ‘License Checking Specialists’ to help manage clients programs and monitor regulations.
  6. 6. Virtual Risk Manager Performance Management System PATENTED with the US Trademarks and Patent Office: 6,714,894. 3. DriverINDEX®: ALL DRIVER EVENTS in ONE SYSTEM! OBJECTIVES: DriverINDEX® • Facilitate Driver/Manager Road Safety discussion – the ‘power is in the conversation!!’ • Identify top 10% most ‘at-risk’ drivers for further support, coaching and leadership. • ‘Recognize’ low risk risk/excellent drivers. ACTIONS associated with DriverINDEX ® that INFLUENCE and CHANGE driver behavior. • RiskCOACH ® ‘risk reduction’ training; OneToOne ® Performance Review; POST COLLISION COACHING, (PCC); COMMENTARY DRIVE, (CD); High Risk Response Plan: Behind The Wheel, (BTW), VRM COACH ® Ranks drivers from Most ‘At-Risk’ to Low Risk/Excellent based on DriverINDEX value (Includes data from every ‘data universe’ clients supply to VRM) Link to 6 month graphical trend of individual driver performance – improving, static or declining. DriverINDEX detail: See Next Slide RoadRISK® + License Check/Fines – Collision/incident + VRM Coach® Telematics + Other Objective Data Universes = DriverINDEX®
  7. 7. Ranks drivers from Most ‘At- Risk’ to Low Risk/ Excellent based on DriverINDEX value (Includes data from every ‘data universe’ clients supply to VRM) MOST Active ‘At-Risk’ Drivers within the last: 1/3/6/12 months Link to 6 month graphical trend of individual driver performance – improving, static or declining. DriverINDEX/ Client Risk Rating Link to Driver Performance Review to view MVRs, Incident, Collision, VRMC Telematic data universes. Links to OneToOne ® , PIC, CD and VRMC Intervention Tools. 3. DriverINDEX®: ALL-IN-ONE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM OneToOne Management Alerts OneToOne® Status: Not Started/In Progress/ Required/ Complete
  8. 8. 3. DriverINDEX®: HIGH RISK RESPONSE PLAN: PCC, CD, VRMC & OneToOne® • Re-energize the DRIVER SAFETY message and agree continuous improvements goals. • Review your drivers risk profile in detail and explore the causes related to their risk rating. • Develop and agree any relevant behavioral or process changes for safer driving. Objectives • High level view of all Virtual Risk Manager activity. • Results of your State/Country/Province license checking program. • The identity of your low, medium and high risk drivers based on their collision & license check data. • Pro-active risk reduction tools – PCC/ CD/ OneToOne/ VRMC. • Recognition opportunities for your low risk drivers. • Post collision best practice guides. WARNING: Virtual Risk Manager contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Please handle the data according to privacy requirements as you would handle other employee personal information. The most effective technique to use during a PCC/ CD/ OneToOne/ VRMC discussion is for you to lead and structure the conversation with the use of ‘open’ questions. Open questions that start with WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, WHICH and HOW facilitate conversation, allow your drivers to explore ‘causation factors’, as well as develop their own solutions to risks. DON’T FORGET: • VRM Full System Guide • Support Videos: - OneToOne Overview - OneToOne in Action Leading the development of a crash free culture is an ONGOING process and long term commitment which incorporates the following factors: • Create crash free objectives. • Set a good example – ‘walk the talk’. • Prioritize drivers at risk. • Reinforce SAFE DRIVING message. • Monitor activity/participation. • Review collisions & set targets. • Include safety performance in 6 / 12 month performance review. • Recognize excellent/crash free driving. • Ensure compliance with Standards, Policies and VRM. • Conduct PIC, CD, OneToOne and VRMC as required. System Process Leadership • PIC/ CD/ OneToOne & VRMC are NOT disciplinary processes. • Changing in-grained behaviors and in turn habits requires STRONG leadership – “THE POWER IS IN THE CONVERSATION”. • ‘RISK’ - means an assessment of the ‘PROBABILITY’ or ‘LIKELIHOOD’ of a driver being involved in a road traffic collision. Remember
  9. 9. 3. DriverINDEX®: HIGH RISK RESPONSE PLAN: VRM COACH HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT YOU COULD? 1. Provide your drivers with a PERSONAL DRIVING INSTRUCTOR to help them MANAGE THEIR BEHAVIORS and CHANGE THEIR HABITS before they get into trouble? 2. Integrate the driving instructors feedback with other driver performance data such as details of a drivers INCIDENTS, COLLISIONS and LICENSE CHECK (MVR) VIOATIONS to provide further support to your most at risk drivers? 3. At the same time be able to monitor VEHICLE HEALTH, LOCATION and TRIP DETAILS? INTRODUCING - VIRTUAL RISK MANAGER: COACH VIRTUAL RISK MANAGER + TELEMATICS = VRM COACH
  10. 10. 3. DriverINDEX®: HIGH RISK RESPONSE PLAN: VRM COACH ONE SYSTEM: SAFETY: Incident history SAFETY: Collision history SAFETY: License Check/Fines history SAFETY: Harsh Acceleration SAFETY: Harsh Braking SAFETY: Harsh Cornering SAFETY: Threshold Speed SAFETY: Speed Vs Speed Limit of the Road SAFETY: Seatbelt usage (vehicle dependent) SAFETY: Reversing (vehicle dependent) ECO: % of time idling/Fuel Usage ECO: Over revving (> 3,500 rpm) COMBINED: Aggressive driving 100 miles/kilometers driven 60-70% of Drivers typically are Very Low Risk. 1-3 % of Drivers typically Very High Risk 3-10 % of Drivers typically High/Medium Risk 10-30 % of Drivers typically Low Risk
  11. 11. “THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE A CRASH FREE CULTURE JUST CHANGED FOREVER” 3. DriverINDEX®: HIGH RISK RESPONSE PLAN: VRM COACH Targeted deployment across the most ‘AT-RISK’ 10% of your drivers based on their DriverINDEX® Risk Rating OR 100% Deployment. Monthly Driver/Manager VRMC Intervention Tool to discuss most ‘at-risk’ behaviors and how to change them. Weekly My Telematics Feedback Report to help driver’s identify and benchmark ‘at-risk’ behaviors AND Managers COACH. By identifying high risk driver behavior and providing a framework (CULTURE) to improve that behavior, you COULD reduce vehicle crash costs by 15-20% in 12-18 months.
  12. 12. 4. RiskCOACH®: ONLINE TRAINING AND BEST PRACTICE LIBRARY Subject specific best practice training library and guides for Drivers and Managers – country/region, language and culture specific. For R.O.a.D Users: Riders, Operators & Driver (Car and Commercial) RiskCOACH: Attitude, Eco-Driving, Driving While Distracted, Avoiding Damage While Parked, Blind Spots, Rear End Collisions, Spouse/Domestic Partner, Bad Weather, Act Now, Fatigue, Controlling Emotions, Decision Making, DUI/DWI, Hours of Service, Vehicle Inspections, Lights & Tires, Lift Gate, Low Speed Maneuvering & Backing, Blind Spots & Mirrors, Cold Plate, CSA, DOT Inspections, Two Wheeler & Sharing the Road, and Lift Truck/Warehouse Safety. (New Titles regularly – check for complete listing) OBJECTIVES OF RiskCOACH® • Best practice awareness training to re-energize and inform – ALL Driver’s. • Targeted training for known risk exposures – speeding, drunk-driving, fatigue etc. • Targeted training for High Risk Drivers & ‘Dear Driver’ – Communications Plans.
  14. 14. 5. VRM ANALYTICS®: MONTHLY, QUARTERLY & ANNUALY Monthly/Quarterly & Annual Analytics – CPMM, IPMM, IncPMM, License, Collision, Incident, Country/Division Scorecards, Monthly Leadership ‘Calls to Action’, Benchmarks. Global crash, incident and near miss (new 2016) reporting systems.
  15. 15. FRIENDS AND FAMILY PROGRAMS®: ARRIVE ALIVE Spouses/domestic partners, friends, family and community programs create enormous opportunities for VRM Clients to: • Influence those around your driver’s, who, might in turn ‘influence’ your driver’s. • Influence the community at large. • Increase and ‘sustain’ a clients ‘return on investment’, ROI. • Build brand value as part of a ‘corporate social responsibility’. Being socially responsible, doing the right thing for the local, national and global community, is an essential part of any businesses long term goals. At eDriving FLEET we strive to do the right thing for our customers and channel partners, for the environment, in the community and for our Team Members.
  16. 16. • IDS work with BT and TNT won the Prince Michael Road Safety Award in 2004. • Zurich wins Risk and Insurance’s Innovator award at the 2011 Risk and Insurance Awards • BT wins the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2011 for work-related motor risk management program • McCain wins Fork Lift Truck Association Safe Site Award 2012 • Pfizer, Nestlé Mexico, Royal Mail and Iron Mountain were recognized as the ‘BEST OF THE BEST’ at the Fleet Safety Forum in 2012 for their Driver Safety Programs • ASDA (Wal-Mart), BT, E.ON all received awards at the 2013 Brake Awards • Nestlé wins the Fleet Europe International Fleet Safety Award in 2013 including International Fleet Safety Award, International Fleet Manager of the Year Award, and International Green Award • ASDA (Wal-Mart) wins the Prince Michael Road Safety Award in 2013 • BT, E.ON and Nestlé were honoured at the Brake’s Fleet Safety Awards in 2014 • Nestlé receives the NAFA 2014 Excellence in Corporate Fleet Safety Award • Nestlé wins Prince Michael of Kent Road Safety Award, December 2014 • Iron Mountain & Transport for London win Fleet News Award April 2015 • Johnson & Johnson, Transport for London and Iron Mountain recognized at October 2015 Brake Awards THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: 20 YEARS AND STILL LEARNING!! On the 9th December 2014 His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent presented 'The Nestlé Global Road Safety Program' with an award at his Annual Awards Luncheon Ceremony held at The Savoy, London.
  17. 17. Globally, IDS IT infrastructure includes DEDICATED SERVERS in the UK & USA. Working with our global IT Partners, NTT, the IDS network can be expanded very easily and exponentially as required. Our Operations Headquarters in Great Britain enjoys dedicated communication lines in and out of the building for the sole use of eDriving. From this location we have a direct link to the UK Government Licensing Authority (DVLA), American Driving Records, ADR, for US and Canadian License Checks and vendor partners all over the globe consolidating ‘performance data’ into ONE SYSTEM on behalf of our clients. DATA PROTECTION & SECURITY: US Headquarters, New JerseyUK Headquarters, West Yorkshire
  18. 18. eDRIVING COMPANY CULTURE – integrity, professionalism, duty of care, quality management. ‘POWER OF ONE’ – one Management Information System – training, incident, collision, license check, telematic and other data ‘universes’ ALL working together in the VRM performance management system. VRM MANAGERS TOOLBOX – Empowering Managers to “LEAD THEIR DRIVERS TO SAFETY”. VRM ‘CIRCLE OF LIFE’ FLEXIBILITY – ability for clients to match their journey plan to their objectives. GLOBAL FOOTPRINT – 94 countries and 40 languages. DATA PRIVACY AND SECURITY – over 15 years experience working across Europe and other high profile ‘privacy’ nations combined with state of the art dedicated server banks based in the UK/USA – ISO 27001 Certified. FLEET RISK MANAGEMENT INNOVATOR – first defensive driving CD-ROM, WWW, Peer Reviewed Research, Validated Risk Assessment (RoadRISK), USA Patent (Risk Reduction), Multi Lingual MIS, International Awards, VRM COACH high risk response plan – ongoing pursuit of excellence. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP AND THE VRM BENCHMARKING FAMILY – sharing best practice, research and opportunity for the greater good with all IDS clients. ‘ALL IN’ CUSTOMER SERVICE PHILOSOPHY – ask our customers!!! WHY WORK WITH eDRIVING FLEET?: