How to design a content strategy for your business


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  • Once you’ve completed the first three steps to developing a steady flow of content ideas, you should have a pretty good sense of who you’re targeting and what kind of content you will most likely need to create to drive sales and happy customers. The final step is to create an editorial calendar that lays out when and where to share that content.
  • Create a Google calendar or a spreadsheet to record your editorial plans. Youshould plan at least three months in advance, but it’s even better if you candevelop a plan for the next six months or even an entire year.
  • Work backwards from your marketing goals to guide your plan. Look at howmuch traffic, how many leads, and how many customers you are aiming togenerate each month. Analyze you previous marketing efforts to determinehow many pieces of content you typically need to reach those goals.
  • For each date, list the topic, the title of the piece, and the targeted persona. Thegoal is to create a good mix of content types, topics, and personas to makesure you’re covering all your segments.
  • How to design a content strategy for your business

    1. 1. How to Design a Content Strategy for Your Business By Vibrant Internet Marketing June 6, 2012 All rights reserved. No portion of this document may be used without express permission of the author. Vibrant Internet Marketing is available to provide customized presentation to help your business be successful. For more information Contact me here.
    2. 2. Content Strategy for Your Business• How to Create Content that Attracts Online Business 1. Know your audience 2. Conduct a content audit 3. Map content to the buying cycle 4. Create an editorial calendar
    3. 3. Content Strategy for Your Business1. Know your audience• The more you know about your target audience the more optimal the content you write will be.• Build buyer personas for your target groups. – A persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customers – Base your persona on real data extracted from customer demographics and online behavior – Make educated speculation about their personal histories, motivations and concerns
    4. 4. Content Strategy for Your Business– Research your existing customer base to identify the most common buyers for your products and services– Segment different types of buyers– Give each one a detailed description. Include: • Name • Job title • Other roles • Industry or company info • Demographic info • Anything else significant about the consumer that might influence their buying behavior
    5. 5. Content Strategy for Your BusinessAnalyzing the path that prospects take on the journey to becoming a customer is a good way to get insights about the needs and challenges of your target audience.The goal is to make better decisions when identifying the characteristics of your ideal customers and ways to nurture your new prospects.
    6. 6. Content Strategy for Your Business2. Conduct a content auditA content audit will help you: – Determine how well you’re covering topics that are important to your audience – Determine the mix of content types you’re offering – Find gaps that you can fill with new content – Identify great pieces of content that can be repurposed into other formatsA content audit will collect and examine all of the content you’ve createdList title and label according to: – Type of content – Topic covered – Buyer persona – Date created – Leads/customers
    7. 7. Content Strategy for Your BusinessEvaluate your content audit.• Balance• Frequency• Variety• Best topicsUsing your analysis, draw up a list of goals and guidelines for future content creation.
    8. 8. Content Strategy for Your Business3. Map Your Content – Identify the best types of content for each stage in your buying cycle. • Awareness • Research • Comparison • Purchase
    9. 9. Content Strategy for Your Business4. Create your editorial calendar• An editorial calendar is like a roadmap for content creation. – What type of content to create – What topics to cover – Which personas to target – How often to publish to best support your inbound marketing strategy
    10. 10. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 1. Use a calendar or a spreadsheet to record your editorial plans. Plan at least 3 months in advance, but longer (6 months or a year) is better.
    11. 11. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 2. Work backwards from your marketing goals to guide your plan. Look at how much traffic, how many leads and how many customers you are aiming to generate each month.
    12. 12. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 3. Fill in the dates on your calendar with specific publishing tasks. – Updating blogs 3 times a week – Updating social networks daily – Post new videos or podcasts each week – Publish a new ebook monthly – Host a webinar monthly
    13. 13. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 4. Note the following for each piece of content. – SEO keywords – Stage of buying cycle – Call-to-action – Inbound marketing goals for that piece of content
    14. 14. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 5. Note important dates or external events that are good hooks for specific topics or types of content. – Holidays – Important dates for the company – Promotions – Online events (Twitter parties, Facebook events)
    15. 15. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 6. Look for opportunities to repurpose content. – Whitepapers – Research reports – Share details – Use small nuggets of data
    16. 16. Content Strategy for Your BusinessStep 7. Create separate tabs for each type of content you publish. – Blog posts – Webinars – Ebooks – Videos
    17. 17. Content Strategy for Your BusinessWhen you want to post new content, open this document.When you lack inspiration for writing, review your editorial calendar to give you a visual reminder of what you’ve covered already and what you’re planning to cover. This will help you narrow down your options.