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Health Logistics, SA de CV


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Brief description of HeLSA´s services and infrastructure

Published in: Business, Technology
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Health Logistics, SA de CV

  1. 1. About  Health  Logis5cs  •  We  are  the  first  and  unique  3rd  Party   Logis5cs    company  (3PL)    focused  in  the   Health  Industry  •  Broad  exper5se  and  know-­‐how  of  the   health  industry  supply  chain  •  We  support  our  customers  to  make  the   best  decisions  to  manage  their  Supply   Chain,  thus  allowing  them  to  beHer  focus  in   their  Core  Business  •  We  work  close  to  our  clients  to  seek  other   opportuni5es  related  to  their  Supply  Chain.  •  We  have  the  best  infrastructure  to  support   the  Health  Industry  Supply  Chain  
  2. 2. About  us…  •  We  are  a  group  of  professionals  with  wide  experience  in  the  Healthcare   Industry  management  and  opera5ons,  in  different  area  like:   ü  Logis5cs   ü  Warehousing   ü  Informa5on  Systems   ü  Quality   ü  Regulatory  affairs   ü  Trading   ü  Distribu5on   ü  Security  
  3. 3. Infrastructure  •  We  have  the  best  warehouse  for  healthcare  products  in  Mexico  
  4. 4. Infrastructure  •  Inside    “Parque  Industrial    3  Rios”    in  Tepozotlan,  Edo.  Mex.  •  Direct    access  to    the  Mexico-­‐Queretaro  highway  •  Very  close  to  the  most  important  distributors´  warehouses  or  supermarket ´s  cross  dock,  and  immediate  access  to  highways  that  connect    to  90%  of   the  country:     ü  Carretera  Mexico-­‐Queretaro   ü  Circuito  Exterior  Mexiquense   ü  Arco  Norte    
  5. 5. Infrastructure  •  People  zone  flow  concept,  according  to  Pharma  NOM  059  •  Materials  and  documents  management,    according  to  Pharma    NOM  059  
  6. 6. We  offer…  •  “AAA”  warehouse  •  Warehouse    management  (WMS)  •  Pick–pack  and  invoicing  processes  •  Quality  Assurance  in  warehouse    opera5ons  •  Distribu5on  of  customer  orders    around  the  country        
  7. 7. Special  services    •  Re-­‐packaging  of  finished  product  •  Foreign  trade  services  (Custom  Agents)  •  Regulatory  affairs  services  •  Distribu5on  of  high-­‐  specialty     Products  /  Special  condi5ons    
  8. 8. Benefits  •  Decrease  of  opera5ng  expenses  •  Transparency  of  opera5ng  expenses  •  Delivery  5me  op5miza5on  •  Space  op5miza5on  •  Headcount  op5miza5on  •  “AAA”  warehouse  availability  •  Security  improvement  •  Consolida5on  of  shipments  
  9. 9. How  we  start  to  work…  •  NDA  agreement  •  GAP  analysis  of  current  opera5ons    •  Visits  with  the  customer  to  understand  the  different  processes  •  Opera5onal  and  commercial  proposals  for  the  project  •  Customer  acceptance  and  signature  of  the  service  contract  •  Implementa5on  plan  •  Start  up  of  opera5ons