116 solutions for one sleeping problem


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116 solutions for our chosen sleeping problem. What to do when our brain keeps us awake at night. Team work of the future team in: Crash Course in Creativity class.

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116 solutions for one sleeping problem

  1. 1. Our group - thefutureOur chosen sleeping problem:What can often wake us up at night or doesn’t allow us to fallasleep in the first place is simply the activity of our brain:Our mind keeps bringing up thoughts so that we just cannotrest, but think about them. This can happen even though we areeager to sleep or strongly need to get a good rest as forexample we need to get up early and have an important dayahead of us. Image: Melinda KolkOur 116 solutions:LOVER: A "lover" who calms you down and assures you that everything isgonna be alrightBORE ME OUT: Something (e.g. boring book or movie) that makes you fallinto the deepest level of sleep which disables your thinking system.Even a short period of such sleep refreshes youINTELIGENT A/C SYSTEM: A smart Oxygen control system, which reducesthe level of oxygen in your bedroom, so that your brain wont haveenough oxygen to function. It will return back to its normal levelonce you have enough sleepENERGY DRAINING BED: Transforming your bed into a workout machine. Asyou lay down on your bed, the device starts working and makes sure youhave no energy left, as a result of which, you will no longer be able
  2. 2. to thinkPOSITIVE MACHINE: A device that could inject positive ideas andthoughts into your head so you will sleep normally. In the morning,you use a complementary device, to suck all those fake positivethoughts out of your head so you can return to the real worldPUNISHER: Based on negative reinforcement (behavioural psychology)methods, a device tat will actually punish you if you dont fall sleepwithin a fixed period of time as soon as you lay downHYPNOSIS: Use hypnosis anxiety reduction technique so your brain fallsasleep before you doSLEEPING CASINO: A game in which people go to bed at the same time andthe one who falls asleep first wins the entire pot. To make sure noone is acting, the participants vital signs will be monitored throughthe InternetMRI BED: Uses electro magnetic waves to induce good dreamsPERSONALITY ALTERING DRUG/DEVICE Temporarily convinces you that youare someone rich, famous, successful, and happy so that you would seemuch better dreamsLes Misérables: A device that shows the images/videos of people inworse situations than you are in, so you feel your life isnt that badand fall asleepINTELIGENT PRAYER LINE: This prayer line knows your problems and itcan tailor the prayers based on what keeps you up. So when you callin, you feel more relaxed and hence you can go to sleepCOURAGE PILL: You take the pill and feel the courage to face yourproblems in a healthier waySWITCH LIFESTYLE: You sell everything and run away to a village andlive a much simpler stress-free lifeINDUCED NOSE CONGESTION: This pill makes your nose congested for acouple of hours and hence, your biggest problem becomes: "How can Ibreathe again?" and nothing else. Then, you fall asleepSLEEPING DIET: Similar to the one above, this time you stopeating/drinking around 5 p.m. and by the time you go to bed you arepretty much too hungry and thirsty to think about anything elseBECOME A BETTER LIAR: Take a course on how to tell a lie that even youyourself believe. Then, every night, before going to bed, convinceyourself that everything is great and there is nothing to worry aboutSLEEP LIKE THE DALAI LAMA: Learn to enjoy the simple things in lifeand be satisfied with what you have. As a result, you become a happierperson
  3. 3. COMPARTMENTALIZATION: Learn to compartmentalize your thoughts andbrain and never think about your problems when it is not the righttime to do so. Woody Allen is so good at thisTIME TRAVEL: Travel back to when you were a few months old andliterally sleep like a baby. When feeling great, travel back to yourcurrent lifeUPLOAD YOUR DREAMS: You go to a website and build a vivid and relaxingdream and then you download it to your brain. So when you fall asleep,you become a more relaxed personHOT TEA / MILK: Some people fall asleep right after these hot drinksFIND ANOTHER JOB: If problems at work are keeping you up, look foranother job which is less stressfulBUY INSURANCE: For the most problems in the world, no matter howridiculous they are, there is an equally ridiculous insurancecoverage. Knowing this, you can alleviate your problems at a certaincostCOBRA EYES: You wear these eye glasses that give you vertigo (so youcant think straight) and consequently fall asleepTHE IMBALANCE BED: This bed is so uncomfortable that you have tostruggle to maintain your balance on it or otherwise youll fall onyour back. Hence you have to focus on the balance and cannot thinkabout anything else. The bed is smart and balances itself once you areasleepFEAR MACHINE: There will be a device that convinces you that there isa frightening thing (ghost, vampire, etc.) in your bedroom and justlike kids, you will force yourself to sleepINJECT LACTIC ACID: Which makes you so tired that you cant think andwill fall asleepANNOYING MIRROR: Well, have you noticed that when you look in themirror, you cannot think about anything other than yourself (mostly atthe superficial level)? You hook up a smart mirror on your ceilingjust above your bed (probably a combination of a camera + large screento act as a mirror). So when you lay down, you can see yourself allthe time. The mirror keeps zooming in and out just to prevent you fromgetting used to your standstill imageFALLING BOOKS: You install a small shelf above your bed, once you laydown. You push a button and a couple of relatively heavy books fall onyour head. You will not think of anything for sure and if lucky, youmight become unconscious for a few hoursBECOME AN ANESTHESIOLOGIST: Inject a certain dose of drugs to gounconscious for some time
  4. 4. SENSORY DEPRIVATION TANK: This device exists and you can Google it. Ifyou go inside, your left brain stops working. This should solve theproblem and you might fall asleep. Even if you dont, you will dreamwhile you are awake and in fact you feel relaxed without even anysleepInvent a ritual for your sleeping: Dim the light, use the yellow lightinstead of white light or a candle. Some scent may make youconditional for sleeping, some relaxing drink could be part of yourritualEverything that calms you down will help you to be able to sleep asfollows (your brain wont let you sleep when you are hyper)Massage will help especially when you are a little tiredSome hot drink especially herbal drinks like valerian will help youcalm down and sleepWhen you have eaten a lot and are too full you may need some digestiveand wait a while before going to sleepEat some snack or a light meal if you are hungryWhen you have an important meeting the next day or you have a test thenext day, have a relaxing day to reduce your excitementWhen I have an important decision to make or I have to perform adecision that I already have made, share it with someone close to helpyou to reduce your responsibilitiesWhen you have a jet lag, go out during the day time and use the sun orday light to help you to match the time differencesHave some green teaReduce the noise - use double shield windows or even ear plugsReduce the light and sleep at the place where you hear the least noiseUse yellow light at home to help you relax; white light is for daytime and working hoursChange your life style and habits for eating and sleepingPlan regular physical exercise (jogging, yoga etc)Using medicine will help quicklyMeditation is useful to relax and sleep
  5. 5. Reading will help a lotWatching TV is an alternative to bring you down and be ready to sleepBrushing your teeth a while before sleepingWorking out/going for a run and then taking a relaxing showerTaking a sleep supplement such as melatonin or valerian root extractA device that disables power and internet when you lay on your bedA song/mediation that occupies your brain enough to keep you fromthinking of other things, but also makes you drowsyA drug that disables electrical signals in your brain for a fixed timeA small robot that repeats "Ill take care of that" every time youhave a new thoughtTHE DECAFFINATOR 2000: A device that sucks the caffeine out of yoursystem... replaces it with something else?SLEEP PROJECTION CLOCK: A clock that projects words like sleepy andrelax and snooze on the wall above your bed so your brain is remindedof the things it is supposed to doSONG CONTEST: Know those catchy songs that get stuck in your head?What if someone could write one that made you drowsy3D jumping sheep, so you dont even have to imagine them jumping overthe fence, you simply look up at them, maybe they fade with time tohelp you get sleepy? Music too?Face slapper - beside clock that slaps you in the face each time itsenses your eyes awake between a set number of hours. NegativereinforcementDiaphragm compressor - device you wear that forces deep breathingBedside lamp powered by the brains electrical impulses. Want it darkso you can sleep? Stop thinking. Reinforcement to train your brainTHE DEUNIVERSITY - Universities help you think, this one helps you notthinkIt could be worse travel company: visit troubled spots around theglobe that make your life seem like a dream at homeCHECK! DONE! Brain wave activated device that says "Its done,
  6. 6. everytime you think of something"Vibrating socks: Soothing. Subsonic sound wavesSLEEPING DOG: Heated, breathing, furry dog to put in bed next to you.Models deep breathing, petting animals relaxes youCEILING MURALS: A collection of murals above the bed that help youvisualise yourself in your most relaxed and stress free stateMASSAGING MATTRESS: More like a sleeve, but gentle rollers or watermovement takes the stress out of you physicallyFOOT MASSAGER - The feet have over 70,000 nerve endings with triggerpoints that correlate to the whole body. Develop a foot massagetechnique that connects to the brainNone-alcoholic nightcap - Contains barbiturates to make you sleepy,but none that require extra work for liver and kidneysBRAIN HOLDER - Simply remove your brain at night and this wet andslimy environment keeps it fresh until morningBrain exchange - A market for brain swaps where the non-motivated canget your high-energy brain while you get their quiet one. Works acrosstime zones!TIME DILATOR: In the same way that astronauts age less during spacetravel use this to keep your brain active while your body is at rest -or let your brain move faster than your body so it can restBORING CAPTURE DEVICE - A small pin that activates a video cameraevery time your heart rate slows and you exhibit signs on sleepiness.This will capture what was happening to replay for youTHE DRONER - Remember the person, or lecturer, who goes on and on andyou find your head/neck doing the swooping thing? Record this and havea device that plays it over and overMILK DRUNK - A drink that puts you in the "milk drunk" state that aninfant achieves after nursing (not sure you want any sort of hardwarethat simulates this) :)THE "BLISS"TER – A cocoon-like device that wraps you in a state ofblissful warmth, security, scent, musicG-FORCE BED - A bed that spins to simulate an increasing amount of G-FORCE moving you to lose consciousness or get supremely tired justtrying to hang onADULT CRADLE - Bed on glide rocker/roller that simulates the gentlemovement of a baby cradle
  7. 7. A "smart" notebook that automatically writes down your thoughts so youdont need to worry about remembering themForget about counting sheep. Concentrate your thoughts instead onimagining a waterfall to fall asleepAim to be happy in your love lifeDon’t tell any liesHave a purpose in lifeAim for happiness in workGet things doneIf you recognise conflicts in your life, confront and aim to solvethemRead only books before you sleep that won’t upset you laterLive where you feel at the right placeKnow what you are going to do during the next dayTry to avoid making any sort of debtEnjoy lifeCut back on distracting media consumptionTake time off from your routinesHave goals for your lifeStand in for your valuesAccept lossDon’t take yourself too seriouslyAvoid people who are negativeCut back on TVRead books that help you reflect on your own lifeTry on new perspectives in life
  8. 8. Beware of being too busy for the wrong reasonsSet priorities in your lifeMake a point of taking the time to sleepHave meaningful interactions with othersThink freelyWind down at the end of a dayDrink hot milk with ‘Horlicks’ (a british malt product for good nightssleep)Accept your dreams as a way of reflectionHave something in the fridge that you can get as a snack, if thoughtsabout eating are keeping you upDon’t leave your Christmas shopping to the very last minute