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Blackberry (2)

  1. 1. RESEARCH IN MOTIONTHE RISING SUN In 1999, after years of innovation, testing and hard work RIM launched its very first device under the brand name of Blackberry. The name Blackberry was not an idea of the founders of RIM but it was a creative outcome of Lexicon Branding. California’s President DAVID PLACEK brain who right from the bringing wanted to keep the name of the product fruity and ended up choosing the name Blackberry. The first RIM product which was Blackberry 850 was a simple paging device with no voice support.
  2. 2. RISE OF THE CRACK BERRY Reinvented the QWERTY Keyboard and aimed to move on to the next level of technology. Aspired to take the undisputed king of mobile phones – NOKIA Blackberry 5810 which supported both voice and data but lacked very basic functions of inbuilt microphone or a speaker Blackberry 7230 supported colour screen and more importantly international roaming capabilities.
  3. 3. THE BERRY FALLS It failed to compete well with IPhones Its situation became worse when Google launched Android Cupcake which later on became a commercial hit.
  4. 4. CAUSES LEADING TO CURRENT SITUATION Not willing to embrace new hardware formats  Not recognized much earlier that consumer desires were changing. Could have made more fundamental changes to its operating system. Did not recognize the shift Low amount of Apps Dependence on Corporate and Government Contracts Poor presence in the tablet market
  5. 5. SOLUTIONS The play store in Samsung and app store in apple has better applications and games as compared to the blackberry app world. A Lot of well known applications like instagram etc. are not compatible with the blackberry phone which serves as a major drawback to users who are tech friendly. With an exception of os10 the rest of the BlackBerry OS do not have a lot of applications like Skype etc.
  6. 6. SOLUTIONS Battery life of the BlackBerry needs major improvement and a feature of battery saver mode would help it survive in the market. Quality improvement of the track pad or the trackball is needed because it spoils easily. The charger of the blackberry Q5, Z10, Q10 is very small and people are not content with the same.
  7. 7. 3RD PARTY APPS WOULD SAVE BLACKBERRY The major ones that are all ready available on multiple platforms would anyway. I have read that some people would claim that a BlackBerry in the phone world is what a BMW is within the auto industry. That may be true, and if it is great, than that would mean that native 3rd party apps is gasoline to our BlackBerry bmws. No matter how awesome the car is if you don't put gas in your beautiful BMW it will lose most of its functionality. A lot of people on here state that they don't need apps, or they are happy with the apps that are available which is nice to know, but over 90% of the market find native 3rd party apps important when choosing a phone.
  8. 8. THE Z10 ISSUE The price of the Z10 should have come down way before. There's already too much competition in the market, from both Android and Windows. Smartphones like iPhone— with exciting and compelling features are already there in the market at this price-point and hence it is going to be really challenging for Q10 to compete. BlackBerry needs a quality device at the price tag of around Rs 30,000,"
  9. 9. BY GOING PRIVATE, BLACKBERRY MAY BUY TIME TO FIX ITSELF  A tentative deal to take BlackBerry Ltd private will not necessarily resolve challenges that pushed the smartphone maker into a corner in the first place, but it gives the struggling company some breathing room.  "It potentially buys the company time."What it doesn't solve is, what's the long-term strategy for Blackberry." BlackBerry virtually created a lucrative professional market for email devices, but rivals have muscled in and Apple Inc's iPhone has set a new gold standard for consumers.
  10. 10. STORAGE MADE EASY (SME)  BlackBerry launches Better Business Hub to support SMEs a new online portal providing small and medium businesses with support and unique insight across multiple business disciplines to help them to do better business.  The SME community is incredibly important to BlackBerry, representing a significant proportion of our total 80 million-strong customer base.
  11. 11. SME  Dan Sloshberg, Regional Manager, Small Medium Business Marketing EMEA at Research In Motion (RIM) said : “We’ve always worked closely with small businesses to create best practice advice on how they can apply not only the latest mobile, digital and social technology but also new techniques and tactics to many business processes. The Better Business Hub brings all of this knowledge and insight together in one place to deliver practical and actionable advice to SMEs whenever they need it.”  Although SMEs are enthusiastic adopters of technology, BlackBerry recognises that technology is just one factor in an SME’s business performance The Better Business Hub reflects this, covering the full spectrum of business challenges including recruiting the best talent, networking tips, developing new teams within your business, integrating social media into your communications strategy and advice on the latest technologies and how they can boost productivity, profitability and customer acquisition .