List of journals in chemistry


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List of journals in chemistry

  1. 1. List of Journals in Chemistry ISSN WHETHER PEERSNO. TITLE OF THE JOURNAL NO./REGN.NO. REVIEWED/REFERR1. Acta Crystallographica 0365-110X Yes2. Australian Journal of Chemistry 1322-7130 Yes3 ARKIVOC 1424-6376 Yes4 Acta Chimica Slovenica 1580-3155 Yes5 Angew Chem. 0044-8249 Yes6 ACS Catalysis 0022- 3263 Yes7 Asian Journal of Research in Chemistry 0974-4169 Yes8 Archives of Applied Science Research 0975-508X Yes9 Acta Physica 0587-4246 Yes10. Acta Crystallography E 1600-5368 YesB11 Bulletin of Korean Chemical Society 0253-2964 Yes12. Bilestein Journal of 1860-5397 Yes Organic Chemistry.13. Bulletin of Material Science 0022-2461 Yes14. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 0968-968 Yes15. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 0968-0896 YesC16 Crystal Research and Technology 1521-4079 Yes17 Canadian Journal of Chemistry 1520-5738 Yes
  2. 2. 18 Chemical and Environmental Research 0944-1344 Yes19 Chinese Journal of Chemistry 1614-7065 Yes20 Catalysis Communication 1566-7367 Yes21 Catalysis Science and Technology 1566-7367 Yes22 Chemistry-A European Journal 1521-3765 Yes23. Catalysis Letters 1572-879X Yes24 Chemical Papers 0366-6352 Yes25 Chinese Science Bulletin 1001-6538 Yes26 Crystallographic Reports 1063-7745 Yes27 Chemical Communication 1364-548X YesD28 Dalton Trans 0300-9246 YesE29 European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 0223-5234 Yes30 E-Journal of Chemistry 0973-4945 YesG31 Green Chemistry 0265-0568 Yes32 Green Chem. Letters And Reviews 1751-8253 YesI33 Indian Journal of. Chemical Technology 0971-457X Yes
  3. 3. 34 Inorganic materials 0020-1685 Yes35 Indian Journal of Chemistry Section A 0019-4522 Yes36. Indian Journal of . Chemistry Section B 0376-4699 Yes37 International Journal of Biological and 0141-8130 Yes Macromolecules38. Indian Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 0971-1627 Yes39 Ionics 0947-7047 Yes40 Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials 0971-4588 Yes Science41 Inorganic materials 0020-1685 Yes42 Indian Journal of Physics 0252-9262 YesJ43 Journal of Mol.ecular Catalysis A: Chem. 1381-1169 Yes44 Journal of Polymer Research 1572-8935 Yes45 Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical 1210-0552 Yes Sciences46 Journal of Indian Chemistry Society 0019-4522 Yes47 Journal of Membrane Science 0376-7388 Yes48. Journal of Coordination Chemistry 0095-8972 Yes49. Journal of Brazilian Chemical Society. 0103-5053 Yes50. Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 0022-152X Yes
  4. 4. 51. Journal of Chemical Crystallography 1074-1542 Yes52 Journal of Chemical Sciences (Formerly 0974-3626 Yes Proceedings Indian Academy of Sciences)53 Journal of Solid State Chemistry 0022-4596 Yes54 Journal of Electroceramics 1385-3449 Yes55 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical 0975-7384 Yes Research55 Journal of Chemistry in Asia 0975-9468 Yes56 Journal of Sol-gel Science and Technology 0928-0707 Yes57 Journal of Chemical Crystallography 1074-1542 Yes58 Journal of Structural chemistry 0022-4766 Yes59 Journal of Thermal Analysis and 1388-6150 Yes Calorimetry60 Journal of Rare Earths 1002-0721 Yes61 Journal of American Chemical Society 1558-9331 Yes62 Journal of Saudi Chemical Society 1319-6103 Yes63 Journal of Korean Chemical Society 1017-1115 Yes64 Journal of Molecular Structure 0022-2860 Yes65 Journal of Polymer Research 1022-9760 YesK66 Korean journal of chemical engineering 0256-1115 YesL67 Letter in Organic Chemistry 1570-1786 Yes68 Liquid Crystal 0267-8292 Yes
  5. 5. M69 Molecular Simulation 0948-5023 Yes70 Main Group Metal Chemistry 2191-0219. Yes71 Monateshefte fur Chemie- Chemical 1434-4475 Yes monthly72 Materials Chemistry and Physics 0254-0584 Yes73 Materials Research Bulletin 0025-5408 Yes74 Molecular Crystals Liquid Crystals 1542-1406 Yes75 Molecular Materials 1058-7276 YesN76. National Academy Science Letters 0250541X Yes77. Natural Product Research 1934-578X YesO78. Oxidation Communication 1573-4889 Yes79 Oriental Journal of Chemistry 0970020X Yes80 Organic Communication 1307-6175 Yes81 Open Journal of Organic Chemistry NA Yes82 Open Catalysis Journal 1876-214X Yes83 Oxidation of metals ISSN: 0030-770X YesP84 Phase Transitions 1029-0338 Yes
  6. 6. 85 Polish Journal of Chemistry 1509-8117 Yes86 Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the 1042-6507 Yes related elements87 Polyhedron 0277-5387. Yes88 Polonica-A 0587-4246 YesR89 Russian Journal of Chemistry and 1066-5285 Yes Environment90 Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A 1531-863X Yes91 Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 1531-8613 Yes92 Research Journal of Chemistry and 0972-0626 Yes Environment93 Russian Journal of Coordination Chemistry 1070-3284 YesS94 Synthetic Communication 0039-7911 Yes95 Synthesis and Reactivity in Inorganic Metal 1553-3174 Yes Organic and Nano Metal.Chemistry.96 Synthetic Communication 1532-2432 Yes97. Synlett 1437-2096 Yes98 Solid State Ionics 0167-2738 Yes99 Solid State Communications 0038-1098 Yes100 Science China Chemistry 1674-7291 Yes101 Solid State Sciences 1293-2558 YesT102 Tetrahedron 0957-4166 Yes
  7. 7. 103 Tetrahedron 0040-4020 Yes104 Tetrahedron Letters 0040-4039 Yes105 Transition metal chemistry 0340-4285 Yes106 The European physical journal D 1434-6060 Yes107 The European physical journal E 1292-8941 YesX108 X-Ray Structure Analysis online 1883-3578 Yes