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Уроки, полученные при проведении автоматизированного приемочного тестирования


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Ран Найман - доклад на SQA Days, 2-3 декабря 2011, Москва

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Уроки, полученные при проведении автоматизированного приемочного тестирования

  1. 1. Lessons Learned from Automated Acceptance Testing Rannicon
  2. 2. Rannicon
  3. 3. Common to All CasesScrumPerformanceBig products 100 – 1000 people involved Rannicon
  4. 4. Case 1: Browsing Gateway 2004Weekly manual build and manual testing Rannicon
  5. 5. Case 1: Process Change Analysis Design Code Test Deliver Analysis Test Design Code Deliver Rannicon
  6. 6. Case 1: Automation Approach Offshore subcontractor Rannicon
  7. 7. Case 1: Results100% test automationIn version 2.0 we learned the new methodVersion 2.1 of product launched on schedulefirst time in products historyAutomated tests keep the product in releaseshape during the development Rannicon
  8. 8. Case 1: LearningsAutomated acceptance testing deliversSell to managers to avoid double workPerformance and stability tests; EssentialDo not outsource automating test casesDo not write your own testing frameworkTeam level workshops work wellTest help troubleshoot customer problems Rannicon
  9. 9. Case 2: Flexi Network GatewayGreenfield productFrom Day 1  Unit testing  Continuous Integration  Automated Acceptance Tests Rannicon
  10. 10. Case 2: Automation Approach Rannicon
  11. 11. Case 2: Some Statistics Rannicon
  12. 12. Case 2: Results100 % test automation from day oneRelease capability after every sprintClose customer collaborationOnly running tests as test documentation Rannicon
  13. 13. Case 2: LearningsAvoid making acceptance test too low levelCommercial driver lock inResistance to new tools and techniquesshould not be underestimatedAutomated tests helps distributing work  Still distribution slows down work Rannicon
  14. 14. Case 3: Big UX project 2010UX centric greenfield projectNo common rules on test automationMany tries to find right UX Rannicon
  15. 15. Case 3: Automation ApproachBuilding own test library to interact withapplications UITest scripts written in scripting languageCucumber integration possible but not usedSeparate TA tools, Integration and Buildorganizations Rannicon
  16. 16. Complex Integration Developer / Release Team Tester Commit Integration Pre-release Build Source Build Code PrereleaseRepository Integration Build / Test Code Build / Test Built Component Built Component Pre-built Code Components Release Repository Automatic Build / Test Development Repository Pre-built Components Rannicon
  17. 17. Case 3: ResultsWorkshops with specification by example payoffDaily product buildsLots of manual testingLong feedback cycles Rannicon
  18. 18. Case 3: LearningsAutomates tests with scripting languagebecome unmaintainableCommon approach to test automation essentialInvestment to simple CIDo not underestimate organizationalchallengesAutomated as much as possible below UI Rannicon
  19. 19. Summary of LearningsAutomated testing enables agilityAutomated testing speeds learningAutomated testing is for whole productInvest to automated CI systemBuilding automation tools is time wastedCommercial tools lock you inAutomated testing is not all you need Rannicon
  20. 20. Thank You Ran Nyman email: web: twitter: @ran_nyman Rannicon