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Google & Leonardo Provide Smart SEO Strategies to Drive Direct Bookings


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In our recent webinar, Industry Director, Travel for Google, Jennifer Wesley joined us to discuss Google’s latest research into the modern traveler’s path to purchase, and share strategies for how to get in front of the right consumers at the right time, to drive qualified traffic that converts.

We also covered 5 essential elements of a high-converting hotel website, to ensure you can capitalize on all the new traffic heading your way.

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Google & Leonardo Provide Smart SEO Strategies to Drive Direct Bookings

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  4. 4. #LeoWebinar Jennifer Wesley Industry Director, Travel
  5. 5. Organic Traffic is Valuable #LeoWebinar *Skift, 2016
  6. 6. Two Things To Know #LeoWebinar
  7. 7. #LeoWebinar Jennifer Wesley Industry Director, Travel
  8. 8. Long-Tail Keywords  Google’s job: Match the best content to a user’s search query  86.4% search terms in United States are long-tail (3+ more words)  e.g. “Kid-friendly Miami hotel near zoo”  More specific in nature to drive more qualified traffic #LeoWebinar *Ahrefs, 2017
  9. 9. Long-Tail Keywords  Convert 2.5x better than head terms like “Miami Hotels” *  Less competitive to rank for  Move up higher in search rankings: 11 positions (long tail) vs. 5 positions (head terms) ** #LeoWebinar *Conductor; ** HitTail
  10. 10. Which Long-Tail Keywords Should You Target?  What type of guests stay at your hotel?  What are they looking for?  Online tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner #LeoWebinar
  11. 11. Write for Humans, Not Robots  Web content that’s original, relevant and useful  Branded hotels: write your own unique copy  Capture your unique story  Avoid keyword stuffing  Include other page elements that match targeted keywords (e.g. images, video) #LeoWebinar
  12. 12. Other SEO Factors  Page speed  Overall user-experience (UX)  Logical navigation  Prominent calls-to-action #LeoWebinar
  13. 13. Mobile More Important Than EVER  Google switching to a mobile-first index at some point (perhaps 2018)  Google will crawl your mobile website first  Will continue to crawl & collect from desktop  If you have a responsive website, you’re golden #LeoWebinar
  14. 14. Elements of a Great Mobile Website #LeoWebinar *Google, 2017
  15. 15. 5 Elements of a High Converting Website
  16. 16. 1: Tell Your Unique Story  Your website is your digital storefront  Distinguish what makes your hotel better  Use visual storytelling (words, images, captions, videos) to create an emotional connection  Be authentic and genuine #LeoWebinar
  17. 17. 2: Lead With Guest Rooms  We analyzed more than 500 million pieces of media  Guest Rooms are the #1 most viewed image  Lead with guest rooms on your homepage  Include photos taken at every angle #LeoWebinar
  18. 18. 3: Provide Social Proof  Social Proof = independent third-party feedback about your hotel  e.g. Guest reviews, awards, ratings  53% travelers won’t book without first reading reviews *  76% pay more for hotel with better reviews *  Embed reviews on your website #LeoWebinar * ReviewPro
  19. 19. 4: Promote Special Offers  Reward travel shoppers for booking direct  Doesn’t have to focus on price  A special offer creates value in the mind of a consumer  Call special offers out everywhere on your website #LeoWebinar
  20. 20. 5: Be Mobile In 2016, 1 in 5 reservations made on mobile device.* Your mobile website should include:  Clear call-to-action on every page  Booking engine integration  Click-to-call functionality  Google Maps integration  Local area suggestions #LeoWebinar Skift, 2016
  21. 21. Let’s Summarize  Target long-tail keywords  Understand your guests to identify keyword opportunities  Create original content that speaks to humans  Mobile optimized website Website: 1. Tell your story 2. Lead with guest room images 3. Social proof 4. Special offers 5. Mobile optimized #LeoWebinar
  22. 22. #LeoWebinar
  23. 23. Questions & Discussion #LeoWebinar
  24. 24. It’s A Wrap  Recording of this webinar. Share it with your colleagues!  Vizlly Blog:  Stay tuned for our next webinar. #LeoWebinar
  25. 25. Connect With Us #LeoWebinar Jennifer Wesley Darlene Rondeau 1.877.593.6634 TWITTER: @darlenerondeau