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Show and Tell: Attracting More Guests Through the Power of Visual Storytelling


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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Show and Tell: Attracting More Guests Through the Power of Visual Storytelling

  1. 1. Show & Tell:Attracting More GuestsThrough the Power of @vfmleonardoMay 23, 2013
  2. 2. Vice-President, Best Practices,Online MerchandisingVFM Leonardo Inc.@darlenerondeau
  3. 3. Travel
  4. 4. E-commerce ConsultantGranite Hospitality
  5. 5.  How to use visual storytelling techniques Why hotels need to shift their digitalmarketing focus Yes, visual storytelling impacts the booking Where to reach your target audience Incorporate today’s new techniques into yourwebsite, mobile solutions and social media
  6. 6. Travel
  7. 7. Stories are ANECDOTES & CONTEXT that provoke anemotional response. In other words: Things happening andreasons to care.Within a hotel environment, your anecdotes are yourexperiences: Dining, pool/beach, spa/golf, special events,lounge/meeting space, staff/community interaction, etc.Offsite, they’re: Attractions, entertainment, tours, nightlife,festivals.Context is emotional: Excitement, romance, fun, feelinghealthy, adventure, exploration, sense of accomplishment.Combine the two and you have a story.
  8. 8.  46% of adult internet users post original photos orvideos online that they themselves have created. We callthem creators. 41% of adult internet users take photos or videos thatthey have found online and repost them on sitesdesigned for sharing images with many people. We callthem curators. Overall, 56% of internet users do at least one ofthese creating or curating activities, and 32% of internetusers do both creating and curating activities.
  9. 9. At the 2012 Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, speakersincluded: Rikard Steiber, Google’s global marketing director for mobileand social advertising; Francisco Varela, YouTube’s global director ofplatform partnerships; Rich Miner, general partner at Google Ventures.They told the conference:Google now considers itself a “mobile first” company.In 2013, Steiber believes that mobile will be the primary waypeople access Google.Mobile searches have increased 200% to-date in 2012.On YouTube: 40% of views come from mobile devices, a 300%increase in 2012. Varela says mobile traffic to YouTube may soonsurpass 50%.
  10. 10.  The Standard, Hyatt Andaz, Ace Hotels, The Broadmoor,Four Seasons, Freehand, Independent Collection,Unlisted Collection, Expedia, Design Hotels, The St.Regis Punta Mita, ALT Hotels
  11. 11. “How do you make your content stand out? Grow apair. Have an opinion, a point of view. Write orproduce something that hits a nerve. Make youraudience feel something. This is how you getnoticed, remembered and talked about. Trod downthe middle of the road and you’ll be roadkill.”—Barry Feldman: 12 Brutally Honest Answers to Your Content MarketingQuestions
  12. 12. “The modern traveler, the modern consumer, they’revery much influenced by not just brands, but byexperiences. And how you evoke an emotionalresponse from them is something which allof us are interested in.“You want to connect with them on a much deeperlevel than saying, ‘Stay in a hotel room because youhave 400-count thread sheets, or whatever.’”—Loh Lik Peng, director, Unlisted Collection
  13. 13.  Learn it, live it, love it & USE IT.
  14. 14. Joined: April 6, 2013 Joined: May 2, 2013
  15. 15. This is an Instagramphoto taken behind a prophotographer during aphoto shoot. I used theInstagram photo versusthe pro shot in a nationalcorporate travelmagazine.Photo from San Juan MarriottResort’s Facebook page.
  16. 16.  Storytelling evokes emotion; make your propertymemorable; people are visual creatures Build your Story◦ What are the experiences that your guests have at your hotels both onsite andaround the area?◦ Couple that information with the emotions that they experience e.g. “Enjoy asatisfying, healthy breakfast as a complimentary feature while you’re with us!” Combine visuals from professional and yourguests◦ Add matching descriptions which helps the guest imagine themselves at yourproperty
  17. 17. E-commerce ConsultantGranite Hospitality
  18. 18. VS.
  19. 19. Photos and specialoffers drive moreengagement than simpletextEngagement on Facebookhigher than other types ofcommunicationHotels with 1400-1500fans get much moreengagement
  20. 20.  Website Third PartyOTAsSocialMedia
  21. 21.  Show, don’t tell The social channels are integrating big, beautifulvisuals on their pages◦ Facebook, Pinterest, TripAdvisor Informally interview your guests and your staff touncover your story Be where your guests are shopping
  22. 22. Recording of this webinar This webinar explains how to create and tell yourhotel’s story using visuals, how stories help youconnect with guests and how brands and individualhotels are doing this successfully. Speakers: Darlene Rondeau, VP. Best Practices, OnlineMerchandising at VFM Leonardo Greg Oates, Travel Editor, Melissa Bruckler, E-commerce Consultant, GraniteHospitality◦ Share it with your colleaguesDownload the Recording
  23. 23. Free guide◦ Six Attracting More Online TravelShoppers: How to Tell Your hotel’s Storywith Video