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Why we should care about leftovers


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Доклад Olivier Denoo на конференции SQA Days-20. 24-26 ноября 2016. Минск

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Why we should care about leftovers

  1. 1. Me, myself and I…
  2. 2. Why we should care about leftovers
  3. 3. No, seriously? That’s a testing event, not Masterchef!
  4. 4. What’s on the menu? Back to the future1 What are the leftovers of testing?2 The challenges of the new economy3 Hopeful conclusions4
  5. 5. Back to the future…
  6. 6. What have you seen?
  7. 7. What are our (testing) leftovers? ISO 9126 - 25010
  9. 9. The mass-market challenge
  10. 10. Artificial Intellige
  11. 11. Challenges? Or opportunities?
  12. 12. Otto pilots
  13. 13. Is there a pilot in the plane? 1996 Pitot Tube…blocked by a wasp - 189 people died 2011 Pitot tube malfunction (iced?) Air France Rio-Paris 228 died Nose up though loose lift
  14. 14. GPS 2012 - Apple Maps 'is life-threatening' to motorists lost in Australia heat - 24 hours with no water supply - 46°C outside - Mildura located 70 km away from its actual location - GPS software is also vulnerable - Apple used Google Maps later on
  15. 15. Now Now or neve
  16. 16. The development challenges • Agility From planning to value • Shorter / iterative cycles • Business – Development Development – Production • Continuous integration Continuous testing Continuous delivery • Mobile / Embedded / IOT • Disposable APPS? Multiple releases / day Saas / S’aaS (service as a service)
  17. 17. The time challenge – now, now Too slow I’d better go shopping in the mall next door Hmm! That looks better, but still…
  18. 18. Fast and faster Hmm that’s fast but you can do better Yes, we can! Let’s see what we can get on you
  19. 19. Minority Report e-commerce Wow! This would really match my… I need it NOW We know what you did last summer We know what you all did last summer Let’s ship your next wish before you make it Proximity warehouse So if you really order it … You get delivered in no time…thank you who?
  20. 20. High Frequency Trading 35 % of the Market in EUR 66% of NYSE 2010-05-06 – Flash Crash (36 min) Dow Jones -9,2% in 10 min 2012-08-01 – Knight Cap Group (45 min) -440 Mio $ (own capital 330 Mio$) 1 Srv (chunk big orders) out of 8 wasn’t updated 8 years old dead code – reuse of flag No stop process, no understanding Roll-back of the 7 correct Srv increased the issue « Knightmare » - recapitalized and acquired in 2012
  21. 21. Service challenge • Just press the button • We take care of everything • Even if you’re not home • Even if it is not packed yet So you want to send a parcel? We’ll just send you the bill
  22. 22. The interoperability challenge • Interoperability • Security • Usability
  23. 23. Security
  24. 24. The IOT security challenge
  25. 25. SPOF – the weakest link Single Sign On is fine Single Point of Failure is NOT
  26. 26. Connected toys Vtech exposed 6 Mio children profiles Your Game Consoles have webcams!!! Facebook, tell me if I am pregnant In an hospital the most dangerous viruses may be ,,,coming from the network
  27. 27. Privacy and Safe
  28. 28. Connected wearables -
  29. 29. In the heat of the night Consulting firm iiMedia Research polled 12,000 Samsung users in China on whether the Note 7 fiasco has affected their decision to stick with the company. Of them, 51.9% said they will definitely switch away from the brand when buying their next phone, 18.5% said they will consider switching, and 29.6% said the incidents do not concern them since they were caused by external factors.
  30. 30. Facebook How long does your image matter? Who controls the controller? With friends like those, I don’t need ennemies
  31. 31. Social Economy
  32. 32. The social economy challenge Google + Über alles Smart grids GPS, traffic control APPS
  33. 33. What goes social? • Crowdfunding • Crowd development • Crowd testing • Collaborative apps – Traffic / radar / navigation – Selling / buying / advising • Energy grids • Gaming • Transportation • And many more…
  34. 34. Demography
  35. 35. The demographic challenge We start using IT sooner and sooner We grow older and older
  36. 36. We are ageing It’s not Freddy K it is Cambridge Lab I know the date, I know the time, but I can’t pick up a call Press harder is NOT swipe
  37. 37. Help & Tools
  38. 38. The ISTQB addresses parts already And more to come
  39. 39. What else? • Let’s bring Business and IT together! • design analysis • market analysis • innovation • Let’s design better requirements • engineering • analysis • elicitation • Let’s get the right focus on users • usability • user experience • design
  40. 40. Conclusions 1 Agility and IOT will keep on spreading and developing, so as web technologies, APPS, big data and cloud services 2 Testers need to address new challenges (continuous testing, non functional testing) Some of which are yet to be identified 3 ISTQB® and other standards are there to help and guide you Be prepared and be ready to change!
  41. 41. I wish you all a brilliant f