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  • Why VBrochure Mobile   At Hopkins Bay Belize, we decided to go with VBrochure mobile because we believe that in today’s growing technological world, more people are on the move and using their mobiles far more often than ever. After setting up our V-Scape Media Manager we decided to try to fit ourselves in / make use of every possible angle that was offered by VFML. As a growing company in a slow moving Belizean economy we realized that we need to keep up with the newest trends and staying as far ahead of the competition as possible. We know that the visitors to our resort come mainly from a highly technological world of smart phones and tablets and instant gratification and the only way for us to access this audience or spark and keep their interests while we have it is to have this information directly at their fingertips. We realize that if our site does not look good on a smart phone, users will simply move on to another website that is optimized for mobile device.
  • Benefits of the product for you specifically -Images are downloaded faster allowing for less waiting and more browsing -Even though we have not utilized the booking app as yet, the ease of setup was a major deciding factor for us and we are already getting a lot of referrals We already stand out as a hotel and it has put HBB in a better position than many competitors as OTA’s are one of our biggest producers and since VFML works with many/most of them, and also that these sites are also mobile optimized, it gives us an advantage . - Sales or specials are easy to customize and quite simple to promote using the mobile app.
  • How did you implement?  How do you use/promote it? It was quite simple to implement. As soon as we uploaded images in the V-Scape Media Manager and added caption it was just a matter of optimizing the different sections such as Facebook and mobile and Smart phone / tablet sections, customizing my tabs and with simple clicks, just insert the images we wanted in the different tabs
  • Results Since the implementation of the mobile website, from June 1 st to present ,10% of all our referrals since June 1 st , 2013 , came through VFML . Of the 10%,  82% were through IOS Products ad 17.3 % through Android for a total of over 99%.
  • Marvelous mobile 2013 08-21 final for slide share

    1. 1. Benefits of a Marvelous Mobile Site: Why Hotels Need to be Optimized @vfmleonardo
    2. 2. Vice-President, Best Practices, Online Merchandising VFM Leonardo Inc. @darlenerondeau
    3. 3. Director, Mobile Strategy Sabre Holdings
    4. 4. Smartphone and tablet optimized multi-media driven websites. One click to call, email or view map. Make it easy for mobile users to find you. Get optimized. Ensure website visitors from mobile devices have a positive experience with VPowered Mobile Websites.
    5. 5. Manager, Sales and Marketing Hopkins Bay Belize
    6. 6. Hopkins Bay Belize
    7. 7. Results  10% of referrals to the website were from VFM Leonardo’s VBrochure  Of that number, approximately 82% of those were from iOS products and 17.3% from Android devices  A total of 99% of our mobile traffic came from the VPowered Mobile Optimized Website
    8. 8. Boost Bookings with “Book Now” links on every page. Prove visitors with a seamless booking experience from their smartphone or tablet. Spark interest with special offers using the fully integrated Promotions Wizard. Smartphone and tablet optimized multi-media driven websites.
    9. 9.  It’s important to keep up with the latest trends – and mobile is hot!  Get optimized ASAP – then focus on extra benefits like booking and special features  See results with mobile optimization, like Hopkin’s Bay Belize, who have seen a marked increase in mobile traffic!
    10. 10. Missed the Webinar? It’s ok, Check out the Recording Recording of this webinar ◦Share it with your colleagues
    11. 11. Download our Free e-Book Anatomy of a Visual – First Website Experience: Best Practices for Hotel Marketers