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Wars that india has fought


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Wars that india has fought

  1. 1. Wars That India Has Fought
  2. 2. Indo-Pak War of 1947 • On 22nd October 1947, Pakistani army crossed the border into Kashmir to take over Srinagar. • Maharaja Hari Singh, the then king of Jammu and Kashmir, signed the agreement of accession to the Union of India and thus J&K became a integral part of India. INDIAN WARS
  3. 3. • Co-ordination between the army and air force enabled the troops and equipments to be transported to the war zone. • The war continued till January 1st 1949 when a formal cease fire agreement was signed by the two countries. • The war resulted in the formation of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and the Line of Control between the two nations. INDIAN WARS
  4. 4. Operation Polo • The Nizam of Hyderabad Osman Ali Khan wanted to join with Pakistan. • This resulted in mass murder and atrocities on the Hindu population of Hyderabad state. • Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the then deputy PM decided to annex the state of Hyderabad. •In September 1948, Indian armed forces attacked the princely state of Hyderabad and annexed it to the Union of India. INDIAN WARS
  5. 5. Goa Liberation War • In 1961, the Indian armed forces attacked and liberated Goa from the colonial Portuguese rule. • The war lasted for 36 hours and resulted in victory for the Indian armed forces. •This ended 451 years of colonial rule of Portuguese in India. INDIAN WARS
  6. 6. Indo-China war of 1962 INDIAN WARS
  7. 7. • China claimed major portions of Indian territories in Kashmir. • On October 20 1962, China attacked India to capture the claimed territories. • The war ended on 20th November 1962 with China declaring a cease fire. • It resulted in loss of Indian territory and defeat of Indian armed forces. INDIAN WARS
  8. 8. Indo Pak war of 1965 INDIAN WARS
  9. 9. • Thinking India to have become weak after suffering a defeat by China, Pakistan attacked India on 6th September 1965. • Operation Gibraltar. • The purpose was to take over Kashmir. • The war continued for 5 weeks. • Its regarded as the biggest tank battles after WWII • It resulted in the defeat of Pakistan and a cease fire declaration by the UN INDIAN WARS
  10. 10. INDIAN WARS
  11. 11. Indo Pak war of 1971 INDIAN WARS
  12. 12. • The Pakistan Army in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) was committing atrocities on the Hindu population in 1971. • This resulted in increase of refugees coming to India. • Civil war broke out in East Pakistan and India wanted a end to the problem. • The democratically elected government of East Pakistan requested assistance from India against Pakistani army. INDIAN WARS
  13. 13. • Anticipating Indian intervention in the matter, Pakistan attacked India on the night of December 4th 1971. • Pakistan air force conducted air raids on Indian air bases across the western front. • On the same night the famous battle of Longewala took place where 120 Indian soldiers stood against 2000 Pakistani soldiers and an entire tank regiment. • India responded to the attack and counter attacked the enemy. INDIAN WARS
  14. 14. • The war lasted for 2 weeks and resulted in the formation of Bangladesh with the defeat of Pakistan. • 3000 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives for this victory. • Over 90,000 Pakistani troops taken prisoners. INDIAN WARS
  15. 15. Carrier Battle Group INDIAN WARS
  16. 16. INDIAN WARS Sign of the Pact
  17. 17. Kargil War INDIAN WARS
  18. 18. • Taking advantage of the cold winters, Pakistani troops began infiltrating Indian territories in Kargil, Leh and Drass sectors of Kashmir in May 1999. • They had occupied key locations along the LOC • The Indian armed forces were swift to react to the situation. • Operation Vijay was launched by the Indian army and Operation Safed Sagar by the Indian Air Force to liberate the Indian territories in northern Kashmir. INDIAN WARS
  19. 19. • The war lasted till July 1999 • During this time, the Indian armed forces were successful in freeing the key locations occupied by the enemy along the Srinagar-Siachin highway. • The Air force conducted air strikes on enemy positions and artillery support made it easier for the Indian army to advance to higher locations. • The war resulted in defeat and humiliation for Pakistan. India successfully regained its lost territories by the sacrifice of 517 soldiers. INDIAN WARS
  20. 20. Thank You INDIAN WARS