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DIRECT MAIL OR PIZZA BOX ADS? Are you tired of paying higher postage rates and getting fewer results? Our pizza box advertising is delivered hand to hand not to the junk mail box. We use 3500 Domino's, Papa John's and Pizza Huts across the USA to deliver your message to their waiting hands for mere pennies per ad.

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  1. 1. Pizza and Your Ad Budget…
  2. 2. Do Your Customers Eat Pizza?  94% of the US population eat pizza  Everyone loves pizza  Usually there are several people waiting for the pizza delivery  Your ad will be the center attraction on the box top on pizza day and your coupon may be posted on their refrigerator for days  Each of your ads is “personally” handed over to your prospects anxious and waiting hands  No other medium personally delivers to the customer, usually they go in the mail with all the other junk mail or out in the yard with all the other newspaper ads… in ugly black & white
  3. 3. Pizza Box Toppers Represent a Great Branding Opportunity for Every Business or Profession
  4. 4. Continual Advertising for Less, a Lot Less $$  No postage – save at least 22 cents each  No mailing list – save another 10 cents each  No waste – save another 6%  No competitor’s ads – expose yourself only  Solo piece, not a pack of cards  Target area marketing is easy  Color Ads - 100% better than black & white  100% “Personal” delivery guaranteed
  5. 5. OK, You Got Me How Much? Quantities as low as …10,000 Prices as low as 8.5 cents prices range from 8.5 to 14 cents including printing, shipping to stores and fees paid to the pizza vendor for distribution Plus these advantages PIZZAADS NEWS DIRECT MAIL Comments Competitor's Ads NO YES NO Our ad won't be in with everyone else's Full Color Ad YES NO YES Color outsells B&W 2 to 1 Personal Delivery YES NO NO Delivery guaranteed - pizza do get there LOW Cost YES NO NO Substantially cheaper than news or direct Long Shelf Life YES NO NO Coupons gets pasted to refrigerator door Easy to find ad YES NO NO Not lost in newspaper or other junk mail Target Area Marketing YES NO YES Specific area testing is easy Solo Piece YES NO NO Just your ad not the world news Postage NO NO YES NO POSTAGE REQUIRED Mailing List NO NO YES NO MAILING LIST REQUIRED Undeliverables NO NO YES NO BOUNCED MAILINGS
  6. 6. Contact Information DURANADS.COM 866-214-9479 See web site for more info Nationwide Door Hanger Printing and Distribution