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Mobile Witness Drive camera’s

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Gomw-Mobile Witness

  1. 1. ™ mobile witness™ in-cab camera w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z aMember of The Gerber Goldschmidt Group
  2. 2. w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z a GEOTAB Geotab™ was formed in 1998 and has been primarily involved in the Fleet Management industry since then. A member of the Gerber Goldschmidt Group of companies we are financially stable and enjoy a reputation of being the supplier of choice with a number of global corporates. Geotab™ has local representation in some 32 countries including; North America, Australia and various countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. As our products have been met favourably around the world we continue to expand our international footprint. With over 350, 000 vehicles monitored by Geotab™ we are recognised as being an established force in our industry. Corporate offices are located in Johannesburg, Toronto, Cape Town and Durban. Authorised distributors, dealers and fitment centres continue to be established to facilitate our rapid growth. With the advent of GO4™, GO5™, GO Recover™ and Mobile Witness™, Geotab™ has been able to expand our area of focus to include the measurement of Driver Behaviour alongside our legendary Fleet Management. geotab™ in-cab camera Geotab™ has recently integrated an in-cab camera with Checkmate™ bringing state of the art videography to the telematics industry at an affordable price. Our in-cab cameras, branded as Mobile Witness™ are windscreen-mounted in most applications and cover a panoramic 130º view of the road ahead in high resolution full colour. Our dual-view camera simultaneously records a 140º view inside the cab. MobileWitness™s tat i c a n d m o b i l e a s s e t m a n a g e m e n t
  3. 3. ™ GO mobile witness™ Mobile Witness™ creates an Exception in Checkmate™ whenever a pre-set parameter is broken allowing the end user to quickly view the data around which the event occurred, rather than spend hours viewing video files, looking for incidents.single or duel viewMobile Witness™ comes in two modelranges [CT1000 & CT2000] both ofwhich are 12 & 24V compatible andmake use of an SD storage card to campact Flash Storagerecord and store the images. A built inaccelerometer allows for the automaticevent driven notifications. Mobile Witness™ utilises convenient ease of installation and economical compact flash [SDBoth units have an emergency button Card] technology to store the videothat allows the Driver to ‘record’ an clips of any journey. The card is secure Mobile Witness™ installs easily, directlyevent for subsequent viewing, such behind a tamper proof mechanism for onto the inner surface of the wind-as their arrival or departure from ease of mind. Audio, GPS and G-Force screen. Custom designed Mobilepremises. All events are both time and data are recorded as well as event- Witness™ is small in size and allows forposition stamped within Checkmate™ driven Exceptions. a clear, unobstructed view of the roadallowing for exact positioning of the ahead for the driver.event.Further added-value functionality isavailable through the integration of Multiple Applicationsthird party devices such as cab door,cargo door or PTO activation thatcreates an event that is then recorded A multitude of applications are available to fleet managers when using Mobileautomatically. Witness™, limited only by their imagination The CT1000 single view camera ct1000 Designed for viewing the road ahead the CT1000 is a small, yet versatile unit. It is simple, dependable and affordable yet the images recorded are done so in high-resolution video. The CT2000 dual-view camera Designed for viewing both the road ahead as well as inside the vehicle, the CT2000 is a more comprehensive camera that caters for simultaneous viewing of incidents ct2000 along with the Driver’s reaction to them. Infra-red is standard in the CT2000 allowing for clear night time images inside the vehicle to be viewed easily and comprehensively.
  4. 4. w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z a Proof of cargo delivery The CT1000 Mobile Witness™ unit is ideal for use as a proof of delivery device when fitted into the cargo bay of a truck/trailer. The simple to use, dependable and affordable video-recorder is secured within a steel housing to guard against abuse or tampering, and mounted inside the cargo bay of your truck. This gives you the ability to record either movement through the doors, or inside the cargo-bay itself. Activated by an industrial-strength magnetic switch on the cargo-door the camera’s high resolution video* combined with built-in GPS-receiver provides proof of date, time and position creating an accurate record - with sound! Furthermore, the opening of the cargo doors creates an event that Mobile Witness™ logs in Checkmate™ for ease of use when viewing recorded data. Applications that can take advantage of this technology are numerous and varied. Cargo Bay Monitoring ASCERTAIN THE FACTS The CT2000 Mobile Witness™ dual-view unit is ideal for use inside people carriers, mounted amidships, the device records both the people inside the vehicle as well as the road ahead [albeit limited in comparison to a windscreen mounted unit]. Ideal in situations where the burden of proof, traditionally from eye-witnesses or the driver of the vehicle, requires state-of-the-art imaging as a record of the events that took place A little known fact is that the majority of Taxi/Bus drivers report the increase of verbal abuse from passengers is reaching staggering proportions. On occasion this can lead to the threat of violence should a driver not adhere to the passenger’s demands. The use of Mobile Witness™ allows the driver to feel more secure as the quality of the video can lead to the identification of the protagonist.This brochure is printed on FSC certified paper. All logos are copyright © of there respective companies.
  5. 5. The advantages of fitting Mobile Witness™Vehicle Accident ProtectionShould the driver be involved in an accident, you can then present the recordedin-car camera footage to your insurance company and/or police as proof of whathappened in the accident.This feature alone is helpful as sometimes drivers can face long disputes withinsurance companies regarding fault for road accidents. Examples of where faultcould lie during a road traffic accident may include, for example, drivers who havecaptured another vehicle jumping a red light prior to a collision. This information isthen vital in assigning fault for the accident.Mobile Witness™ dates and time stamps and displays GPS information. The date For more detailed information about Geotab Products please scan the QR Code aboveand time stamps cannot be tampered with making them an excellent road witnessfor evidential purposes. Increased Vehicle SecurityDrivers that park their vehicles in public places and return to their vehicle tofind scratches, scuffs and general vehicle damage caused by other carelessdrivers or minor vandalism can now capture these moments. Vital number plateinformation can also be recorded by in-car security cameras in the event of a‘hit and run’incidentCrash for Cash ClaimsMany insurance companies suggest that Crash for Cash claims (fraudulent accidentclaims) are largely responsible for the increase in insurance premiums. In carcameras can record such fraudulent events and can help to reduce insurancepremiums by assisting insurance companies in the recognition and prosecution offalse cash for crash incidents.Some insurance companies are already beginning to offer drivers 5%-20%discounts on their annual insurance policies if they have such devices fitted totheir vehicles. Driving Style / Driver BehaviourThe increase in popularity of in-cab cameras can be attributed to a number offactors. Not least of these is the fact that in the vast majority of cases, driversaware that they are being monitored consciously try to better their driving styles.Coupled to driver training Mobile Witness™ adds considerable value to your company. s tat i c a n d m o b i l e a s s e t m a n a g e m e n t
  6. 6. s tat i c a n d m o b i l e a s s e t m a n a g e m e n t GEOTAB (Pty) Ltd Block 12, Thornhill Office Park, 94 Bekker Road, Midrand Switchboard +27 (0) 11 564 5400 0861 GEOTAB After Hours +27 (0) 83 389 1403 info@geotab.co.za w w w . g e o t a b . c o . z a“YO U C A N’ T M A NAG E W H AT YO U DON ’ T M E A S U R E ”