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The Ghent Output Suite (2011)


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The Ghent Output Suite (2011)

  1. 1. TheGhent Output SuiteDidier HaazenChair Compliancy Testing SC
  2. 2. Problem• You can have all this fancy, shiny, good looking PDF’s & PDF- standards• But what does it help if they’re not rendered properly by your workflow-system or RIP
  3. 3. Goal• Need for a easy to use, vendor independent set of files (test patches) to check PDF-workflows and RIP’s
  4. 4. A historical overview• 2001: Global Graphics PDF/X overprint patch − Nice , but limited − Only covers certain types of overprint − Delivered as an EPS to be placed in a layout application and then exported as PDF/X-file
  5. 5. A historical overview• 2002-2004: Altona Test Suite (Technical page) − The other side of the coin… − Interpretation most of the times up to vendors to figure out the result • Beyond knowledge and capacity of most regular users
  6. 6. A historical overview• 2006: Ghent Output Suite − What if we take best of both worlds • Nice, real live situations -> e.g. cases that can be created with regular layout and PDF creation tools • Combined into tiny, ‘little’ test patches that can be used to test almost any kind of workflow step or output form: page layout, page assembly (imposition), RIP’ping for proofing, platemaking, digital printing, Gravure! • Result, Ghent Output Suite v1, dd. Feb. 2006
  7. 7. The Ghent Output Suite (v3)• Areas that are covered − Overprinting − Fonts − Font substitution − Gradients − PDF/X Output Intents − DeviceN colors − Spot to CMYK conversions − Default CMYK color spaces − White knockout / overprinting − Rendering Intents (CM)
  8. 8. The Ghent Output Suite (v3)• Patches - basics − One file per issue − Always visual comparison − Created with real live layout tools and PDF software − Important: PDF/X-compliancy • No shiny fancy tricks or new features • All regular PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-1a content (overprint, fonts, gradients, DeviceN)
  9. 9. The Ghent Output Suite (v3)• Patches - Interpretation − The “X” approach Visual comparison with reference image (rendered object)
  10. 10. Some real examples
  11. 11. Some real examples
  12. 12. Some real examples
  13. 13. Some real examples
  14. 14. Some real examples
  15. 15. Some real examples• And the moment you think, this will never happen to us…
  16. 16. To come (GOS v4)• Transparency Blend Space patches
  17. 17. To come (GOS v4)• Transparency Blend Space patches
  18. 18. To come (GOS v4)• Flattened Object Rendering precision
  19. 19. To come (GOS v4)• Patches for − 16 bits images − JPEG2000 compression − Optional Content (PDF layers) − Etc.
  20. 20. To come (GOS v4)• Reminder − These are only test patch proposals, no final decisions have been made yet
  21. 21. To come (GOS v4)• Stay informed − .phtml
  22. 22. Thank youQuestions?