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VMC Technologies - Sodick EDM


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VMC Tech represents the Sodick product line in the state of Michigan.

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VMC Technologies - Sodick EDM

  1. 1. Sodick’s full service Michigan dealer
  2. 2. VMC Technologies is the exclusive Sodick representative in Michigan.
  3. 3. is a Japanese EDM builder with 6 manufacturing plants.
  4. 4. About VMC: • located in Troy, Michigan • local service • 7 service vans • spare parts dept. • training dept. • showroom
  5. 5. Sodick EDM types wire EDM CNC sinker small hole
  6. 6. there are 3 types of EDM machines Wire EDMs use a continual feed of charged wire to erode away metal
  7. 7. wire EDMs can attain finishes down to 5RMS and tolerances within .0001”
  8. 8. CNC Sinker EDMs use graphite or copper electrodes to erode metal
  9. 9. sinker EDMs are often used to produce tooling like dies and molds
  10. 10. Small Hole EDMs use a round pipe electrode to machine high speed holes into metal
  11. 11. CNC small hole EDMs will automatically position itself and burn multiple holes. Copper electrodes ranging from .004” to .120” diameter are commonly used.
  12. 12. Technologies Inc. 1788 Northwood Drive Troy, MI 48084 ph: 248-786—3000